What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #872

Hyperion Siren rolled The Crater and went after Sully for Tina. She went ‘rooftop maniac’, Hyperion style:

  • Get to a good rooftop. The Beatdown was made for this.
  • Fire a slag dart at the target. This will pop your Amp shield, but you can keep firing until you start to see the shield recharge happening. This lets you get enough shots downwind to guarantee slag while keeping your shield full for Amp damage.
  • Switch to your favorite sniper rifle (she’s using the Morningstar here), and immediately aim down the sights to start burning off the initial weapon sway.
  • When you hear the three beeps of a full shield, take the shot. If you’re timing all of this right, the enemy should be slagged, your accuracy should be maxed, your shield full, and the crit stack counter ready for another stack (or to replace one that just decayed).
  • The other skills that help sniping are passive (Accelerate, Reaper, and Mind’s Eye). These are also all buffed by the Legendary Cat COM, which is what I use here. Wreck would be, but when she’s in Thoughtlock mode, sniping is less… refined.

I see this comparison pop-up on the right, and I’m not sure what it means. Surely it’s not compaing stats from the Bloody Ninja COM to my Legendary Cat? The same values came up for all the COMs. What is that?

That little icon on my HUD above the kill icons is a “power up” indicator from the UCP. Any weapon with a hidden ‘feature’ will show that icon while it’s active, shrinking as the timer decays if applicable (Orc, Ogre, Grog Nozzle, Evil Smasher, etcetera). It’s great for learning how they behave as well as identifying when they’re active (for those that aren’t obvious). For the Morningstar, it shows a count of the stacks that buff damage.

I’ve never seen it this high, and after much deduction, I found out that I had inadvertently done the ‘Morningstar glitch’ once, and was getting two stacks per shot. I’d never played with that ‘feature’ before, but I can see the allure of taking it to an extreme. :roll_eyes:.

I also had an Ultimate Badass Burner Enforcer say to Maya, “Take your shirt off lady!” which I’ve never heard before (it was as I Thoughtlocked him).

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #873

It is the passive skills of the legendary cat (SMG damage and accuracy).

I did not notice it that it also compares non-compatible coms with each other. lol

That is an awesome addition.

(Carlton Slayer) #874

Started a new Sal- Terra Mann- for the unofficial loot hunt and made it to Liar’s Berg- good thing this hunt lasts for a while…

(Relmitos) #875

Okay! Made it through a large chunk of Tiny Tina’s. It’s been one hell of a trip so far. Watching trees as I run through the forest because they’re roughly the right size to jump at me out of the ground, more Dukes of Ork then I’d like to fight(Hardest thing in the DLC so far was the Duke of Ork that spawns right before the dwarves show up. Pretty sure it killed me more then the Handsome Dragon did.), having more trouble with Skeleton Mages then I thought I would until I figured out how to fight them(Death Trap being worse then useless for the mages doesn’t help any, since melee range makes em teleport away so I can’t shoot them), and so on and so forth.

It’s been incredibly random the whole time so far. Go down a side path, WOAH level 102 monsters, I should not be here! poof oh…nevermind. Fire away! Let’s go meet our allies in the mines. Let’s go PUNCH our allies in the mines. Dark Souls reference here, Mickey Mouse reference there. I will admit though, I almost died laughing when I got halfway through the Mines of Avarice. I got into a fight with some dwarves, while I’m shooting at those, one spawns and says “Hi-ho, hi-ho!” and right after, I kill one of the dwarves I’m engaged with, who says “It’s off to hell I go”

While it’s been mostly a blast, save the Duke of Ork encounter and those 4 kings, favorite section is definitely Hatred’s Shadow. The nigh endless gauntlet of enemies was a fun, especially as a three way fight. As a small side note about Hatred’s Shadow, I’ve been RP’ing as Link this whole time, and my “Destroy all pots” Zelda training came through for me. This was hidden in a pot I smashed:

Think that’s going to be it for now, next time I’ll probably go do those large amount of side quests I apparently missed back in Flamerock and continue on within the Lair of Infinite Agony.

(Is this thing on?) #876

That’s my personal favourite section as well. Well, apart from the dragon fight on the bridge at the very end - that sucks.

(spectacularly mediocre) #877

I like TTAoDK, except for the skeletons - all of them. Doesn’t help I went through it multiple times in quick successions. Except to have Sal do some farming and play with the dragons, I don’t see myself playing through the DLC again with other characters.

(chris) #878

It was one of those nights where I should’ve just put the controller down and walked away. I was dying way to often and in places that I shouldn’t have been getting killed. For whatever reason, the Clan War was a chore for me with no backpack Zero, and then I had a heck of a time with WEP. I made it to Natural Selection Annex, and gave up.

