What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #892

Round 4 of Bandit Slaughter. Another good round for the trio of Full Nurse-Thoughlock Maya, Kitty Zerker and Gun Zero.

I just realized I am a bad lady throwing singularities where @Sun_Tsunami and @zer0blivion are. lol. Well at least the enemy is staggered. :rofl::rofl:

and Super Duper Badget Midget is OP and worthy of being a raid boss. lol

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #893

:rofl: :rofl:
I know its supposed to say badass, but that is so awesome it must be left.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #894

lol, what am i thinking. Badget Midgeass


So I’m back kinda. I’ve been off playing Dishonored 2 for the last while but just finished it off - so I fired up old reliable.

As per the recent Sal vs Vorac thread, I took El Mariachi to said face-humper Grog/Harold stylee. Not very easy at all at OP8. I ran out of ammo 3/4 of the way through with the DPUH - and that was being careful - so tried with the Hard…same thing.
It took several deaths, but got it by finishing her with the Interfacer. I went back one more time with the DuurPimp and cleared it in a minute - just because.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #896

I have that succinct feeling I will need that combo on the Iron Zerker despite being Brawn-based. Yay. =|

Although, I suppose the Harold just generally fits into the Money Shot offensive style of play so it won’t be that bad. =|

(Carlton Slayer) #897

Terra Mann has reached Sanctuary- hopefully some loot might drop during his leveling up grind…

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #898

Sorry for the late response, but I got sidetracked by this yesterday:

Entering OP levels now…

@jefe answered that already in fashion that leaves nothing to add.

In other news after Gaige finished the peak run I changed to Patty, my TVHM Maya, and played from freeing Angel to the end of the playthrough in one go, ignoring the side missions. Patty is Level 50 at the beginning of UVHM now.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #899

How’s Shock Storm treating you? I found it insanely difficult to get it to damage anything. Many of Gaige’s kills are from elemental damage (so no storm), enemies are almost never that close to each other, and if you’re not firing up Deathtrap that much…?

I used the UCP to seriously increase the radius (to make it work) and slightly increase the damage (to what I think is appropriate for its position on the tree and point count). I still need to earn kills with it - it’s not a one-shot killer, but if I max it out to 11 points, apply slag, a shock relic, and liberal points in her Little Big Trouble tree, it’s like a weak shock-based Bloodsplosion. With a ‘normal’ point/debuff distribution, it zaps neighboring enemies, and may kill a weakened one. I absolutely love it now.

On Topic - Dahl Commando and Vladof Assassin went to Sawtooth Cauldron as part of their respective UVHM resets.

This Boomstick Midget will actually die here. It was hilarious watching the PhysX goop pouring off his head and down the stairs.

I zinged a Firemelon while a Thresher was cruising nearby underground… didn’t think they could catch DoT like that. :thinking:

Only the second one I’ve ever seen!

Those nova shields the UBA Marauders sometimes carry are no joke… I’ve been caught in them before, and they wreck me. I don’t have the health regeneration of the enemies, and this Goliath will go on to cream this guy unfazed, but still.

This guy came out of that red chest on that platform. Not many things freak me out in the game anymore, but being caught on that little square with this crazed midget in my face got my heart rate up (especially carrying Dahl gear where I can’t really aim down the sights for a good burst, and there’s not a ton of room there to try to Nuke him off the side). I made a run for the ladder, and he killed me on the way up.

Another day in Sawtooth Cauldron. I don’t need to tell you that other red dot is a Goliath Blaster. :grimacing:

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #900

Not quite as bad as I expected, but I only just started TVHM so I expect that to change. I am getting more critical kills than expected, but I only put points in it because of the com boost, otherwise I would have skipped it. I toss DeathTrap at the beginning of every engagement, and he’s still getting kills so if he gets swarmed it definitely does damage, although I think it mostly just makes pretty lights. I’ve considered paring it down to 1 for the com boost and putting the points in More Pep for a little extra elemental effect chance or So5G to give DT a little more punch. I have a couple of legendary coms waiting in the 60s (leg Mechro and Anarchist, my leg Catalyst is OP2 so I’ll be on the lookout for one before then), so there will definitely be changes at that point, although they are currently undetermined.

(superzi12345) #901

Today I did this try with my Zero:

Bone, transfusion, blockade, disturbed stalker.

I managed to do my testing runs ( Friendship Gulag, Sawtooth, WEP ) without dying. So I guess grogless zero is more than just a thing or either I am better than I think with him… I specced 3 points in At one with the gun, and the pimp turned in a efficient second wind source. The pimp benefits 11/5 Rising Shot a lot, at least it appears to so with aswell 5/5 double fang. Gonna give it more testing, really enjoying atm

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #902

Quick run to go get Frank lit with Hyperion Siren.

