What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #912

Melee-ing L72 Pyro Pete - Axton Edition

Grog Nozzle only Maya and Krieg Bar Room Blitz Round 2 L72 with @Sun_Tsunami

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #913

Velocidad popped a Legendary Loot Midget in Thousand Cuts (decided to randomly mob there before sending him off to Opportunity to keep the story moving), got him a Sawbar.

Now I want to burn down the Preserve. XD

Also got myself a neat little Corrosive Scorpion from Dahl. If memory serves… that might be from the Once and Future Slab chests from yesterday’s session.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #914

The aforementioned Hoarder, Velocidad, has a brand spankin’ new loadout.

This: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550050051500505015515100000000000

I’ll leave Brawn duty to the Iron Zerker, so Velocidad can be a pure offensive demon. :slight_smile:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #915

nice no money shot.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #916

I have a lot of big-magazine guns in the backpack excluding the Spitter I mentioned two posts ago, which was ~40 or so - heck, my Corrosive Scorpion boasts a magazine of 61 bullets and that’s the lowest of all the guns I have. So Money Shot would be of no benefit in this application.

Also whilst testing the build in Thousand Cuts, as fun as it is to overclock the Slagga with Keep Firing… I unfortunately have to keep the Rubi with me. >_> The Kitten unfortunately does not heal as effectively unless all of my shots consistently hit.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #917

My new melee Zer0, also my character for the hunt, just finished TVHM. Couple trouble spots I had where Bunk3r and Saturn. Both time’s I ended up respec’ing into B0re to get the jobs done. Otherwise I’ve been going strictly melee using Altairs leveling guide.

I’m finding that finding shields and grenades to strip the shields to be the biggest challenge. Through my TVHM play through I used found shields and quest rewards until I was able to get the Love Thumper. This was a game changer. At the end of TVHM I got the Order as well as an updated Law from the sheriff. Having a good shield made the biggest difference. I used various sub-par grenades until I found a perfect-ish tesla in the Arid Badlands.

Sawtooth went much much better than expected. I’ve always had problems with the Ambush Commanders. With Love Thumper + Rapier they aren’t really an issue. Had I been using a different melee shield it probably would have been more difficult. That said, I’m getting much better at managing shields with smaller delay times(now that I have a decent grenade).

The TVHM pump stations probably went better than they ever have on any play through I’ve done. Hero’s Pass went well also. My biggest problem is coming out of MMF chains. I get 5-8 enemies down then screw it up(usually by not re-stripping shields as the Love Thumper spoils you) and in a Super Bad Ass Loader’s face.

In retrospect this is the least optimal way to do the Hunt(for me anyway). I spend more time searching for melee gear and not finding Hunt items. Fortunately we have 2 months to farm and besides I’m having a blast learning melee Zer0.

Now just gonna farm a couple items and head into UVHM.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #918

Round 3 and the rematch is beautiful with Grog nozzle only Maya and Krieg.

also here is deathtrap in the bar.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #919

Velocidad just hit the big 60!

And as a result, now has NKLO.

All of this as a result of doing some wetwork in the Fridge, from being frustrated (forever, it seems) with the stalkers, especially those of the Rabid ecosystem, burning Rats with the Sawbar – he told me he likes them extra crispy --, and thumping a massive Goliath in the process. I’ll tell you what-- No Kill Like Overkill, without saying too much, lives up to its name and then some. Merely having to kill any random mob with a Rocket Launcher (he got two new ones, a green Vanquisher, and Note for Self-Person’s quest item Roaster) and then going to town with literally any gun? I think I can get used to that.

The unfortunate thing is getting a Bouncing Bonny from a Loot Midget back in Thousand Cuts. Since with NKLO I’ll need a Fastball, my Bonny has to have a home. And I have no idea who would make a perfect fit with it.

Frustrating. LOL

So I think I’ll go get Velocidad a Fastball, and finally upgrade his Rubi (he still has a 42 Rubi) =|

(Relmitos) #920

Alright, got a lot done today! Finished off Tiny Tina’s DLC, that was good fun. Handsome Sorcerer wasn’t too bad, until I made it to the Demonic Sorcerer. Then it got hard, because dragons are meaty, and he takes advantage of the fact that the arena is at the top of a tower by having attacks that push you around.

Overall, save the skeleton mages, I really enjoyed it. Thought it was pretty funny how Brick and Mordecai started off all “Why are we bothering?” to getting really into it towards the end. It didn’t occur to me right when I picked up the quest Critical Fail what was going to happen, but when I got to the gun and Tina said “Roll to pick up the gun!” it hit me and I knew we were in trouble. My poor broken fingers. I place it on par with Torque’s, so I think my DLC list is Torque’s = Tina’s > Scarlett’s > Hammerlock’s.

After I finished off Tina’s, I did T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest. Knowing that the Headhunter series of DLC weren’t full campaigns like the others I’ve done so far, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into, and in fact my cousin told me not to bother with the Headhunter series DLCs because they were so short. I ignored him and got all of them, of course, but I went in cautiously optimistic. Despite it’s size, I had a lot of fun doing it. Like, way more then I should’ve, I think, heh. That and the music to it is really good and fitting for the setting. It took me hours to complete the whole map, despite it being so little.

At some point I noticed a pumpkin with red eyes instead of green, thinking that probably meant it was explosive, I should probably test it and shoot it just to see if I need to make sure to stand far away from those during combat. That led me to the whole side quest chain that ended in spawning Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper. I found five of the six pumpkins without a problem, two of the three tvs I stumbled across and the third I did find after some searching, the Pumpkin Kingpin died just via doing the questline thats there, and I noticed the cauldron that you deposit the items in and did it anyways. The only thing I couldn’t find on my own was one of the six pumpkins. I totally almost spawned Clark entirely without knowing I was spawning him, just searching for loot and trying to enter the cathedral thing.

Made a little more progress on the quest I Like My Enemies Rare, only need 1 more Tailless Scaylion, 2 more Pink Boroks, and 2 more Two-Legged Drifters.

Running out of things I haven’t done yet! All that’s really left is the other four Headhunter DLCs, Digistruct Peak, the climb to OP8, raid bosses, all the circle of slaughter arenas, the other five vault hunters, and the neverending grind for better guns. That’s still a large amount of stuff to do, that being said. I can’t do Sir Hammerlock vs the Son of Crawmerax though. Not yet, anyways. While I do have it and technically can go do it, killing Crawmerax is one of the scant few things I haven’t done in BL1 yet. I want to kill Crawmerax before his son. I know there’s that one spot where you can bug him out, but I was hoping to get a more legit kill then that.

Today’s loot of note were a Legendary Roboteer, Legendary Pointman(That one came from a Skeleton tubby in Tina’s, I didn’t even realize those could spawn as tubby, but they do!), another Bee(level 70 though, eh, not super useful), and Clark dropped the Pyrophobia like he’s supposed to. All in all a good day.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #921

Oh right, I forgot to mention… something called an Auspicious Raider Class Mod dropped in Velocidad’s lap.

Level 58
Assault Rifle Accuracy: +44%
Shield Capacity: -9586
+6 Money Shot
+5 Locked and Loaded


(Guajiro Pandoreño) #922

Jakobs Assassin did the final round of the Pete’s Bar Brawl and Fink’s Slaughterhouse. He was rockin +11 points in Unf0rseen, and a Twister. On my way out of the brawl, I got the highest Critical Ascensi0n stack ever for me (outside of pre-stacking with the target dummy or something like that): 19!

I headshot a few enemies in melee range… got goop all over me.

In Fink’s Slaughter, I had enemies come at me with a Bekah, corrosive Slow Hand, Florentine, two Choppers, a Boom Puppy, Octo, and a Flakker. Died once getting cocky, but did see a classic midget fight.


With a Fabled Tortoise it sure is.
Even without. I used a Raider for a good 30 levels before I bothered getting a Monk.

(Compulsive Reloader) #924

Was farming the slot machines in Sanctuary for eridium for a relatively new character, hit 3 vault symbols and was rewarded with a lvl 21 Volcano. Not a gun I particularly favor, but will fire it off a few times in celebration.

