What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

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That’s the other reason I didn’t waste time there. It could be of use for other characters leveling up but I don’t need one now at this level. I need one at OP8! :wink:
I don’t think I’ll go back the “Brawn way”. Or maybe only for the Dragons and such to use the ST bonus…

You’re welcome to farm anything :wink: :star_struck:

-edit- I see you’re typing… ehh… OP4 ?

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I have a few Blockades at OP8, i’ve not looked into what parts are best yet though, don’t know if I have any decent ones. I’ve been farming for a better Hornet for days but Knuckledragger always seems to drop me underleveled ones. Finally he just dropped me this. It’s not perfect, Jakobs grip, but better than the one I had.

Also it has a Jakobs sight, which is much better than the one the other Hornet i’m holding has!!

(Carlton Slayer) #771

That BA golem is definitely persistent :grin:

Also, towards the very (last 4-5 seconds) end of this clip I run into Spiderpants…

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Finished the Scarlett DLC with OP8 Zer0. Made it through at a pretty quick pace. Along the way picked up a matching grip fire Banbury Pimpernel and a shock Sand Hawk. Didn’t hold out for a Dahl stock Sand Hawk as it’s not a weapon I use often. Maybe someday I’ll do a serious Sand Hawk farm(but probably not). The Treasure Room at the end of the DLC did give a nice matching grip Well Kept Bushwack.

After several tries I was able to Turn In the Hyperius mission. I still haven’t got the B0re strategy down enough that my success rate is better than about 50%.

Butt Stallion gave up a nice Tum Tum Skullmasher with matching grip. Not sure that I like it any better than my existing Chikamin…Having a Vladolf stock the Tum Tum’s recoil seems slightly more severe. Of course I have a Jakob’s allegiance relic to correct this but more often than not I’m using a shock BoTA to boost my Chain Lightenings and Twister. I’ve tested the two on the dummy and I’m really not noticing a huge difference in the performance between the two. I figured with the +180% crit bonus that the Tum Tum would be the more powerful of the two, but I’m really not seeing that. hmm…

Farmed the snowman hoping for good Slag Transfusion Grenade so I can start weening off the Moxxi. Have only found rubberized thusfar. Did get an Unforgiven from the train. Unfortunately with a dahl grip (otherwise it would be a very pretty gun).

Finally, started the Torgue DLC mainly so I could farm the Machines for an OP8 Harold (used mainly for solo peak runs). The DoTs in this DLC are down right brutal. They just don’t let up.
I was able to get a Hard Harold with matching grip. Going to give it a try as I’ve become a fan of the Intense prefix lately.

Not sure what’s next. I think I’ll just spend some time completing unfinished side missions from the main game.

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Kottos has been farming a Flame of the Firehawk, and I swear the Maliwan body doesn’t exist… I’ve had everything else multiple times but the Maliwan body just seems to be a myth… What fun i’m having!!

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Started Hyperion Slaughter with Kottos. Here are the first three rounds, i’ll do the other two later or tomorrow.

Third round is a bit poor, went down a couple of times early on, still managed to complete it though.


Needs more Stinkpot.
Also, WHAT is that corrosive shotgun you have??? That doesn’t exist in the game!!


I approve!! A lot!! :+1:

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I just had an idea to use the item finds of the day for raids. So here is OP8 Pyro Pete with @Sun_Tsunami

And some peak run with an Emperor

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I wish… Was more like 3-4 Gunzerk per kill. Wish he would jump on you more often! :laughing: Probably started shooting from to far and missed too many shots. Almost got a quick kill once.
Anyhoo… Zorg got his Evolution and went for his OP4 -> OP5 run. Yup. These turrets must be a pain “in regular mode”. Nothing special to report from the run.

Went back to Hiroto who had a message to deliver. Made a new friend.

The climb was fun beside a little issues with the Buzzards. Gotta get a Hornet. The initiation well… That Was Awesome! Put a knee down once but no real threat. @Jefe advice helping. Turning the BAR off helped. My Hide have a 2.92 Delay so I guess that’s why I had some occasional troubles with the loaders. Even with the BAR off I have to pay attention to it.
… And their feet. Their dam feet…
The return trip was… Less fun. A Buzzard strike me in the back while I was stripping my shield. Brick was between me and the Badass Loader. And at the last BA Loader I stripped the shiled a fraction of a second after it knocked me back. This time Brick stole my kill. :rage:
At least I didn’t lose (too much) money.
That was before I wen’t to Knuckle Dragger that is. Probably caught one of my Kunai and died from fire dot. :expressionless:

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Kottos completed Round 4 of Hyperion Slaughter, at the second attempt.

