What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(The doc is in.) #812

That or we’re not giving our self enough credit :open_mouth:
I thought there was something else I had to learn.
Speaking of which and that 72Hide you we’re concerned I couldn’t strip @Jefe . My 72 Chain Lightning already strip my OP1 to… half health! Something’s wrong?

On topic I ended the day farming for said lvl 72 Hide of Terra. Wen’t crazy well at first. Easy kills and 3 shields in about 15 runs. Faster than getting one Hornet the day before. Then everything wen’t south. Had a hard time damaging it/her. Died a few times and no more Hide. :rage:
Called it a day.


Shield and grenade matching is a bitch. That’s what’s wrong. :smile:
That does seem like a lot of lost health. Shock Bone? BAR? Get rid of those first and see.
Your Chain Lightning may have exceptionally high stats - plus they are pretty aggresive. Do you have a Storm Front to try? Even a regular tesla is good.

Can you post pics of your CL and your Hide?

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You want me to get out of bed! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

aaaaand… nevermind.:roll_eyes: Roughly 10% health with the Corrosive BoA and 18% with the Shock.
I swear… Tested it earlier and… It seemed crazy too. I didn’t expect it to be that big. There wasn’t much difference between the two either. (Didn’t thought at looking at actual numbers atm)
Oh well. Sorry about that.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #815

It’s on.

Velocidad Revolucion has begun Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Prior to starting, though, I made sure he got the Lady Fist as his gift from Queen Bee, and reunited it with the Anarchist. The Kitten stays with the shock Spinigun. And with that in mind, he was sent on his way to cut down bandits with his new bulletstorm set, making quick work of Flynt’s men as the Lady Fist all but stood there and looked pretty (not really, I did decide to actually shoot with the Lady Fist too). It’s surprising because the Lady Fist he has does not come in slag. The other slight irritation is that it’s not a Moxxi weapon so even with the power of that combo, he did have to end up switching to the Spinigun Kitten combo to replace the lost health during the mission, both that mission and This Town Ain’t Big Enough (primarily with the graveyard bullymongs).

With both those missions done – and dinging 53 in the process, getting 1/5 in Incite --, it was time to make a hard detour to Gingerton to rid the stench of the now painfully-outdated 50 gear. And so far… not much. Just a few useless green thingamaboopers and off-brand weapons thus far. VR is now at the point of the mission where he has to escort the train to Gingerton. I’ll report back after making ice cream out of the snowman.

Melted Tinder once and it somehow filled nearly half the XP bar to 54. Geez, these DLC main missions pay out a bucketful. No Vladof gear came from either the train or the Snowflake slush but… got a full-Bandit specced AR (sight included!) with the Nassty prefix - for the purposes of the Hoarder build and emphasis on speed, I would have preferred the Fast Bulets prefix, but I digress. I think I may have to keep fighting the Snowman until I at bare minimum coax an improved Anarchist from one of the mobs or Tinder or the train. I could very well end up dinging 54 before any useful Vladof weapon drops unfortunately. XD

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #816

Took Gaige&Purge to Sawtooth Cauldron. Got 4 loot midgets, the first dropped a level 29 leg Siren (my lowest level legendary com), and the last one dropped a Slag Basic Deliverance, so my next Maya will have all sorts of goodies waiting for her after her birth. All in all a good run. Three or four FFYL, all successfully 2nd winded. Helped out Ulysses, crossed the bridge into the Nexus and called it there.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #817

Had an interesting session. As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve started playing a bit with a Hybrid build that is mostly melee with Zer0.
I built a character at OP8, but it was suggested by those much wiser than myself in the ways of melee Zer0 that OP0 is really where you want to be when you first start learning. I’'ve not been led astray ever by the good people here, so I decided to heed their advice. Farmed a 72 Rapier and also found that a good number of my mules had collected a pretty good deal of gear well suited for melee(grenades, sheilds etc).
I was just about to start some melee practice when I was contacted @Sun_Tsunami and he asked if I wanted to join in his OP8 session with a group of other players. Of course I did. Melee practice could wait.

So we did mostly raids, and several that I’d never done. First tried to spawn Vermi in the Caustic caverns. He never did spawn but it was good time nonetheless. We also did Terry, Voracidous, Pete, The Dragons and finally an OP8 Peak run. Voracidous and the Dragons are both ones I’ve never done, so it was an intense experience. To be honest I stood in the back and sniped for the majority of the raids. Not sure I really had the best gear for the tasks at hand. But it was a great fun anyway. It was also the first time that I played with an Axton. Wow…the fire and explosions…

I think I was probably the most useful during the Peak run, as I’ve had plenty recent experience with those and I really like mobbing more than raiding.

After all that excitement I did spend a little time with my new Melee/Gun 72 hybrid build. At 72 the melee is much more manageable. While I am carrying a couple guns, I’m trying to melee as much as possible. Right now just working through the main story and made it about halfway through the Firehawk mission before I had to call it.

I will say that feel I’m starting to get a feel for it…kinda…gonna take some work, but I don’t think it’ll take too long before I’m somewhat comfortable with it. It’s not feeling nearly as foreign as my first couple sessions did.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #818

I knew it was going to be a bit overwhelming but wanted you to get to see some of what we do during Co0p sessions. Had a great time with you, @User2136 & @the1pnk .

(The doc is in.) #819

I wish I still were a night owl gamer. Missed a few calls and regretted the morning after watching the vids. Life goes on I guess.

hehe… I call him artillery support for a reason! :wink:

And that, imho might be harder than some raid/peak. Especially doing it solo vs co-op. Maybe not so much for experienced Ninja but that’s how I feel about it.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #820

Punk wanted to know if anyone was on to join us and I looked for you. I’ll keep my :eyes: on you and send an invitation next time.:+1:

(The1pnk) #821

I guess Axton surprised you then lol

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #822

I had a great time as well, I’m just new to Co-op and raids. Certainly won’t turn down future invites!

@Dr_Do-Little We’ve talked about playing together but just never did it for some reason. We really should some time.

So far it hasn’t been that bad. Of course having a Jakobs Bushwack has gotten me out of several FFYLs. My fumbled melee attempts if not successful do usually soften em up considerably.

Oh I thought it was awesome…but yeah…I’ve never played Axton, or with Axton…so I was unaware…lol. I was sniping, so had to wait for the smoke to clear…and sometimes after it did everything was already dead!

But seriously, it was great fun!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #823

Great run guys.

If you need a Maya, I am just in the corner, although I have no SKILLS.


Pete also got rapier-ed by Maya. @Kuolemanlaakso, @Dr_Do-Little, @Jefe

It really is a good gun, especially on shields.


What did I do in my most recent session? Die a lot !!!
I haven’t played much lately but am still working Maya up through UVHM. At 63 now and have completed TTAoDK, Torgue’s Campaign, and Capt. Scarlet’s. Got hung on farming Sandhawk and Pimpernels for a while. But in my recent sessions, I’ve been doing Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. Was rather pleased with how Maya handled everything along the way and never died until… Jackenstein! Thought I had it thought out and equipped. Noooooooo. He has this habit of getting between Maya and the loader she is trying to get a second wind from. Could easily get him down to a quarter health, but could not make the kill. So, what to do? What else but go back to searching this marvelous forum for other options. Think I’ll try out the Antagonist method next. It’s only digital currency. :wink:

PS: And if that dosen’t work, I’ll try Carlton_Slayer’s shock Bitch and either a Good Touch/Bad Touch after that, method to " lit him up like a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza" :grinning:

(Compulsive Reloader) #825

Well that was fun just a minute ago!

In the dust mucking about. As always when you’re mucking about I got shot way too much by a bandit technical.
Went into FFYL of course.