(chris) #925

Finally finished off WEP with no backpack Zero. He is beginning to not be fun at all. They other dumb thing I am doing with this one is a total hybrid build, which is not helping me at all. I am thinking I need to respec him in a “normal” build to finish off TVHM and maybe think about retiring the idea of no backpack runs.

I did make it to thousand cuts, so I am getting ready to start that one.

(johannes) #926

Got my Jakobs Maya to lvl 61.
I Read-Only-Farmed Doctors Orders for a Jacobs Allegiance Relic, but RNG is still mesing with me (haven’t seen one this whole playthrough. Today, i got 14 Allegiance Relics, but not a single Jacobs one)
then started to farm tubbies in Creature Slaughter Round 1, wich gives you an supprising amount of xp, also got 4 Tubbies within ~12 runs, i definitely recommend this farm (tried it out for the first time)
I got a legendary Cat, Ranger, WTF and a skin. (the only drop i am looking for is the Bekah).
Also found a nice purple Blurred Trickster, which i am going to transfer to another Maya i have.
I also thought about what to do as a next playthrough. I found that doing playthroughs is more exiting than switching between various endgame-characters.
Also, the Maya+Allegiance run was awesome so i decided to do another one as soon as i am finished with my Jakobs (won’t do peak, just OP0 and geting a Bekah, Twister…)
I am currently thinking about either:

  • Vladof (Sham, Topnea, Trickster COM, Transformer + Rocketeer (my fav build ever), Moxxi ARs, Lyuda etc)

  • Bandit (Banshee COM, 11/5 in Backdraft + Love Thumper, 11/5 in Fleet+ Love Thumper, Sledges Shotgun (and various unique shotguns), Slagga…)

Any recommendations would be appreciated. Also if I should do one of the manufacturers on a different character, i would like to know.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #927

Been busy the last 2 days farming for a level 50 practicable shock slowhand, still nothing i must have 30+ slowhand with different element but still no x3 shock slowhand.

once i got it next is transformer and a good level 50 scorched banshee com.

Wanted to try backdraft maya with those.

In other news, Brantron join Sun and I and here is Maya, Zero and Krieg Grog and Melee? only in the Pete’s Bar L72.


Also consider a Punchee : that’s what I use with my melee Maya. The recharge on the Punchee is extremely good which, combined with Inertia and Ward, allows for optimal Backdraft abuse.

Throw on the LT when you want to focus on Fleet instead.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #929


After all but burning Opportunity to the ground, Velocidad dings 62!

Now it’s time to hunt some Tubbies. Legendary Hoarder is the goal, but I’ll accept the Legendary Gunzerker (the ultimate Jack of all Trades Class Mod).

Also just turned in The Man Who Would Be Jack, to ding 62 to start with. Also I’m thinking I want to base Velocidad around Assault Rifles and Fastballs. First Boll has to drop a Fastball, and he’s being stingy with that. I hate stingy mobs.

Well there’s one. Corrosive.

Need either Explosive or Incendiary now.

(johannes) #930

I never saw anyone using Inertia with a meele build, makes sense if you think about it though.
I saw in another post you made, that you were using a purple Banshee COM. Why is that? Immolate doesn’t really help you, does it?
Also, i thought about using a low level COM, because they substract from your health. While this seems to be a good idea with a LT, would you recommend getting a higher level one for the shield bonusses (? english is weird lmao)
Also, could you link me a clip of someone using this kind of Build with Maya? I couldn find anything besides Love Thumper Builds, and a video with a Hide (i think from bew_), but that was always depleted thanks to corrosive DOTs.
Using Inertia and Ward seems like an promising approach to me, i will defenitly try that out.

(johannes) #931

in Sanctuary there are 2 Quests you can farm for a green AR. (the poetry one from Scooter and another one from Claptrap) I found a Bandit Shock Rocketeer (lvl 52 with a lvl 17 Transformer) and it worked REALLY well, would be even more powerful with a Vladof one. Farming for a slowhand isn’t worth it (in my experience), but maybe you know something that i don’t :slight_smile: