What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #932

I think it’s more that few people if anyone does melee without a roid shield, and shield-enhancing skills make this a little worse. Only one of my Mechromancers gets to use roid shields, and her shield skills pretty much mean Deathtrap gets more use out of them than she does. :laughing:

(johannes) #933

Yes, normally shield enhancing skills are unwanted on meele characters/builds. But on Maya, tripping your Roid shield creates a Nova from the Skill Backdraft. So the idea is to re-strip your shield after every kill to get the max damage. I even saw someone use Bloodsoaked shields in a meele build, wich is a questionable decision, but a valid playstyle.
Additionally you are very vulnerable without any shield (wich was apparently the reason for this Gaige to spec into BSS).

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #934

Gaige, as my only character who gets to use Bandit gear, is the only person who gets to use roid shields, and she does rock Blood Soaked Shields (and Unstoppable Force). Deathtrap gets way more use out of them than I do (and might be better at it than I am with Gaige anyway :laughing:).

With Maya, if you’re using Inertia, you will basically never have roid damage up. To this end, I use tiny Tediore shields, specifically with the smallest recharge delay I can find. Specifically:

  • Equip Life Tap, Blight Phoenix, and Backdraft. Get a kill to activate the first two.
  • Let an enemy punch you. It should break the shield and eat into your health. Backdraft with Life Tap will refill it faster than you can see (I only noticed I was being healthgated by going frame-by-frame in recorded video).
  • The tiny shield should recharge before the next hit, so Backdraft is recharged, and you’re ready for another hit. Inertia is nice here because it won’t overcome a full shield-depleting hit, but if you pick up DoT, it will fight that.
  • Blight Phoenix will always be in range of melee enemies, and will feed Life Tap on the side.

This is me doing this with some Bullymongs. If I wasn’t playing allegiance (and wasn’t married to this particular build), I’d probably pack a Moxxi weapon and be built slightly differently, but it is still super fun. The second hit below connects a hair before the shield is recharged (so no Backdraft), but Blight Phoenix brings me back up before the next hit (where Backdraft is back on deck) for the kill.

(johannes) #935

Thats impressive!
I think i will wait and see if Jefe can link me some footage of his Meele build including inertia, because in my head it still sounds great. But it will be kind of difficult, (especially in allegiance runs) because you can’t get roid damage while kill skills are active. That also makes Life Tap worthless (with Meele).
I will try a few things, but chances are pretty good that it won’t work that well.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #936

Captain Blade’s Manly Man shield, while not roid damage, does buff melee damage (and works with shield-regeneration skills). It doesn’t hit very hard though. I used the UCP to give it a little oomph. The risk is less than a roid shield (extra DoT damage but with an otherwise live shield vs. being totally naked with a roid shield for that damage bonus), so I have it hit maybe as hard as a crappy Bandit malay shield.

Sometimes I let Zer0 use it, and it is refreshing to tank through MMF chains (instead of nursing off a Moxxi weapon and hoping nobody hits you while you’re vulnerable). In practice, Axton mains this shield, and melee Axton (who is a Torgue allegiance doing this with a bladed Creamer :laughing:) is something I only do on occasion.

edit - Dahl Commando rolled Hayter’s Folly and picked up the Message in a Bottle mission. It took a while to figure out a good strategy with this character for Crystalisks, but the Lascaux does the trick (his only non-elemental weapon, and the spread works for their big shiny legs). Also, I take cover by putting an overhang between us where I can:

Landing a full burst from a Dahl assault rifle in a crit spot while both you and the target are moving is incredibly satisfying.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #937

I am just min maxing. I have an idea for an arena run uaing backdraft maya.

Oh and here is boss @Jefe smashing heads with maya

If you are into raiding with melee maya i can help a bit. I killed pete, hype, gee and vorac, yea voracidous with melee maya with some ck and recompense on the side.

If you have time here is the vora kill with melee maya

And @Adabiviak, i love your random videos. :+1:

(johannes) #938

Hmmm. Your Vora kill looks really cool, insane that (even at OP0) it takes so long to get his health down
Melee seems pretty weak, given that that 1 mag of your sandhawk (without slag) took as much health from vora as a hole minute of punching him.
I never fought Voracidous solo, but congratz on that melee kill, must’ve been not easy.