I tried Round 5 and the Constructor + Super Badass Constructor spawn is so f’ing brutal, i’m not sure how to proceed. Died under the rocket spam from the SBA. Tomorrow, perhaps.

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Limited time today, but I was homesick, so I dropped by to farm a new Blockhead for AxtNT. Took about 7 runs, all unremarkable and full of skins and heads. Run 7, however, came with some excitement. Badass Pyre Thresher after the Infested Warehouse put me in FFYL twice, recovered with tentacle second winds, before it ate one Babymaker reload too many. That run I got my Blockhead, Tediore grip/Jakobs stock. I took it for a shot at the threshers by Mine cart Madness, got 2 consecutive Badass Varkids followed by a Super Badass Varkid. After putting those six feet below sea level I decided to stop pushing my luck and watch some Schitt’s Creek.

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Second attempt of Round 5 Hyperion Slaughter saw me once again die to the SBA Constructor. I did actually kill the normal Constructor this time around, i’m just struggling with how to kill the SBA with the Mania/Hellborn setup I use.

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Opportunity turned out to be as horrible as Hiroto expected…
Still satisfied thou. :slight_smile:

Started by farming for a Hornet. RNGsus graced me one on my …42nd kill. :confused: (According to the white pistols collected.) Then a 2nd on the following kill. 3 in ± 60 runs. All that brought me back to $48 Mil . woohoo! (Yeah sure.)

I knew stealing Jack’s voice would be a real pain. This mission is one that gave me the most trouble in the past. Honestly had no idea How I’ll kill the body double without him escaping. Not sure of my theory but I’m under the impression he doesn’t flee when you approach “from the back”. Anywhoo. That part went much better than expected. Died “only” once.
But the masses of WAR, ION, Badass and SBA Loaders were just overwhelming. Throw in Surveyors to strip your shield at the worst moment.
But it was all expected. Back down to $23 Mil. Oh well.

After the first “station” I decided to address a problem I should had tackle a long time ago. That character was created on a whim and ill equipped. Melee and blades are nice and all but it’s not a religion and I’m not doing time trials either. Didn’t had access to everything in the middle of Jack’s utopia but added Corrosive and Slag Pimps, under level Quasar as well as a Thunder Fist and Sham. Sorry 'bout that but I need these rockets. :wink:
Overall it wasn’t so bad despite some multiple re-spawns areas. I had my moments. Many nice kills/chain. It’s simply not that easy.

Next on the list Where Angels fear to thread . More Loaders, Yeah!
The climb will be painful. I know.

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LMAO! Maybe I should had review that line! :joy:

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So, on a whim I sent Zer0(who doesn’t have a proper name yet) to Hayter’s Folly to get a… Rapier of the slag variety…Oh what a fun farm that is. Actually wasn’t that bad once I had a route and strategy laid out. After about an hour I had a shiny new Slag Rapier( you can guess where this is going). Of course there is really only one reason to obtain a rapier…

Instead of diving into Melee headfirst I figured I’d stick my big toe in and test the waters. Opted for a hybrid build using this as a starting point:

I have most the gear for this build. I am lacking the Hide, but I picked up a purple inflammible Maylay shield on my last peak run per the advice of @Sun_Tsunami. I’m also opting for a chain lightening to strip shields.

It was suggested that if I attempt melee that I do it at 72, and I will likely do this but for now I just set my game to OP5 and headed to the Southern Shelf. Here I made a “practice route” that I’ve been looping. Start with bullymongs first, then move to the first camp at the bottom of the hill, then the “shielded favors” camp and finally the Bandit/Bullymong area…rinse, repeat. If I’m lucky I make it through.

Talk about a learning curve…a steep one at that. I ended up farming a lower level chain lightening to strip shields and am considering farming a Love Thumper. I also realize now(after reading some of the above posts) that it may be a good idea to turn off BAR. I also need to learn to control my kunai better as I’m used to just spamming it.

I will say that when I pull off even a small “many must fall” chain (it actually happened a couple times!) it is extremely satisfying. Of course more times than not I’m downing myself with my own kunai or missing my target altogether.

Now I have to decide what to do next. Keep with what I’m doing now? Farm melee stuff for a 72 character? Start a whole new character? hmm…got lots to learn, fortunately this forum is a wealth of information.

My BL2 addiction is about to reach a whole new level.

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I assume you mean to strip shields, I heard somewhere on this forum that it’s amazing for that :wink:

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You can strip shields with it? I don’t know how. I just meant to do a melee build…which I’ve been contemplating quite a bit lately.

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It’s a joke, and a stale one at that.

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D’oh! I missed that one…should have figured that out from the :wink: