What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(spectacularly mediocre) #587

Continued the OP8 reset with Call Me Sal. Had a bit of rough go at spots as I’d forgotten how hard the mobs can hit at OP8, combined with my mediocre skills. Gathering parts for Bandit Technical was bit of a pain, so I ended up Pimpdurrp-ing the target vehicles. Dealt with Big Maw and stopped there for the session. Not looking forward to going through the Bloodshot Stronghold.

(Relmitos) #588

Started today with somewhere around 80 mil, ended today with about 10 mil. I dislike the Forge and am VERY angry atm. Dropping somewhere around 80-100 mil(After taking all the stuff I vendored after I started into account, it’s probably more) in respawn fees really displeased me. Not so much as that damned Blimp. Everything was all fun and games until I got to the Forge, and I talk about getting to OP8. Right, like that’s going to happen.

Ended the session at the Warrior, decided I’m farming him next time I sign on. With any luck I’ll get better gear.

Random Talk Thread, Mk. III
(Trahurn) #589

Another new set as some characters are hitting UVHM and I don’t want them to get farther in the story than my solo Zer0 until he kills The Warrior. This time Chilton, a Commando, and Annie, a shotgun exclusive Mechromancer ran from Claptrap’s place to Sanctuary including the diversion to kill MidgeMong.

(The doc is in.) #590

Ahh… The Forge and it’s multiple flavored RPG’s. Can be a real. I feel yours. As for the Blimp. Gotta be prepared and equipped for it. Once you have it figured out it really isn’t such a big deal.
Same for OP8. Granted the road to get there is a tough one. (That’s why we have friends. ) Once there. If you learned the game right and carry the right gear. It’s only a matter of playing smart.

Me. I’m still farming the Warrior. Got what I needed so just a few more runs untill I’m back at max Eridium.
Oh and the Klook Muck? Not Jackob’s stock but Maliwan! It’s the Siah-Siah that had the Jackob’s stock. I really like it. Crazy when Metal Storm kick in! Also found a Klook Diaub. No matching grip on that one but DAHL stock. Unfortunately OP7 :confused: Spent some time shooting lava Rakk with it. That thing is crazy! Might go back to my Zero and start playing high fire rate Jackob’s SR.

Random Talk Thread, Mk. III
(Nerorath) #591

Started off the day by farming the Madam for some OP8 Babymakers for my Krieg. For the first hour she didn’t drop anything of value but I did open a legendary Mechro com from the developer chest below her hill. Over the next 40 minutes or so though she dropped 5 BMs. 4 out of the 5 were OP6 to OP7 score but the very final one was an incendiary OP8 BM which made me very happy.

Not sure what to do next with my OP8 Krieg. Was thinking about going ahead and finishing 100% of the quests and BAR challenges on him, just cause.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #592

You’re playing a Gaige, right? I’ve actually heard that she has the easiest time going through the peak, but I can’t remember who said it, and I can’t vouch for it myself as I’ve left my first Gaige sitting at OP2 for quite a while (but I’ve got a 5 toon backlog on OP levels, so consider the source). Maybe in the Peak Walkthrough by area thread? I think it comes down to Anarchy and elemental buffs being multiplicative as well as her shield skills being good for keeping a Bee up.

If I’ve misremembered and you’re not playing Gaige I’d still say not to discount the peak before you try it. It’s a cool map if nothing else, and I’m glad I gave it a shot despite my noobish playing.

Edit: this is the aforementioned walkthrough thread in case you haven’t seen it yet. I read through the whole thing several times before I stepped foot on the Peak the first time.

(Carlton Slayer) #593

Lady Killraven completed Lynchwood and is set to do Opportunity with all side quests- after that a trip to start the Tiny Tina dlc before moving back to the main story…

(Is this thing on?) #594

One thing we are missing, however, is a Gaige-specific peak guide/thread. So if anyone is up to the task, please start one!

(RavenOfArisia) #595

Started a new 1life character, everything grand, even picked up 7 eridium prior to getting to Sanctuary . Then got shock barreled in the power core bandit camp after killing the last nomad, quit and deleted the character. 58 minutes lost, starting again…

(Relmitos) #596

Alright, cooled down now. Can most likely make a more elaborate, detailed post then last time.

SO the way the session ACTUALLY went was more like this.

Continuing from where I was, killing Pyro Pete and signing a sponsorship deal with Moxxi, I went on to deal with Motor Mamma. That wasn’t too difficult, really. She got me once, but once I got her off her motor-trike thing everything was alright. I found one of the side quests in the area to be funny though. Moxxi asked me to put up Wanted posters of myself up to let all the other Gladiators know what they were up against, yet I play as Gaige and Moxxi only gave me posters of the original 4 VH. So uh, yay Moxxi, they know what other Vault Hunters are capable of. Running into the Monster Truck was also amusing.

Walking Enrique took a little effort because apparently other enemies just really hate him and I wasn’t expecting them the first time. Getting the key to go to the Forge was easy enough, no problems there either. Then I actually got to the Forge. I actually got through most of the Forge without a hassle, honestly. Key word there was most. The problem started when I was going for the third switch to head towards Flyboy. I failed to notice there was this Ultimate Badass loader somewhere in the pack, and there were a bunch of flying, rocket shooting loaders in there in the first place, so I died.