I figured it was better to quit there instead of being horrible the rest of the way, not to mention, for whatever reason, I picked up one of the notes for Dr. Orders b/c I thought it was one of the Slag Samples. Like I said, last night was not a good night to be a Vault Hunter for me.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #879

Took Gaige&Purge through to the end of Normal. Got my first moonshot legendary in 6 playthroughs, a poorly parted shock Critical Conference Call with an ugly sight. Them stomped the warrior twice for xp and rid rock. The second kill yielded a caustic Leech. Then off to Gingerton to kill my last few minutes. Nothing good from the train, but it’s level 33, so I’ll do it once more before she starts true. -Brick voice- This is gonna be fun!!! Before I did that I took Salvester to get her a lvl 30 lead storm, which did not seem to work at all with close close enough. Only used it in the Vault and Gingerton. Is that a known thing, or is it only certain maps?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #880

Bandit Slaughter ROund 3 with Full Nurse-Thoughtlock Maya, Kittyzerker and Gun Zero.

Sloppy gameplay on my part in this round, too many ffyl. Clearly not my round.

at 10:05 you can see that Maya Rides Sal. lol

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #881

OP4 Maya prestiged, got to 175K BAR, completed all quests in Normal mode, and completed 69/69 challenges. My inner completionist is very happy.

(Carlton Slayer) #882

Terra Mann got the fastest kill on Midgemon to date- tossed a Contraband grenade thru the door as soon as he opened it and- BOOM!- no more Midgemon :smile: About to drag Claptrap to see Capt Flynt…

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #883

I decided to take part in the Unnofficial Hunt which requires starting a new character. I decided to use this opportunity to level up a melee Zer0. I’m using a guide written by Altair for the leveling process. So far I’m following the guide pretty much “to a T” Because the hunt is 2 months, should give me ample time to find hunt items and work on developing the melee playstyle. So far it’s gone pretty well.

Started my session at the Wilhelm fight. This was probably one of the longer fights with him that I’ve had. Most of the fight was using guns. A Jakob’s sniper and bladed Bushwack. After wittling his health down do a little sliver on the indicator I took him out with melee.

I went and killed varkids until I hit 16 and decided to start the Scarlett DLC for a Slag Rapier. Because it’s going to be used for melee and slag I understand it should work far beyond it’s level. Hell, I’ve heard of players using a lvl 22 Rapier all the way to OP8.

The farm proved to be very beneficial for more than just the Rapier. Picked up a nice blue Maylay sheild, 0.0 fuse Tesla for stripping the shield and a blue Lethal Ninja COM . It is almost like the farm was designed for an early game melee Zer0. I also picked up a Skookum Muck and Coach Gun, both greens.

Probably what I gained most from the farm, however, was simply using melee on the handful of enemies on my path to the Rapier. After about an hour of farming I became quite accustomed to standard process of: Deception —>Strip—>Exectute. I also picked up 2 hunt items(12 pounder and Fire Bee).

Returned to the main game. Sanctuary was now in the sky. The trek through the Fridge was actually pretty easy. Now that I had Execute, taking out the rats wasn’t a problem. My muck did a fair share of rat sniping as well.

Made it back to Sanctuary with only one New-U fee. Did have several FFYLs but the Rapier actually got me out of those pretty easily. Two Constructors and a Gluttonous Thresher all died by the Rapier.

So far I’ve only put points in the Bloodshed tree(per Altairs guide). I’m curious to see how things like Saturn and the Bunker go without B0re. I’ve considered that I may have to respec but I’m going to avoid it if possible. We’ll see.

While I had a blast clearing Petes Bar w/ melee in OP levels I really think I’m learning the mechanics better going this route.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #884

Gaige&Purge started TVHM today. Cruised through Liar’s Berg and Ms Pierce’s echos, dinging 35 on the way. Built this way.

I plan on maxing IO with the next point, but I’m a little shaky after. One option is MiS, but I’m not relying on DT for damage. Another thought is support and purge, so Buck Up and The Better Half. The last option I’m considering is violently purging, so fleshing out the OC tree, SLF then BSS then Discord, before considering further. Thoughts?


I’d probably go for defense first : Blood Soaked Shields and Discord.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #886

Maybe Buck Up to try and add survivability (although that hasn’t been a problem. Yet.) until I get points into BSS and then spec out of it? :thinking:

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #887

Cooking Up Trouble is nice for survivability. I like to arrive at a fight with full shields and health.

But when you have the necessary skill points, I’d follow @Jefe and go for BSS.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #888

My other Gaige is specced for it, but she uses Jakobs shotguns a lot and therefore has a full clip more often than not. I’m not having issues yet, and don’t anticipate having them until I have enough points to fill BSS.

Are you suggesting I spec CuT and then spec out of it when I have enough to spec for BSS?

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #889

In that case more healing won´t be needed and SLF and BSS should do just fine. And if you can fill BSS then Discord healing (and fire rate bonus etc.) is just a point away anyway.

Not anymore, see above for reasons :wink:

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #890

@Curmudge0n, thanks. :+1:

Now, I was thinking that Buck Up would be helpful in the interim because I’ll still be kinda vulnerable until I get through to BSS. I’m using mostly Maliwan and Vladof shields, so by my pro/con sheet shield>health. What do you think about that idea?


Seeing as you’re not using DT for damage, I’d go with that plan. He might as well do something useful for you. And Buck Up is actually pretty good.