What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

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Ah yeah, that’s a problem then :stuck_out_tongue: she’s a bit tricky if you don’t kill her quickly, her missile things can be devastating. On the plus side you don’t need to finish the Party Prep mission, just kill her and emancipate Sir Reginald, and she respawns normally from there.

(The doc is in.) #629

But yeah… I remember my first encounter with the Madam…
And several other. Fully expect at least a couple knee down in the farm and maybe a respawn or two.
I’ll try to keep it clean thou. :wink:

… And yes before you ask. I totally forgot to look for drop on the mission kill! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s ok. If an old friend hadn’t commented the vid I could had totally missed it. Thanks for the input.

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So how many of us learned about this from someone else, and not the game? If we fumble around with the wrong element for too long, is there a legit game clue to look in that snowman’s head for the weapon? How is one supposed to find out about it naturally?

I have Mrs. Bartleby’s head on my trophy wall, sniped in one shot from across the map with a Godfinger. No missiles, no FFYL: one clean shot. It did take some time though (walk over there, deal with the mob quietly, spawn her, escape unnoticed, climb the tower on the roof of the Varkid Ranch Observatory, gank her, walk all the way back for the loot).

Zer0 the Assassin - keeping the R in FPSRPG since 2012 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I definitely learned about it from a YouTube video, but tried to do Mighty Morphing before waking Mordecai with my latest Gaige, and Roland did pop up on my echo talking about how he stashed a fire weapon nearby. But I wasn’t paying close enough attention to hear if he gave any more of a clue than that.

Also. I love that Mme Von Bartlesby story. It’s the main reason I want a Godfinger.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #632

Right, but having heard that, it would never occur to me to look in the snowman’s head (especially since I hadn’t seen a destructible snowman head anywhere else in the game). I have an Assassin about due for a mission reset… maybe I’ll do the mission “wrong” for a long time and see if I can’t squeeze some other dialog out of a vexed Roland, pointing me in that direction.

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From the transcript in the wiki

Roland : I stashed a fire weapon in one of the snowmen, if you need it. Just shoot the snowman in the head and you’ll get your gun.

I definitely wasn’t paying close enough attention.

(The doc is in.) #634

I remember hearing it. (I think.) Are we expected to investigate each and every ramifications of each and every NPC’s comment? :grin:
YT was created for sumtn’ ! :sunglasses:

In the meantime I got my 1st OP8 Baby Maker. So-so-neutral prefix, right grip. No element.
Need a change of pace thou… Been farming with, and playing with that Commando for a while now.
I think I’ll start with Zero mobbing. Gotta get him a quick fire Muck and play Western Spaghetti. Then attack The Peak with Mia.

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I’ve never heard this… next time I’m there, I’ll pre-pop the Firemelons, and throw shock damage at them with some weak thing until Roland comes out and says it.

(Is this thing on?) #636

Yes. Roland makes a comment about a fire weapon when you arrive via the gate, and the snowman has a sign that should be a clue. Hang on…

Edit: should have kept reading! Yes, if you always FT to the map and run straight out, you’ll trigger the next scripted dialogue before hearing the bit about the snowman. Just take the map transition from Three Horns instead. Apart from that, though, isn’t it glaringly obvious that you should shoot the snowman?

Edit 2: I mean, just look at that smug face and sign!

And that is why you should always hit the snowman!

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #637

Pfft, that face has nothing on Tinder’s.

(spectacularly mediocre) #638

Call Me Sal made it through the loaders and Hyperion personnel on his way to retrieving the lunar beacon with relative ease, though he failed yet again to prevent EXP loader from blowing up the bridge. Manged to one-shot the Gluttonous Thresher, though it kept on going for a bit to finish off the animation sequence.

Defending the beacon at Overlook did not go as well as I’d hoped. No death, but couple hairy moments and had to repair the beacon once, which I hadn’t had to do on previously with Deputy Sal.

WEP was going well until rabid stalkers started showing up. In the last open outside area, I had three of them spawn at the same time - very thankful I had Quasars. I’m glad they don’t show up in the Peak. After that, the fight with Bloodwing was a relaxing tea break in comparison.

(Is this thing on?) #639

Well, since I’d fired up BL2 to grab a screen shot or two, I figured I’d keep playing. MayaHelpYou is currently sitting at level 55 with this build, which is basically how she came out of TVHM (elemental focus) and is now shifting gears towards a SS/TL build:


Finished In Memoriam (no drop though) then ran Assassins at Southpaw, getting a Judge and a non-elemental Thre Dog. Despite not really being optimised for UVHM, she does surprisingly well - a couple of FFYLs, but easily escapable between the slag SMG, lobbed quasar, fire Avenger, and KerBlaster. Oh, and a Hornet for those armoured psychos (although not as necessary with the other skills on deck.)

Plenty of murder and Maya-hem to come… :drum:

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #640

Did a story reset and playing through the main game at OP8. As I’ve mentioned before, this Zer0 has yet to own a Maggie and this needed to be rectified. Was also lacking a Jakobs shotgun(outside of the Twister that was gifted to me). So now we have the Maggie and a nice matching grip Huntin Triquetra. Still need OP8 Muck. Have an OP7 that is doing quite well, but looks like I have some Butt stallion farming in my future.

So far OP8 has been a challenge, but it’s not as bad as I had expected.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #641

@Sun_Tsunami, @zer0blivion and myself did Pete at OP8. Good run, I did not even take damage except for the 2nd nova, too early to pop back in.

We also do Hyperius. I got into FFYL in the first few seconds, usually the Grog puts me above healthgate after the chain lightning throw, still adjusting to the rubi. :rofl::rofl:

Weird though, when I get back up my health never went to full, I have 546K health at the start then after the FFYL, it went down to 492K or a 10% decrease, i did not know you will lose also base health like the Master Gee fight (both are the in the same DLC so probably both have the same concept).

Then We try to Bore him off-host, and fail. I just finished him off with a tattler he just drop the previous fight.

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #642

@Kuolemanlaakso - I was mucking around with Zer0 and decided to try whatever gear he had Bore-ing Saturn.

  • Pimpernel obviously
  • Slagga did quite well
  • Interfacer did great so long as the pellets coverged on the turret
  • Conference Call did extremely well

Duds :

  • Harold and Lyuda

Got this for my efforts :

In other news, I scrapped 0ri0n, my Ninja clone who was doing a reset run. There was something wrong with that guy that I couldn’t fix.
And I’ve renamed my main Zer0 from 0tt (which was always a bad name) to Zat0ichi - can’t imagine why I never used that name.

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Just don’t take him gambling, he tends to… overreact :wink: Also I see you’re using the pro shield stripper in your first screenshot!

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #644

It’s got a Bandit grip just like that guy from the thing.

Also using a melee relic for totally OP DPS.
And a legendary tier corrosive Hyperion shotgun.
And that gun that can one shot a surveyor.
And a totally superior green pistol.


Took my fresh Zero to Sanctuary and ran into Michael. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on my first visit before. That’s a pretty nice tool to take with me:

…or so I thought. I was about to quit and fumbled a bit with my keys in my inventory and ended up dropping the damn thing out of my hands in the fast travel area. Wonder if it’s gonna fall below the map? You know it.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #646

The 35% one right? I remember you said the 32% one was incredibly worse.

I wish there was a legendary Hyperion corrosive shotgun, but rumour has it that the ones that show up are fake

Baroness Orczy? I know it well.

I found a green once that’s superior to a purple, they’re almost the same, just the green is 24 levels higher.

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #647

She bakes a damn fine German rye bread too. And only costs 5 cents.

Too obscure?