Being deprived of Anarchy started the downward spiral of repeated deaths. It took many attempts just to get past that spot I was in, then I made it to where all the Buzzards are and you have to kill Escort Buzzards and “Collect Flyboy’s Bling”. That part wasn’t hard, and actually served to restore Anarchy. It was the tower right before the “Flyboy” fight that made everything awful. I was doing well, made it back to some 150-200 stacks, killing things that were coming at me, but I didn’t know those Lunatics had a knockback effect on their melee. I got punted off of the tower and insta-gibbed, back down to 0 Anarchy. This is where it got REALLY bad. It kinda spiraled out of control from this point.

What happened after I got to the top of the tower was unsuspected, funny, and disappointing all at once. I was more then ready to absolutely destroy Flyboy, then Piston did it for me. Ah well, at least it was funny. The blimp did suck, but once I figured out where the crit spot on it was it sucked less. tbh I didn’t think it had a crit spot, for the first 8 or 9 attempts I kept on shooting at the balloon of the blimp. I did eventually notice one of my stray, less then accurate due to Anarchy Assault Rifle shots pinged a crit and got curious. It still took another few respawns to find it. The mobs on the tower respawned I think three times before I actually killed the stupid thing, but kill it I did.

It’s a good thing that ever since I killed UVHM Wilhelm for the first time, I’ve always kept a Corrosive Sniper on me. Just so happens that I’ve got a Corrosive Snider on me, one of my more solid guns. That really helped kill the blimp.

Yeah, I do play as Gaige, my only Vault Hunter to reach UVHM so far, so you got that right :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll bookmark that thread and leave it be for when I actually attempt to scale the Peak and start to fail at it. It’s going to be awhile before I attempt the Peak, and I’d prefer to just go in blind at least once to just see it before I actually look into strategies about it. Though I will say this about the Peak; I did notice that someone mentioned in one thread that the Peak actually changes/gets more added to it as your OP level goes up. That got me excited to get into it, so I’ve started putting more time into BL2.

I didn’t mean to give the impression that I wasn’t going to even attempt it, sorry about that. I said the thing about OP8 during the rage, meaning that statement to mean something more along the lines of “Dying this much just trying to complete the storymode of UVHM/OP0, and I want to hit OP8? Not gonna happen.” I’m not concerned about the Peak until I’ve completed all the DLC campaigns and all the Headhunter bits once through at least, but I will do it, I assure you.

(Carlton Slayer) #597

I could do one for Queen Scream but where should I post it?

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #598

I claimed that she was my easiest of my 6, but all my learning was done with Maya. My most recent climb with Maya had perhaps four or five deaths total - so obviously she’s got no issues on the Peak.

Gaige with a Fibber and a Bee will annihilate most of the Peak, but it’s been 2 years since that run. So I’m not sure if I’m qualified to make those statements anymore.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #599

I didn’t mean anything by it, or necessarily take it that way, I just think that the Peak can be intimidating and I feel like everyone should at least try it. I waited a long time after reaching 72 with 6 different toons before even stepping foot on the map once because I was a little afraid of it. I see myself as everyone’s emotional support forumer. Better because you don’t need a letter from a doctor to take me on a plane. :smirk:

(Carlton Slayer) #600

The friends that introduced me to this game wanted to tackle the Peak using characters that were- “created” shall we say- a few months after getting the game. From everything I’d heard about it I wanted to hold off until I had reached level 72 by legit means, afraid that I’d get overwhelmed by it. More than 5 years later and I’m still playing with OP8 characters and they’ve moved on to other things…


failed at the digistruct peak because ordinary constructor.

(Is this thing on?) #602

Post it in the Gaige section, and I’ll make sure it’s linked from the master thread. Thanks!

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #603

Had a fun session last night. I had already had a couple IPA’s when I got a message from @Sun_Tsunami. He and @nat_zero_six invited me to play with them. We did a number of things. Ran the peak where I died and sniped from the sidelines. Killed Pete…and Hyperious.

We went to kill Hyp in my game, but oddly enough that option was not available. So today I finished up the Scarlett DLC and took out Hyp. He’s an option now.

I made my OP8 Zer0 a twin brother via methods we won’t talk about here. Reset the main story and currently working through it. OP8 is certainly a challenge…but so much friggen fun. My main goal here is to get to clan wars and farm an OP8 maggie…I was going to set the game to OP0 and try to speed through, but playing at op8 is really a blast. No hurry…I’ll get a maggie soon enough.

Lastly an anonymous source gifted me a number of top tier weapons. Won’t go into details but I almost have the perfect Jakob’s load out. Also, a non-mission OP8 Grog was gifted…Oh my…

I’ve decided my favorite thing about this game isn’t the game itself, but the people that play it…

P.S…the game is pretty friggen awesome too

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #604

Savladof Bandi headed over to Tundra Express with his new fire Rok Salt. He ripped through the map, completing sides and leaving snagged and charred corpses strewn about the landscape. Steamrolled Willy a few times and hit 40 driving the Pretty Good Train Robbery. Got Sanctuary up in the air, picked up the Pun of the Frozen death from Clappy in Three Horns and stopped there. The Incredible Journey continues next time.

(Carlton Slayer) #605

Posted- hope it helps any current or future Gaige players… :relieved:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #606

You, sir, have me wanting to pick up Gaige again.
Now I have to figure out which of the two. LOL