Somehow the death flipped me into the technical I just got shot by. I’m in the bed of the truck, speeding along, in FFYL.
There was as usual a bandit in the back of the truck, I killed him to revive then just shot straight down until I killed the truck as we sped along.

There’s always something new to experience…

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #826

In tonight’s session I found my first Tubby as Melee Zer0. He spawned right at the beginning of the session and dropped this:

Sure I already have one(a couple actually). But…this the best you can get for OP0 and I’m taking it as a sign that the game it telling me I’m doing the right thing by playing melee Zer0 :crazy_face:

Anyway, rescued Roland. Did go down 2 or 3 times but overall it went far better than I could have ever expected. Got Mad Mike and his little helpers in a mini MMF chain. I was pleased about that.
Went on and recovered Tina’s badonkadonks. Went down once there. Somehow I didn’t switch to the Rapier when I went in for the first kill. Tried to beat the guy down with my Bushwack…derp.

Made my way through the loaders to get to Whilhelm. That went pretty smooth. Had a FFYL but recovered pretty easily.

The Whilhelm fight was fine except I really wanted to down him with a killing blow . Some how I got overzealous and my Bekah made short work of him. Oh well…maybe next time.

Ran the first two areas of the Peak just for the hell of it. Melee makes short work of rabids. I’ve never killed them that fast.

So overall it was a good sessoin and I’m getting the Melee thing faster than expected.

EDIT: After I posted this I headed out to Pete’s Bar per @Jefe 's suggestion. I was only going to go a couple rounds but ended up maxing out my Torgue tokens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still have A LOT of work to do so this will be my Dojo for a while.

(Mcore) #827

Level 58 in sawtooth cauldron with my buddy. Decided to check for loot midgets. We find a legendary loot midget GOLIATH! Who was kind enough to drop us a nassty sawbar and a fire bone! We open another box and find another LLM. This time we get a slag gaurenteed avenger! 2 pearls in less than 5 minutes and a loot midget Goliath. Rngesus has smiled upon us.

(chris) #828

After a couple days away from the game, I decided to start up no back pack Zero again. I finally turned the core back in, and then realized I was under leveled and under gunned when I tried to fight Gluttonous Thresher. It took me 5 or 6 tries to get past him. I was 37 at the time w/level 35 to 36 gear. I got the beacon repaired, and made it back home to Sanctuary.

I did some side missions to level up a little bit and hopefully find some better gear before I head to WEP. I will need to find a shock weapon before I make that journey.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #829

Whoa Nelly.

So Velocidad Revolucion, with his Bandit Incendiary AR and Kitten combo (almost exclusively) melted Tinder Snowflake in a long and frankly tedious battle. What he got from the train as a result of the pwnage… the Neogenator. Both Hyperion body and battery with a Dahl capacitor.

Looks like I found my Rough Rider replacement. =)

One more Snowflake ambush and then VR ups to 54.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #830

Additionally, I honestly think at this point it may be better to be a bit liberal with VR until I get to max level. I’m saying this because I do want to try out several compatible combos with the Hoarder style play of Salvador. Not going to lie, I do love using this particular AR with the Kitten especially with getting healing from the damage over time effect. But the general weapons that will be in use will still be anything with a 1 ammo/shot ratio and a relatively high rate of fire. (I’ll still keep the 42 Rubi on hand until it actually comes time to change it.)

Just need to make a note in my mind to avoid anything Hyperion – having specced into Steady As She Goes I already have experienced the averse effect with the Lady Fist.

(Relmitos) #831

It’s taken multiple sessions, but I’ve finally gotten a number of mules set up and ready to go. I had hoped not to have to do that just yet, but it had gotten to the point where I had less then 10 slots in my inventory, including the bank. It was becoming a problem, so I had to do something about it. Now that it’s done I might not have to worry about it for a long time.

Ready to dive into Tiny Tina’s now! We’ll see how that goes.