What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #972

The wiki says you can get a ravager with a mag of 6, which works for the deputy setup. The idea is to reload every other shot off hand and have the main hand with a mag of 12 for the full $shot bonus (because the bonus is calculated with the main hand magazine), so as long as you don’t have bonuses that pump it over 8 it would work. So the ideal number for a Hulk would be be 4 to 6, 3 to 4 for a pounder, and 2 for either single barrel variant. I would avoid anything with wacky delivery like a Flakker or SWORDSPLOSION!!! for ease of use. A Harold would have a mag of 12 or better normally, so no worries there. The only thing you’d need at that point would be a source of slag. And take every possible reload speed buff. It’s probably doable, efficiency is up to you to test. :smile:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #973

Speaking of Hoarderology though, Velocidad took a spin out in Gingerton, and in his run he found a neat little Flying Beetle from Dahl. Green rarity but all things considered, not bad.

Don’t like the fact that both grip and stock are of Bandit manufacture though. Yuck.

Also found a Bushwhack and a Coach Gun, both blue, both Jakobs gripped, Bushwhack has no accessory, Coach has a Sidewinder (shotgun clip) prefix.

66 Explosive Fastball, finally. After like 10-15 tries of hurling Fastball. Funny how Velocidad finally got one after dinging 66 which is lawl.

LEGENDARY TITAN CLASS MOD. From a Big-Booty Spiderant. WHOO.
Health Regen/sec.: 1672.4
Gun Damage: +24%
Shield Cap: -36226

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #974

Maya have no skills in raiding - L72 Hyperius edition

Also, I toyed with Hyperius using Zero (inspired by hellboys run of bew and dust).

and he drop this on the first try

To end the day, I do melee maya on the peak at level 72

(It's an OP8 Poncho of the Ancients) #975

More melee Zer0 fun.

Unlocked OP2 with very little trouble. Using an inflammable roid sheilds make Scorch far less dangerous and also Reeth isn’t so scary. I found switching to the Love Thumper for the assassin fight to be very effective so long as I go in fully stocked in Chain Lightnings.

The OP2 to OP3 run has actually given me a bit of trouble. Most of the enemies I can take out relatively easily. Rabids even haven’t been a huge problem(I’m still very wary of them). Its the UBA Surveyors that are taking my lunch money now. I can execute them sometimes, but I often get overzealous and kill all the ground enemies that they assist. Because of this they have no reason to sit still and they fly over and shock bomb me. In the past I’ve used a transformer and they were more or less a mere nuisance. Now they are killing me. Unfortunately even the grounded roid sheilds I’ve tried aren’t keeping me protected against them. Took me out on my last two attempts so I’m going to have to devise a strategy for them.

I’ve been watching Strikers MMF vid(on repeat) and I’ve picked up a number of things I need to work on in order to improve. He makes it look so easy

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #976

And now, another scribe from the Book of Hoarderology.

Even with the Fastball as an engine to supercharge the power of assault rifles and SMGs, Sawtooth Cauldron, it has been discovered, is still a difficult map to manage. It is realized that even while Gunzerking and NKLO at the ready, Scavengers are, to quote the author of this post, a ‘pure nuisance’. Goliath Blasters and Heavy Nomads were no better of an experience. Amazingly, Hoarderology has dictated the rest of the venture into Sawtooth rather satisfying and relatively easy, popping the heads of the steely-eyed bandits, skewering Threshers with Dahl SMG fire, and shooting down Buzzards without being a Launcher. XD

(Halfway into the charge up Sawtooth, Velocidad dinged 68, that’s another point in All in the Reflexes (3/5). )

The 36-year-young Hoarder Salvador made a distinct U-turn to the Fridge in preparation for Data Mining and its plurality of heavily-armored enemies. Five slaying of laying out Laney White yielded a Level 67 murdurer’s Gub, with a matching grip to boot, along with a Dahl Corrosive Minigun. With about ~100000 damage per bullet, it proves to be a powerful weapon against the Loaders and armored Hyperion soldiers. This damage output is exponentially increased with NKLO active and at the ready to beat down Handsome Jack’s computer-controlled barbarians. Saturn however proved to be a very, uh, tedious foe, with no real opportunity to kickstart damage with NKLO, it turned into a constant cat and mouse game of waiting for the Gub/Slagga (he went through the Clan War questline to farm one) combo to finally bring it down. While nothing of importance to the build was scavenged from the corpse of the titanic monstrosity, upon its scrap rested a more up to date Lucky Hoarder Class Mod (+5 5 Shots or 6, +4 Lay Waste AND +4 Filled to the Brim). The rest of the mission went without incident as the Hoarder Salvador now faces one final challenge: defeating Handsome Jack.