As for @Jefe’s clip: He wasn’t using Ward nor Inertia, wich he said would synergize well with Backdraft & the fast recharge on the Pun-Chee. I spent the last hour on Maya with a Pun-Chee and have a hard time believing that, so i would love seing someone who knows what he is doing

If that is the max you can get out of Meele Maya on OP0, i am a bit disappointed. Even the bew_'s weaponless run here seemed more impressive:


That clip was my very first test run of the build. I have since changed the build but haven’t recorded anything. I was kinda hoping no one would post it :smile:

No, Maya’s ability to put out melee damage isn’t extremely impressive.

As far a Immolate : I took it because the first COM I found was purple and Immolate is a skill I rarely spec. The build was also designed to use skills that I never use (like Backdraft and Recompense) and NOT use certain other skills : namely Cloud Kill and Reaper. The lack of Reaper is going to be one of the reasons her damage is on the low side.

Regarding the Banshee, I prefer the lower level one but it doesn’t make a massive difference.

Edit : @7711 - I just remembered I didn’t take Ward. Only Inertia. Obviously you only want shield regen on a kill skill.

(johannes) #940

that makes it a lot easier, since a have trouble finding something to break my shield - thank you.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #941

Velocidad got another Fastball last night, this one a Shock. Eh, I’m fine with that one.

Decided to do a bit of Tinder Snowflake farming (yielded nothing but got an on-level Absorb Shield - not exactly efficient though with a 32% chance of absorbtion vs. the 24% of the new one. I don’t mess around with capacity re: leveling, if something drops that’s on-level, I’m using it), dropped a few Golden Keys and wound up getting a BADASS PURPLE VLADOF INCENDIARY SPINIGUN. Resolute prefix, don’t remember the specific parting aside from the accessory. As Vladofs go, I like anything that keeps recoil to a minimum. :slight_smile:

Took that new setup to the Dust for Tubby farming to find out that it’s pretty damn effective.

  1. Slag the first target with the Kitten, swap to Spinigun
  3. Double Fastball the slagged target
  4. Target Destroyed
  5. ???
  6. Profit. Because with NKLO, 5 Shots or 6, Lay Waste, and (at times) Locked and Loaded at the ready, with Get Some and Keep it Piping Hot working in harmony… COME SAY ASSAULT RIFLES SUCK TO MY FACE!

I’m not kidding, the critical hit reduction is irrelevant with NKLO.

Almost forgot to mention the one downer to this session… no Big-Booties. Lame.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #942

First time on Pandora in 6 days or so (Been vacationing in Rapture and chilling with Ratchet and Clank in the Polaris system). Took SaVladof Bandi to Opportunity for Lilith, Moxxi, and a voice changer. 2 FFYL, 1 respawn, all due to operator error because I forgot how to Sal. No big, next time I pick him up we’ll be on our way to the BNK3R and getting Sal’s melodious voice back.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #943

of course it is awesome. its @bew_

my bad but hey, i wouldn’t share anything that i think isn’t cool. :smile::hugs:

(Laugh hard. Read fast. Be kind) #944

I went on a farming trip with Evangeline, my mechromancer.

First stop: treant runs in the Forest, looking for an on-level Bee. After three runs without any luck she visited Hunter Hellquist in the Arid Nexus and got an Inflammable Bee for her troubles.

Next stop: Savage Lee, Boll and Doc Mercy after a short drive. Only the good Doctor was generous and left an non-elemental Infinity (OP2).

Next station: The Highlands to finally avenge Sir Hammerlock by killing that unfriendly Thresher. On the way a tubby stalker left her a Legendary Catalyst Mod that upgrades the old one. After Old Slappy was down it was back to Sanctuary aaaand back to the Highlands to retrieve Hammerlock’s forgotten Arm :roll_eyes:
From Sanctuary her way led her to Wurmwater to get a Pimpernel.

With a new Bee, a corrosive Pimpernel and over 200 anarchy stacks it was time to visit Tannis’ Playground aka Digistruct Peak to unlock OP3. Most of the Run went well and without taking a knee up to the assassins. The fight against those was a close call with several FFYLs but it worked out. Evangeline got 2 Emperors (one slag, one non-elemental) from the assassins and got to the next OP level.
And since I was lucky enough for one day, time to stop…

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #945

Maliwan Mechromancer rolled Hallowed Hollow and got some brain candy for T.K. Baha. She’s running out of side missions, and may do a UVHM reset in a bit.

Anyway, pretty basic run… killed skeletons, a Tubby Spiderant dropped some orange, didn’t see one of those rabid skeleton mages, but I did see something fly in front of the moon that wasn’t a witch (maybe a vampire?) This was my best shot… looks like a bat wing with a pair of legs behind, but now I’ll be watching the moon constantly.

(Is this thing on?) #946

Looks like a giant moth, at least in silhouette.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #947

Couldn’t leave SaVladof speaking in Jack’s voice too long, so I took him out to climb Bunker Hill. That was awful sloggy. Many FFYL moments, but a decent FFYL:Second Wind ratio so I’m ok with it. A new corrosive Pooshka in Marcus’s store room but nothing more exciting. Did BFFs and Bearer of Bad News before setting off for Eridium Blight. Took a swing at Mobley and Gettle on the way. They’re still level 38, but I got a slight upgrade to my NE Lyuda (37>36). Got to Sawtooth Cauldron at level 46, remembered the level spike on that map and then bounced to grind a couple of levels before taking that trip.

(chris) #948

So, I finally wised up with No Backpack Zero. I got away from my insanely stupid way of doing a hybrid build and went towards a pistol build. I finished meeting the Slab King, and got back to Sanctuary and decided to got get a Sheriffs badge. It only took me a couple tries, so I was a happy camper.

I had picked up a Stalker mod earlier, so that paired w/the Sheriffs badge makes a nice combo. I am on my way to Opportunity to have fun there. I would like to find a corrosive pistol along the way before I head up to see Bunker.

(superzi12345) #949

Did two runs at the peak lately with my Gaige, dediced to not prestack at all to make the challenge more spicy. Completed the run both times and actually enjoyed the process of stacking all over the way. Dukino’s Mom and Black Queens demonstrates to be the worst thing if you don’t prestack; For DMom, I go sheriff badge, harold and chaotic neutral necro and bee, with about 140~ stacks it works decently. Queens got Twister and that helped for more stacking. The Binary boss had me.as soon as he died with deflection once, so I wanted revenge and did another run.

Resetted my zero.playthrough to.practice melee and so far he is going for meeting Brick. Did the bandit slaughter whole rounds without dying, felt satisfaction. I have some problems with buzzards but nothing too bad. Practicing on that in Tundra Express Buzzard’s Accademy + Renforcememts from.the challenge switch :slight_smile:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #950

Whoa nelly.

Seven trips to the Fridge in, Velocidad got himself a shiny new Gub, prefix don’t matter, parts don’t matter. He then took his Gunzerking / Hoarding talents to Thousand Cuts and the Bunker – and he learned a new pitch, from Zapper Fastball to Caustic Slider. The Gub was pretty potent already, all things considered. Once NKLO kicks in, literally nothing that wears armor stands a chance against it. Even Constructors who have been the bane for Velocidad (not just in UVHM, but especially UVHM)? No chance.

Speaking of the Bunker though, I couldn’t keep NKLO going in taking down turrets, so I had to throw more Caustic Sinker pitches than I’d like, and by the time the BNK3R fight came about, I needed new grenade ammo. LAWL. But then finally getting just one grenade, and breaking one of the Auto-Turrets, allows NKLO to just laugh in the face of BNK3R and his so-called health bar. It’s no B0respam but honestly it isn’t significantly less potent. XD Unfortunately there was no Sham to be found.

Also with the Gub Rubi combo, it was so refreshing to have never taken a knee let alone die for once.

A little blooper though, I forgot to don my brand spankin’ new Legendary Gunzerker for the BNK3R fight, and wound up using it for rescuing (killing) Angel.

Speaking of, new purple Lucky Hoarder Class Mod. It’ll have to do until I actually get that golden Legendary Hoarder.
Team Bullet Regeneration: +3.1
+5 5 Shots or 6
+4 Lay Waste
+3 Filled to the Brim

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #951

One other thing, all the fighting for the Gub and through the Rat Maze allowed Velocidad to ding 64, and get 4/5 in Incite. Not that far off from dinging 65 to complete that skill, and then All in the Reflexes will be next. The last 2 points may as well go to Inconceivable since why not.