What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #952

Just showing some love for gee the past few days. I got some good maya, krieg and axton runs.

Also i got a good sub 8 gee run. Dt is useless in gee fight they say. He might be the reason i got a good time actually.

Zero and sal is my next target for gee then off to craw next.

Edit: spy zero did it again with the help of thw firehawk

And gee give this for all my troubles

Don’t worry sal next and i am done with you.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #953

You really gotta love builds that can synergize with Class Mods you have but one that don’t necessarily fit your intended goal.

Because, yeah… the Legendary Gunzerker is 2 legit 2 quit.

With regards to Velocidad being fully specced in Rampage (and Gun Lust, but that’s not where the Legendary Zerker is focused on), and specifically in every single skill that extends Gunzerking, plus 5 Shots or 6 AND Filled to the Brim AND Get Some, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun. This is a boon to have in any major boss fight as it’s more important to keep Zerking there than in most run of the mill mobbing situations. I even find myself using the Legendary Zerker even while I’m mobbing until I start running out of Assault Rifle Ammo. LAWL.

Suppose I’ll do a few Loot Train farms until I can get some on-level gear (got a 65 - dinged 65 last night - Absorb Shield, but now need some on-level weapons, when I dinged 65 I got a 64 purple Spitter).

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #954

Talk about Tediore chucks gave me the itch to go chuck some stuff into oblivion. So I started Scarlett with AxTNT (Tediore and Torgue). I’d like a slag Pimp for him, so it seemed like a good place to go. Cleared out Oasis, NoBeard attacked me with a Stinkpot that must have self destructed when he flatlined, and off to meet Ms Pirate’s Booty. Down to Hayter’s Folly for a compass piece, got a 12 Pounder (squee!!! I like it. :grin:), and then hit the Hyperion caravan for a second piece. Off to meet Herbert on the next visit.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #955

Actually instead of camping out at Gingerton all day, I decided to bring out the Iron Zerker, who had been waiting to start TVHM for a while now. Before sending him off, I re-specced him with this layout.

The funny thing about this build… IZ got through the first four missions of TVHM relatively routinely - especially when the Roger - Lady Fist combo just hilariously oneshots anything unfortunate to get within shooting distance, but the thing is that going full-Brawn now leaves a lot of offensive ability to be desired, made worse by the fact that Gunzerks are short and have long cooldown. So after getting to Sanctuary, I made one more respec job, a modified version of DeputyChuck’s L31 Rampage build. Full Incite for L36.

Does feel a lot better to Gunzerk for longer. I will need to respec again at L47, since I’ll need both Money Shot and Down Not Out before the fight with Saturn and the Warrior. =|

By the way, I found a blue-rarity Hulk and paired it with a Slag Aegis… for whatever reason I keep having to reload manually. Anyone know how I can fix that?

(Is this thing on?) #956

Sounds good. I also got a bit of a BL2 itch, so I loaded up my (barely) level 66 Psycho Naut and plunged into the Lair of Infinite Respawns. Got through kinda ok - a few respawns that were awkward because it’s a loooooooong way from the initial spawn to the next New-U (too long for the main story mission since you cut short-cut the route.) I deked around the dice chest that gets a massive shield on it, and also managed to get past the mages on the stairs before the caught on. That way, they had to come to me - much better. Got one (1) Fireball and nothing else, which was a bit disappointing (no slag grenade right now.)

I also found a new tactic for Skeletal Mages - go into FFYL then, when the reappear hose them down with an Ogre. (I guess any Torgue spitter or a KerBlaster would do as well). I noticed that they mostly didn’t disappear on me when in FFYL as long as I was dealing explosive.

Anyway, emerged at Dragon Keep at level 66.5 and taking a break - too much visual FX pollution with Krieg especially. Time for something a bit more sedate.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #957

Is that the nefarious and insidious Inconceivable reload stall? Where when you get a chain on the last round and stop firing before the reload animation and then have to reload manually? If it is there are only two things to do. 1) spec out of Inconceivable, which is of course inconceivable; or 2) never stop firing. I suppose there is a third acceptable option, 3) only stop firing after a reload, but that seems too reasonable to me.

