What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Chibilovett) #832

Played through Moxxi’s Wedding Day Massacre, I believe. Well, almost. I’m going to come back later for the stupid couple. >.> I hate them so much omg.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #833

Small update: VR got himself a new, on-level Anarchist (got a green 53 one from the Train, the new 54 one is from the quest reward from Handsome Jack Here!).

He’ll be ready to fight the Rippers next session. =|

Oh also he got another Vladof Spinigun, blue rarity… in slag. I hate when that happens.

(Lypreila) #834

Whelp, I finished up Normal mode yesterday, and in the process decided to go for the ‘doing all the things’ achievement on Steam (I’m new to 2 on PC) so I finished up You. Will. Die. , Dr’s Orders, and Roco’s Modern Strife and the following defense mission.

NVHM was starting to feel easy as I was at 40, so I said the heck with DLC and ran straight to TVHM with my Sal. Switched out a Storm Front for a Bonnie, and did everything up until A Train to Catch. Played online with some mancers of the Mechro type, blowing through the Dam with lots of maniacal laughter. Up next will be rounding up what side missions I don’t want to save and possibly hitting Gingerton.

Gonna probably farm Bol for a fastball. Do they come I slag, I wonder? I feel as though I will miss the Bonnie if I take it off.

Edit: What do yall do about mules on PC? On 360/PS4 I literally just had a separate mule profile that had different toons for each item. I’m running into this problem with 1 as well.

(Relmitos) #835

Started off the session finding a blue quality Gunstock Iron out of a box in Sanctuary, that was cool. I just wish it had a scope of some sort like my green Gunstock Iron. Ah well, at least it has an ironsight, and not no sight at all. Then I ran around in the Hunter’s Grotto for a little while before heading off to Tiny Tina’s, trying to get a little bit more of I Like It Rare completed. I finished Slagged Spores and Albino Skags just going through the main story quests, but I only found 4 pink boroks, 5 tailess Scaylions, and 2 two-legged drifters. My hunt proved successful as I found one of all three, though it feels like the two-legged drifters are going to be the hardest one to complete.

Went into Tiny Tina’s, and immediately discovered that it smells like butts and corpses. I also immediately discovered that skeletons have bullet reflection properties and the only place I’ve found that hits them is their head. This means that I’m going to have to become far more friendly with Sniper Rifles and Discord, because 300 stacks of Anarchy typicallly means that I need to run into their face to actually shoot them in the spot they’ll get hit. Made it to Flamerock Refuge and took a break, I’ll go back to it later. I’m excited for it though. Torque’s was better then I expected, and I have high hopes for this one.


Ya think?! :joy:

Nope. They don’t.

I never know if this ok to post but : C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\SaveData

Sort by date modified so you get the most recently used character - presuming that’s the one you’re copying. Right click—copy the character. It will be 0001.sav or something (this is from memory). Do not select the .bak file.

Paste to desktop and rename it with the next available digit ( say 0005.sav ). Then move it back to the SaveData folder.

When you open the game you should see two identical characters.

(Lypreila) #837

Yeah I did a fair amount of farming & grinding midgame lmao. The warrior made me yawn where normally it’s at least a decent fight. (400 or 600 stack anarchy Gaige excluded ofc)
Thanks for the help!

(Carlton Slayer) #838

Skeletons are weak to melee so if you have a Law put it to good use…

(Relmitos) #839

Got rid of my Law a long time ago, but my Slagga has a blade, that could work. Or I could just go to Lynchwood, I guess. There’s a Law there.

(Selling England by the Pound) #840

Been less active on here the past few days for reasons, anyway today I ended up messing around on a level 52 Siren I had on Xbox, forgot I even had one that low. She was equipped with a Longbow, a weapon i’ve hardly ever used. It seems very powerful, so I decided to go and grab one at OP8 on PS4. Took a few tries, got a Blockhead first (worse than what I already had) and then this happened.

The prefix I wanted, Jakobs parts isn’t ideal, but i’ll take it!!

(This Just In: CNN CEO Hunter Hellquist denies fake news) #841

Although i have not tried it (yet), I suspect the longbow would be incredible on a Hellborn Krieg, given the fire rate buffs provided Embrace the Pain and Elemental Elation. On my to-do list.

(The doc is in.) #842

They don’t reflect Torgue’s gyro jets. So Kerblaster and Spitter are usually my weapon of choice against them. Or the Swordsplosion but you can’t farm it when you just started the DLC.
They do reflect Harold bullets thou so it’s a big no no.
Also be cautious with the Kerblaster on Gaige…! A bit suicidal at high Anarchy.

On topic wasn’t much in the mood/energy for anything complicated and didn’t had much time so I sent Retsam the OP8 Commando to farm for a possibly less hurtful Chain Lightning. Found on that deal slightly less dot…

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #843

Good to know about the Torgue gyrojets ignoring reflection. I’m not sure why it’s the case that Harold bullets continue to do so though. My guess is it must be some kind of balancing thing to counter the sheer overpowered factor of the Harold.

