What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #648

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(Carlton Slayer) #649

Lady Killraven finished Sawtooth Cauldron, reached level 30 and Arid Nexus Boneyard. She’ll return to the Forest to see about getting a Bee, find a Lost Treasure and then return to the main campaign. However, poor Ulysses…

(Relmitos) #650

Finished off Torque’s DLC, but not before receiving a pretty nice upgrade. Nothing as big as going from a normal shotgun to the Conference Call, but still nice. When I teleported to the Badass Crater of Badassitude that Tubby Skag showed up again. I killed it and it dropped another Legendary Anarchist mod. Good news is, it had +4% gun damage over the first one I got as well as not reducing my accuracy any further. A sorta permanent +4% gun damage buff for entering the game is rather solid.

Not as solid as the Badassasaurus Rex though. Good lord, that was repeated death, some coming much faster then I would liked. That perfect bullet deflection bit was rough to deal with for awhile there, as was the time period before I figured out “Stop trying to ADS and just run. I’m not going to miss this thing, and standing still just makes me dead.”. The crit spots being difficult to hit didn’t help any, mostly because they’re small compared to the rest of the BR and Anarchy makes precision shooting hard to do. Anarchy didn’t last very long though, so once I figured out where the crit spots where, out came that Corrosive Snider. That Snider has put in some serious work in Torque’s campaign, I’m not gonna lie. It was useful in at least three of the bosses.

Anyways, I’m convinced that being anyone but Gaige would’ve made all this so much harder. Maybe I would’ve figured out where to shoot the boss effectively eventually, but Death Trap taking such a huge beating and allowing me time to run around the boss and shoot it in more specific spots while Rex wasn’t paying attention to me really helped figure out where the crit spots were, and then time to actually hit the harder to reach ones. Perhaps in future playthroughs, now that I know the mechanics, it won’t be so bad, but the first time through DT is super useful.

Shamefully Piston did kill me a few times; I couldn’t figure out his plasma cannon thing. Then I looked at Youtube to figure out wth I was supposed to do, and all the videos showed the projectiles differently then they looked in my game. Don’t know why, but in my game the projectiles Piston was shooting were 2-3 times the size of a normal shot, and the double shot basically covered my screen. This resulted in mass confusion when shots that looked like they should’ve hit me, didn’t actually hit me, then getting hit other times, etc. When Youtube showed me what that attack actually was and what it actually looked like, it became clear as to what I was supposed to do. I just strafed circles around Piston and never got touched. Easy.

My opinion of Torque’s DLC; resisting the urge to call it my most hated DLC in the game because of the Forge alone, I feel like Torque’s is the better DLC between it and Captain Scarlett’s. I liked the scenario given by Torque’s more, for a start(You’re dumped into what is essentially a FFA competition Battle Royale with the end goal being opening a Vault after climbing the ranking ladders as opposed to a Treasure Hunt with pirates who are obviously going to betray you at some point, not that Piston wasn’t made obvious either. I thought that part was funny.) I liked the writing more as well, Scarett wasn’t terrible and I don’t dislike her character, but Torque is just an insane guy that loves explosions. Combine the two and he’s got some funny lines throughout the whole DLC. “Torque, what’s your plan for the Colosseum after the contest is over?” “Well, we’re going to carefully tear it down piece by WHAT DID YOU THINK I WAS GOING TO DO!?!?!” made me laugh. It went something like that anyways. Torque’s also brought with it Pete’s Bar as well, and the Bar Brawl is super fun imo. I give the Bar Brawl a 11/10. One last note, the Badass Crater of Badassitude’s ambient music. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s SO good. I take a small break from BL2 to fool around in FFXIV a little bit, put it on and let it go for awhile.

Overall, if I can look past that one night in the Forge, Torque’s was great, I just wish I could’ve killed Flyboy. I enjoyed every moment of it not inside of the Forge. Next order of business is to participate in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #651

I feel sorry more with frederick (the fish) :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

(Relmitos) #652

Just have to get a quick post out of the way.

After doing the last few remaining quests in Torque’s, I took a few steps inside of Hammerlock’s, and was INSTANTLY struck with a terror I had not felt since I started leveling this character. There are Drifters in this place. I don’t like Drifters, they were a pain in General Knoxx’s, to say the least. Maybe they aren’t so bad this time around, and worst case scenario Death Trap can tank while I peg their crit spots.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #653

Been away from Pandora again for various reasons but picked it up again recently to try and farm the gear I want on my 72 Krieg whilst chain watching Critical Role.

After a solid 2 hours of farming the rats in Bloodshot Stronghold I’ve come to the conclusion that they no longer have the Storm Front in their loot pools.

That or I’m just the worlds unluckiest SOB! :frowning:

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #654

Over the past few days i’ve been farming Madame Von Bartlesby for a Fire Baby Maker at OP8. I’ve seen 17 Baby Makers in that time, all OP8 apart from the 1 fire one I got… which was OP7. Anyway, after a long time of farming, I finally got this just now, first kill of the day too.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #655

I experienced almost the same thing farming an OP7 Storm Front with Zer0. After about an hour and a half of farming I gave up. Fast Forward a day or so later I sent Sal after it and he got one within 15 minutes. My guess would be just RNG being nasty.

OP8 Zer0 is still working through the main story. Now that he has his Maggie and Triquetra at OP8, he still needs a good Jakob’s sniper at level. Right now using an OP7 Muck and it’s working well, but really want an OP8 Muckamuck. This seems to be a reoccurring problem for me. The search for the elusive Muckamuck. So I’ve been farming Butt Stallion. Got a nice Citrine Callipeen w/ matching grip but the OP7 Muck still does more dmg. The Callipeens advantage is a slightly quicker reload speed but not enough to replace the muck(oh and it’s very pretty as well). Also got a citrine 2-fer revolver. I use it in place of the Maggie sometimes just to change things up a bit. Hopefully BS will drop a Muck and maybe a Coach gun sooner than later.

In the actual story he has gotten through WEP and the Bloodwing fight went very well. The whole run went well, only a couple FFYL and no New-U fees. This is definitely is due to the Grog/Chain Lightening healing combo. In earlier OP levels I was using only Transfusions. At some point I’ll work at getting OP8 Zer0 off the Moxxi, but for now I’m going with it.

Next stop is delivering a letter to Brick. After that is done I may unlock the Snowman. Also, as soon as Butt Stallion gives me a sniper I’m happy with I’m going to start the Scarlett DLC.

Really having fun in OP8. It’s almost like playing a new game.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #656

They’re still a pain, but they can be avoided for the most part, possibly due to the slightly better speed and maneuverability of fan boats compared to BL1 driving and Knoxx-land vehicles. I played through this DLC before I even had the Knoxx DLC for BL1 and the drifters seemed worse to me in Knoxx. I Like My Monsters Rare is a nuisance of pretty grand scale due to its RNG governed nature, and the egg collection is an exercise in tedium followed by a fight with a drifter type in a cave. If you element match most of the DLC isn’t too bad, but there are some pretty aggravating encounters. Slag Scaylions come to mind, witch doctors suck, and Jackenstein stinks. I like the DLC more than some other folks, but there is no denying that it is possibly the most frustrating. But you can farm a Twister there, so there’s that.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #657

These things can rot for all I care. Drifters aren’t much of an issue though.

(Is this thing on?) #658

Agreed. The Drifters go down a lot easier than they did in BL1, and as @paulothead said they are super easy to avoid using the fan boats (as is pretty much everything in the DLC tbh.) I love the atmosphere on this one.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #659

No disagreement here really. I just hated drifters when they would pop up suddenly while I was on foot. They are nowhere near the worst things in the DLC, but they tended to pop up at inopportune times.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #660

So very nasty. My ideal drop would be a Longbow variant with the shortest fuse possible (not 100% if 0.0 is possible?) at level 72. The only one I saw 3 days ago was 70, 0.5 fuse and Rubberized. Nothing since!

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #661

Yes, 0.0 is possible :+1:

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #662

I don’t recall what mine is but I’m certain it’s not 0.0 I farmed these for the sole purpose of tanking Dooks mum’s shock balls. I had an easier time with Chain Lightenings, so I just went with those.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #663

72, Longbow, 0.0 is my unicorn. Hell ANY Storm Front is right now!

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #664

Finally got one! Longbow, 1.4. It’ll do for now!

FYI I got more orange gear from Flinter’s chest than Storm Fronts! :open_mouth:

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #665

playing around with gear I’ve farmed with Sal. tried out a few blockade shields. I am loving this boss gatling gun.

(chris) #666

Headed over to Caustic Caverns to try to farm a Quasar from the UB Varkid. It took me a couple tries, but I got one to spawn and got my Quasar. I headed over to the farmhouse, and tried my luck there. Nothing happened except me getting killed.

I figure it’s time to start up the Clan Wars and try to get a Slagga. Once that is done, I think I will attempt the Peak for the first time.


Tested the Blockade on Sniper Zer0 and it’s definitely not leaving my Shield slot :

I’ve always been using the Antagonist because of how good it is at handling “bullet hell” situations, but I really like the fact that the Blockade has ~38% damage reduction on absolutely everything, including non-weapon damage and damage over time. Full Bandit parts, and it has a very good balance of Shield Recharge Rate and Shield Capacity, with a manageable Shield Recharge Delay.