If it isn’t the aforementioned Inconceivable reload stall then I don’t know. :man_shrugging: :wink:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #958

It is. lol

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #959

Wait what?

I sent Fuerza (formerly Iron Zerker, Spanish for “Strength”) to Frostburn Canyon… when he actually got to fighting off Blooshots with Lilith, he not only dinged 36 in the fight, but popping an Armored Psycho got him… a Badaboom of all things.

Well, thanks so much for that.

(Lypreila) #960

Lol good, at least you got something good from the 2nd-3rd most annoying mob enemy in the game.

(Rumplebunny) #961

Oh yeah that’s right, I started a new Zer0 the other day. I felt like doing a fresh-play sniper style since I just got through doing a sniper-style fresh play Mordy in BL1. Thinking of doing a fresh Aurelia after this. :slight_smile:

But the sniper thing here lasted until I got a blue Lethal Ninja COM from that white chest right before Wilhelm, so I switched and respecced into a melee build, heh. :smiley: I was missing having Execute on hand anyway. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m in the middle of doing the Clan War missions to level up a bit (and hopefully a Maggie at the end!) before going off to the WEP in the story missions.

So far in this playthough I have not found one single legendary. But I did finally nab another one of the ever-elusive assassin skins when I did the assassin side mission, yay. I think I’m only missing the one for Maya now.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #962

I see now why people rely on the Unkempt Harold / Slag Pistol combo. That bloody pair is insufferably overpowered, as Wilhelm, and even countless Rabid Stalkers witnessed firsthand. Even worse when Fuerza received Velocidad’s former 42 Rubi and paired it with the Harold. Literal invincible hacks.

Actually I took a twist with him this time around before turning in Bright Lights, Flying City, and talked to Scooter about stalkers pooing on his Catch-A-Rides and girly magazines and something called a Laney White. Cleaned out every single one of the areas for the missions, dinging 41 there. Then went onto the Highlands missions (taking on two Badass Pyre Threshers in the process AND three consecutive Rabid Stalkers, ugh), cleaned up there, dinged 42 in the process there.

Need a decent Deadly Bloom variant, and then its onto the Preserve.

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #963

So using a new melee Zer0 build for the hunt was probably not the best idea I’m finding out. I’ve spent far more time farming ninja gear than actual hunt items. Grenades to strip shields seem to be the most difficult to keep on level. I’ve resorted to taking dmg from enemies then using grenades to strip the rest of the way. I was able to get to 72. It’s been slow as I’ve been using Altairs guide and pretty much following it very closely. It has been hugely beneficial in learning the playstyle starting from level one and building up as opposed to re-spec’ing a high level character. I’ve been able to employ new skills as they are being added as opposed to trying to learn everything at once. It has improved my melee skills twofold if not more. Levels 50 -57 where especially rough, but once
Zer0 kunai things started falling into place.

I’ve been playing my existing 72 melee Zer0. He’s already pretty well geared up and I’m really enjoying the melee play style. Spending a lot of time at Petes Bar. I finally am starting to feel the rhythm needed to attain MMF chains. The timing in slagging, deception, stripping shields, swapping to rapier, swapping back to grog and throwing some kunai etc. It’s alot to do in six seconds, then repeat the process to keep it going. There are still many times I end up in some goliaths face when I didn’t quite get the last kill. Or I run head first into the kunai I just threw. But for the most part it’s starting to actually work.

I also spent a fair amount of time killing Saturn, Dukino’s Mom and Wilhelm with melee. For the first two I usually gun them down to killing blow range then take them out. Wilhelm I’ve actually been able to take down all melee (other than slagging him). I was also able to get to OP1 with ease. I haven’t tried yet, but I suspect OP2 won’t be that difficult either.

Once you get the basics down , it makes Zer0 so OP. Yet at any moment you can be extremely vulnerable. It demands that you be constantly aware and moving. But those times that I “get it right” are the most rewarding I’ve had in the game so far.