And speaking of the Spitter, one plopped at the feet of Velocidad Revolucion, I believe when he made that trip toward the red chest with the bullymong encampment. So I’ve been alternating between that Spitter, another Spinigun (green-rarity, with a melee attachment, lawl), and the Incendiary Bandit AR. With the Bandit AR, I think that may be relegated to pure creature fighting as it’s nowhere near as accurate in fighting the wider creatures as the other two would be the bandits. I think the Spitter will see more airtime though. We’ll see.

It’s obvious, though, that with the Spitter, both Boom Bewm AND Captain Flynt were relegated to irrelevancy as the splash damage made short work of them, especially when slagged. Especially Captain Flynt once the reflection properties were deactivated. In point of fact the mobs that were constantly killing me successfully were the Scavengers with those durable shields. Yay.

Funny enough, marching onward through Sanctuary was honestly not as painstaking, especially after deciding to permanently run the Spitter until something better came up, tearing through both the Bloodshot Camp and Southpaw Steam and Power with relatively little incident (only died once and that was due to mobs finishing me off in the transition room from Oney to Reeth). Part of that is due to having a 25% Absorb Shield, and the other is probably sheer dumb luck to be honest seeing as I was just aiming at ground trying to track mobs. XD

As for the Assassins’ uniques, got me a Judge (sold) and a corrosive Fremington’s Edge (holding onto this one for Queen Bee).

Gonna stop there for tonight, we’re going Firehawk huntin’ tomorrow! Along with other stuff.

(Carlton Slayer) #844

Lady Killraven now sits at Dragon Keep awaiting the chance to tackle the Handsome Sorcerer. After that she’ll turn in the collected side missions and try to tackle the Ancient Dragons…
Edit: it’s going to be something of a learning curve :upside_down_face:

(spectacularly mediocre) #845

Thought about starting the Peak climb with Mahya Mahya or Faraday Gaige, but not knowing how much time I had available, brought out Call Me Sal instead to continue his OP8 journey.

Re-spec’ed into the NKLO Deputy Sal just for fun before delivering Roland’s note to the Slab King. I was bit surprised how noticeable it was not having 5 points in AGTtB and 9 points in Sexy T (4 from NE Monk). After adjusting accordingly to lack of health regen, successfully delivered the note and took care of the mortar beacons.

Re-spec’ed back into the Brawn Deputy Sal and took a little jaunt to Opportunity. Everything was going smoothly until I got bit lost and mistakenly spawned bunch of mobs while Gunzerking was still on cooldown. After paying for the reconstruction fee, I took care of the said mobs and retrieved the voice modulator.

Also, all the time I’ve spent playing this game, this was the first time I noticed a Hyperion personnel addressing Sal as Gunzerker. Do they address other toons with their class names as well?

(Carlton Slayer) #846

I think I’ve heard Zero called assassin and of course the nomads call Maya the ‘magic chick’.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #847

Still playing through the main story with Melee Zer0 at 72. I’ve messed about with melee at OP8 and realized that I’m going to have a better time at 72 until I get the mechanics down better. That said, I’ll still visit op8, mostly Petes Bar, and the Maggie Farm. Lots of opportunity for MMFL.

On my 72 play through just finished Sawtooth. It went way, way better than expected. The Ambush commanders went down far easier than with sniper Zer0. I probably could have finished Sawtooth much more quickly but I was dead set on bring those buzzards down with melee. I got 2 of them anyway and let my Maggie take care of the other two.
I am still using guns and really consider this to be a hybrid Zer0, that said I’m really doing more melee than using guns.

Thanks to @Sun_Tsunami and @nat_zero_six my gun Zer0 still gets to get out and shoot stuff. Sun and I did an awesome Peak run that included probably my most epic B0ring of the two Saturns. I guess they lined up just right, because one shot from the Pimp took them both out.

Nat, Sun and I did the bandit slaughter, which is something I’ve never completed. It was great fun. Also ran through the unfriendly Friendship Gulag. It was a FFYL fest, but we all made it out.

Next up, gonna research some melee options for taking out the Warrior.


Hope you got that recorded - that’s a lottery shot that one. Nice!!

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #849

(spectacularly mediocre) #850

Call Me Sal went out to deal with Bunker and Angel. I’m embarrassed to say I just learned of the benefit of accepting (but not completing) Rocko’s Modern Strife prior to going to see the Bunker. It was really weird to get to Claptrap without needing to shoot at anything.

The climb up to the Bunker wasn’t great, but not terrible. One death from the turret that I stupidly missed in heat of the battle. Couple LLMs popped up but game me bupkis.

The fight with the Bunker was weird. Aside from the initial mortars, the Bunker kept shooting at air where there were no targets. I’d never seen that before and it made for a really easy fight.

The fight to free Angel went really well, thanks to remembering that shooting the Eridium injectors triggers Get Some.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #851

Oh that’s weak.

So I’ve now sent Velocidad Revolucion on his way to Firehawk Town, but had first opted to deal with the Happy Pig Motel before anything else, taking No Vacancy, tearing up mobs with the Kitten/Spitter combo. On the way to getting the gearbox, TUBBY SKAG.

It only got to charge me once but the Spitter Kitten was having no further shenanigans. The reward? The bloody Bunny.

This game sometimes… >_>

And what makes it worse is that this is the first particular Tubby he’s fought in the entire playthrough (from Normal mode to now).