Maybe my favorite NPC in the game :laughing:

I like this vantage point for sniping in this area. There’s cover, but not a ton, and it’s not easy to get to cover if someone throws heavy artillery at you.

Anyone else use singularity grenades to pull enemies out of hidey holes? It’s got the bonus that it stuns them momentarily for an easy headshot (that’s a Quasar firing in front of the shot).

What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?
(spectacularly mediocre) #903

Seeing as I’d never played with Pete (the raid boss version), I decided to rectify that oversight. Brought out Call Me Sal for the task, only to realize I hadn’t started the DLC at all since I last reset UVHM (not to mention I couldn’t find my Tresspasser). I couldn’t be bothered to start the DLC, so I tried to see if any of my friends were up for co-op session to no avail.

Ended up cheese-farming Hyperius for some Evolution.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #904

Bandit Slaughter Final Round with Nurse Maya, Kitty Zerker and Gun Zero.

Lots of fun. Let’s do Hyperion or Magic Slaughter next.

(Carlton Slayer) #905

Terra Man finished off Doc Mercy (and got a mission drop Rapid Infinity) and is now on the hunt for 4 Assassins…

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #906

Bandit Mechromancer went to the Dust seeking Mordecai’s treasure. Mobley dropped a corrosive Lyuda, which will funded a lot of wanton rocket launcher use. She was rockin the Contraband Skyrocket, taking out Buzzards, Technicals, people, whatever (I’ve got the throw down now!). This is one I caught mid-strafe.

Later, Torgue Commando did some stuff, and I learned a thing: If you pre-deploy a vehicle, charge up an Evil Smasher, and then get in (teleporting won’t work, as it cancels the power up), that power up is transferred to the machine gun. Higher accuracy, damage, fire rate, and projectile speed (mag size doesn’t affect this really). This thing wrecks like that. I may give him a Bee just to one-shot things with it. Seriously, I took out a UBA Pyre Thresher by face-tanking it, and I dropped it before it blew up the vehicle.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #907

Melee Zer0 is about to finish up NVHM. It’s been a fairly slow in progress. As I stated before I’m using Altairs guide and it requires some pretty specific items be farmed at specific times.

I worked my way up to Bunker. This is the first time I’ve faced him as Zer0 w/ no B0re. I thought about doing a re-spec but decided against it. I didn’t kill the Bunker itself with melee but I did use melee to clear out the majority of the loaders. It was my slowest Bunker kill ever but I got through it without too much trouble.

Sawtooth was challenging, but still easier than w/ gun zer0. Especially the Ambush Commanders. Rapier is pretty quick to kill stuff. Especially now that most of Bloodshed tree is filled out. I was able to take out a couple Buzzards with melee as well. That’s a pretty satisfying feeling.
I’ve also been using the Law quite a bit. Fortunately I was able to farm an updated one from the Sheriff in Lynchwood(also counts as a Hunt item). I’m currently using a playstyle that takes advantage of Be Like Water. My COM also boost BLW. Most the weaker enemies go down pretty easily to the Law and the bigger guys get the Rapier.

I will say that my recent 72 melee playthrough was much easier but I attribute that to having top gear, MMF, B0re etc. I am learning a great deal with this play through. Can’t say it was the best idea for completing the Hunt, but hey, we have 2 months for that. I suspect things will pick up as I near max level.

Next up: Saturn, Hero’s Pass and the Warrior…then TVHM.


finally: before killing Pete the Invincible using elevator, thought making a little bit trouble with Chain Lightning but a incited rat threw a grenade down the shaft and i died

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #909

Melee-ing level 72 Pyro pete. Axton edition.

Will share the clip soon. :grin:

(Trahurn) #910

L31f and Stabby, the Assassins, finished up Captain Scarlet’s DLC in TVHM. A slag Sandhawk, Pimpernel, and Rapier, and a shock Pimpernel. L31f is sniping and Stabby melee so it was a good haul. The Sandhawk(s) will get stored.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #911

Not interested with boring y’all with details but… simply put, Velocidad took a trip down to Thousand Cuts and tore a bloody swath through Slabs, then protected the Slab turf from annoying mortar attacks. Dinged 59 after turning in the mission.

So finally he can put that 59 Spitter he had in his backpack in his right hand with the Kitten on slag duty for Gunzerker 1. I also got a random blue Bandit SMG, and thought it would be nice to pair it with the Lady Fist on Gunzerker 2. Then I realized that it would be a bit of a pain to get bullets to land, and so opted for a Corrosive Ratatater (that was acquired I think from the Loot Train) to pair with it. Pretty impressive as it - somewhat - has punch when paired with the Lady Fist. Obviously though the lack of slag will be a problem so… yeah.