(Compulsive Reloader) #964

Oh, did the typical thing today.
Went to Opportunity, cleared the first area and said to myself “Dang it, forgot to pick up Home Movies and Hell hath no Fury, quick U-turn back to Sanctuary to grab 'em. Every…Single…Time.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #965

Took AxTNT further along in his quest for treasure with a side of backstabbery. Met Herbert, found his creepy echo journals, broke the compass piece, went to get the polykryten to fix it, and then called it a day. Think I’ll do the Pimp chain before I go start dashboarding for a Sandhawk. Notable moments today included putting on a Bee and letting Avenger reloads lead the way getting the Otto’s Idol and the echoes, and Hurlee (?) not even getting a shot off because Babymaker reloads are a helluva drug.

Aside: I want to try a slag Avenger for painting the field. Has anyone tried it? If so how effective was it?

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #966

I’m not the person to ask, I’m not a Tediore fan by any means. =|

Anyways, I’ve come to report… I’m stumped with how to proceed with Fuerza, my Brawnzerker. For the last few sessions I’ve been switching between a full Rampage and full Brawn builds, and I still don’t think I know for certain what to do with him. My initial idea was to use a Brawn build with primarily powerful, multiple-ammo shotguns (and if possible use Moxxi only if absolutely necessary), but… I’m slowly starting to find out I may just wind up going with the same build as Velocidad… a Gunlust/Rampage variety Zerker. =|

But Fuerza did run Thousand Cuts, took a break to pick the Zaford side in the clan war (so there’s Slagga farming in place once TVHM is complete), and mopped up Slabs for initation. Now just sitting in Sanctuary to find a way to speak in Jack’s voice.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #967

It’s probably just me, but I prefer my duplicates to be built differently. There are some pretty Brawn heavy Deputy builds around these parts. I think the Deputy is the best build for Brawn Enthusiasts. Nothing like the double bird to get mobs to stand in front of your shotgun. And the dickpunch. So graceful and elegant in its simplicity.

Dickpunch: an Ode to Fist Full of Hurt.

Psychos, nomads, and rabids
Stand not too close
I need room to aim
Do not underestimate the diminutive
We punch up.

I don’t know. Those white Tediore pistols you get at the beginning are the best FFYL tool until you get launchers, and if you can get around the ammo consumption reloads provide a pretty impressive damage spike. All I’m saying is Tediore deserves a second chance the same way we all do.

First try at UVHM
(chris) #968

Back with no backpack Zero. I finally finished off bunker, and had less problems with him that I thought I would. I actually died more times trying to take out the cannons than I did trying to drop him. I did go up on the stairs and went to town with him with a corrosive pistol and got a couple bore shots out of it. He didn’t drop anything great, but he did give me a fire Anarchist which has been awesome except for flying through the ammo.

I always have issues going from Eridium Blight to Sawtooth Cauldron by vehicle, and last night was no exception. I somehow got my car stuck in one of the pipes (don’t ask), and had to hike back to the catch-a-ride. In that process, I stumbled upon the electric fence for the first time. I never knew it was there. The chest did drop me a legendary class mod for Zero. Since, I am running a no back pack, and I had to head all the way back to Sanctuary to drop it off in the bank before I could precede.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #969

I was thinking of a Torgue-based (not necessarily Allegiance) take on the Deputy… like instead of a Coach Gun he has a Hulk/Ravager to smash anything up close, and the Harold to handle the rest.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #970

I don’t think I’ve seen a Torgue shotty with the ideal mag size, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I’m also so used to Jakobs shotguns in my Deputy’s hands that I’m not sure that I’d be able to take advantage of the $Shots as well. I’d like to hear how that works out though. I love me some Torgue armaments. Maybe dip over to the Gunzerking Management class and ask the master himself. He would know better than me, that’s for sure.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #971

That’s still better than me, which is virtually knowing nothing.
It’s funny though since I seem to be rather well-versed in Hoarderology. XD