Thus concludes another scribe from the book of Hoarderology. Amen.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #977

They are the worst.

In the meantime, here is Maya who have no skills in raiding taking on Level 72 Terramorphous.

This reminds me that I hate those Beam Tentacles and I am bad at Lady swapping. lol

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #978

AxTNT got himself a slag Pimp after 6 or so dashboards, and followed that up with 8 dashboards for a fire Sandhawk. Took those bad boys to Gingerton to see what melts Tinder faster, Beehawking or Bee amped Avenger reloads. It’s kind of a draw. Beehawking is a little slower but more ammo efficient and the reloads are a tad quicker but use more ammo. Oh well. Off to Magnys Lighthouse to grab the ultimate troll Nade and locate the Leviathan before getting backstabbed by the good Capt Scarlett. Will take a shot at the Leviathan hoping for a decent return from the treasure room next time.

Almost forgot. Best moment of the session was when I ran out of Fastballs and put on my Magic Missile for a little regen. Equipped the Morning Star by accident and put myself in FFYL trying to get a little slag on the field. Times like that I really wish recording on my PS3 was easier to accomplish because I bet y’all would have enjoyed my pain. I certainly had a good laugh.


Hey, Thought I should stop by add my recent plays. I’ve been doing other things in the game since I gave up on trying to kill Jackenstein with Maya. No matter what I tried or how long I stayed alive out there with him, I could not get the last 15-20% health off of him.

So I started bringing up an assassin that’s now in TVHM. Then someone (the lady of the house) suggested I see how far I can get with a new character only using White gear. Sounded challenging so that’s what I’m doing. Started a new Sal and got him into Bloodshots Stronghold last night at level 10. Considering how much effort it took to kill Bad Maw and seeing all the Lvl 13 bandits with skulls on their bars made me decide to go wrap up the remaining side missions and come back when he’s at least 12.

Rolled 12 tonight after doing In Memoriam and Assassinate the Assassins. Got a decent Emperor from Wot. Too bad it’s not white. :joy: Strange to find myself wishing for a better White Jacobs pistol or sniper every time I open a gun chest, and being disappointed seeing the greens and blues. It’s surprisingly hard to find better white gear. I’m still using the Lvl 2 Jacobs shotgun I got at the beginning, the Lvl 6 grenade I got from Boom and a Lvl 8 AR. Sniper and shield are 10s. Deaths have been few and mostly from stupidity. Standing next to a barrel, getting too close to a Badass Nomad.
Anyhow, the next stop is the gang in Bloodshots and at the Ramparts. I’d sure love to find a White Lvl 12 Jacobs pistol with matching grip. :grinning:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #980

And now, the final chapter of the Hunt of Handsome Jack, a scribe from the Book of Hoarderology.

The Hoarder Salvador makes his trek out to Eridium Blight, fighting off hordes of Hyperion computerized soldiers with Claptrap to break into the entrance to Hero’s Pass. Unfortunately for Claptrap, the apparent lack of human feet preveented him from carrying out his incentive to defeat Jack and avenge his product line, and urged the Hoarder to march onward into the Pass.

The Hoarder’s journey to Jack starts routinely enough, until a tale of two Constructors prove to infuriate our muscular hero for respawns on end, as he is left to pepper the Constructor with NKLO and the SlaggaGub combo until it is finally taken down. Little did he know that that would be only the start of his troubles as he is ambushed and constantly dominated by a swath of WAR Loaders and the UBA Loader and several Hyperion footsoldiers, before relying on the KittenMinigun combo to keep his health high and his power on point. And then there was the Badass Constructor, prompting the Hoarder to switch to this neat little Anshin shield from a Loot Train run. It only slightly makes the juncture easier as he is still left to contend with other mobs to upend the mighty robotic creator. Alas, even after destroying the metal monstrosity does he realize that the biggest challenge is yet to come.

Handsome Jack and the Warrior.

As predicted, Jack went down easy enough once one of his copies was felled, allowing the Hoarder to lay down countless hordes of bullets to the face of the antagonistic corporate man, and Jack as a response had turned to his ace in the hole: the Warrior. The Hoarder immediately went into a frenzy with his Minigun and Kitten, peppering the ancient Eridian being, and flinging L69 Shock Fastballs at the Crystallisks for an extra boost. So effective was this stratagem for the Hoarder that at times the Warrior could not get any of his own offense off. And within due time, the monster was slain, and after Lilith freed herself from her prison, so too was Handsome Jack – in the most humiliating way possible, with a Level 50 Kitten shot to the face. The Hoarder, victorious in his mission, was last seen picking up the spoils of victory.

Thus ends the Hunt of Handsome Jack, and so too does another scribe in the Book of Hoarderology. Amen.

(TL;DR: DONE. UVHM STORYLINE COMPLETE. Dinged 70 after shooting Jack with the Kitten as well, which made it that much more high-lair-ious.)

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #981

you can just cheese it.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #982

Even easier way to defeat him: wear a Transformer.

…I think Pimon drops it? Not the easiest farm, but you’re nigh invulnerable to his shock attacks (and if you’re so inclined to de-arm the local Loaders for second-wind material, their shock attacks too). Frankly I think wearing a Transformer for that fight is easier than trying to cheese him from that nook, but that’s me.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #983

Well… now with the story complete, I… don’t know which relic to get for Hoarding purposes.

I’m stuck between two choices:

Bone of the Ancients (one in Corrosive and one in Incendiary - don’t really care for shock since I have a Fastball that can make that irrelevant anyway)
Heart of the Ancients (I use assault rifles a lot of the time, with SMGs as recently as the late-game playthrough, and I do like the FFYL/SW boosts)

(superzi12345) #984

I am doing a few more testing with no/prestack gaige on the peak. As far as now, I am getting better stacking up faster and by DMom, I usually have 120/140 stacks. I am also not using norfleet for these runs. So after Twistering the BQueens, it goes smooth until Saturns, where I have about 340 stacks and the CC takes.care. I really feel this gun.performs better with lower stacks than max+discord but, may just be me.
I really blame now who says gaige need prestacking at op8. She doesn’t even need a bee! The only real.problem is to pass first area if there are a lot of badasses keeping stacks high. The cool thing is that usually I get to the binary boss with max stacks so he melts to the pimpernel, always

(Compulsive Reloader) #985

Nothing too exotic today, just a double-critical kill on two Rats in the Fridge with one Lyuda shot.
Just luv it when that happens.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #986

Level 72 Son of crawmerax and master gee is dead with Maya No skills, Just skills series. I am still thinking if i will do vorac and dragons.

Lets see.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #987

Was able to steal enough time to to down the Leviathan and loot the treasure room once. Roscoe rolled over and played dead very quickly and convincingly. Tried Beehawking the Leviathan (this fight has broken my stones every time), and boy did that make me wish I had gotten a flying prefix. It cost me a respawn fee, but then I got it done with a Bee’d up Pimp using most of my other tools for the worms (read: second winds). Again nothing better than purple from the treasure room, but I was hoping not expecting. I’ve still got some toons in TVHM and partway through UVHM, so I guess that’ll be the decision I have to make next time.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #988

Ladies and Gentlemen… we did it.

Hoarder Salvador is max level. Got there by a few runs of melting Tinder Snowflake - of course lol -, and hunting down, and burning, Tubby Spiderants, and then Skags.

Unfortunately still no Legendary Hoarder. Sad.

Got a Legendary Cat though. And yet another stank Whisky Tango Foxtrot shield. Also two chests gave me some Legendary Grenades; Rubberized Quasar, and an upgraded Shock Fastball.

The last two points were spent in Auto-Loader and Asbestos.


Well, Maya was 2 lvls below the Transformer I have, so cheesed Jackenstein. Didn’t feel good but it’s done. At least Maya is out of there now and can go do something more fun. Nothing worthwhile from the armory.

White Gear Sal made it through the stronghold and ramparts. Could not even take out the constructors shield so will have to go to the gulag. Only died twice, both times from Mad Mike.
It’s a bunch of work killing (or trying to kill) things with all white gear. :weary: Definitely harder than being underleveled with good gear. :thinking:

(brianbailey393) #990

Got Maya to OP 3, and now farming bunker with my krieg, gonna try to get him to pop 3 tonite

(chris) #991

It was time to finish TVHM with no Backpack Zero. I started off doing the “lost treasure”, so I could get Dahlminator. I figured I need something corrosive before I ran into Saturn and the other bots in the wild. I am usually not a fan of “dart” type weapons, but using it as a “sniper” pistol worked great, and I will rethink my use of them.

So I dinged 50 prior to heading to the warrior, and that opened up my level 50 survival kit, which was awesome for the pistol build Zero. I have a bee, slagga, harold and skullmasher, plus the Dahlminator. I took down the Warrior and he didn’t drop anything of value.

I have now a love/hate w/no Backpack pistol Zero. When I am feeling it, it is a great build, but if I am off a little bit, then it is a pain to play with. I don’t think I am going to retire him just yet. I am going to take a break from him, and try to get Gaige to level 72. She currently sits at 67.