What did you do in your most recent session, PT3!

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #992

Stole a few minutes and loaded in NightOnKriegMT. Level 59 and waiting to get Sanctuary up in the air. So we got Sanctuary in the air and beat the chill out joke to death before a stroll through the Fridge. Had a respawn thanks to an Ultimate Badass Stalker by the Outwash Fast Travel, cruised to the Constructor and collided head on. Definitely need a new corrosive sniper. Not enough time to grind through it, maybe later.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #993

I take it NightOnKriegMT is Hellborn/Bloodlust (or elemental at least)?

I’m thinking of making my own Psycho versed in that matter, since I don’t intend (yet) to commit to melee, so does anyone have a L31 build for that?

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #994

Yes. Maliwan and Torgue, specced to Raving Retribution to begin TVHM, through Bloodlust to Bloodsplosion with single points for the Leg Psycho com bonuses.

At 31 you could spec all the way to any capstone. Do you want to go explosive or elemental?

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #995

Initially I did Explosive, now I’m thinking of converting to Elemental. Show me da wei, senpai.

(Mostly because my thought process wants to kinda throw Fuerza into Torgue Allegiance… probably.)

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #996

Try this. My preferred leveling com was a Razed Toast com w/o Pain is Power, but that’s a matter of taste.


(The Natural Born Timekiller) #997

Appreciated. I hope to get to pushing Krieg through what’s left of TVHM before my Spring Break ends.

In the meantime, I fired up a session featuring J4K0B5 doing some sniping at Lynchwood. It took a small transition going from the ‘screw HP, I can fire forever’ Sal style to the tactical retreats necessary to keep the fragile Zer0 alive, making sure to place shots for extra damage. It was only then that I found out… I specced out of Critical Ascensi0n (for some reason).

Also found his backpack to hold three Legendary Class Mods, one Cat (not as good as the one Velocidad got a hold of off a Tubby Skag yesterday), one Soldier, one Psycho. Further inspection saw that I had a KerBlaster (and, for some reason, a Torpedo in the right D-Pad slot), a pair of Anarchists (one NE, another corrosive), a Droog (fire), a Stinkpot, and now from a Bandit chest, a corrosive Dahl Sniper and a Dahl Fox.

I think I know what must happen. Axton.

(Carlton Slayer) #998

I have (haphazardly) been playing Terra Mann for the Unofficial Loot Hunt and just dinged level 19 and finished Rising Action. Taking on the Overlooked missions at the moment as well as getting Clan Wars started- hope to get at lest a bit more accomplished before it all ends (I know I’m bringing up last place though :upside_down_face:)…

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #999

Have you never Axtoned? If you haven’t you should. I’ve got 2 and they’re a blast to play. He’s almost as versatile as Maya. I’ve actually got 2 of everyone except Zer0, and I’m sure that’s coming down the pipe at some point. They all change how I play the game, and I love them all for it.

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #1000

I have, but that was when I had no game knowledge and was just trying crap. LOL

I think I might be ready to do it now having done my homework. I do think I’ll just go rather generalist to start the playthrough, as I don’t want to make a committed playthrough without knowing what I want to do ultimately. :slight_smile: I also have two Gaiges (Catalyst, Roboteer) and Sals (Hoarder, Zerker Forever) and I still plan on expanding my disciplines in the near future.

(You know... Ireland.) #1001

Crazy work levels lately so my gaming hours have been restricted (boo). However… Hopped on tonight to take my l.55 Dahl Axton (“Mercenary”) through the WEP in UVHM.

He managed to scavenge a l.54 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot from somewhere; hot damn that shield is glorious! I think WEP may be my favourite map for it, as there are plenty of stalkers but it does some reasonable damage among robots too. I can’t wait till I get this guy through the OP levels so I can give him a buffed version (that may have to be post-thesis submission though lol).

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #1002

Yeeeeessssssss. Love me a little Whiskeyed up Tango Foxtrot style. I like to drop flanking turrets, stand between them and snipe slag at the idjits in front of me and let them fry themselves on the boosters.

Try the Fridge. There’s stalker alley, and rats very often try to pick the boosters up, much to my amusement. Much hilarity.

(You know... Ireland.) #1003

Yesss I must.

I should also thank @Adabiviak for helping me see the light on this shield. As with many Borderlands matters.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #1004

I should issue those same thanks, because his guide taught me how to minimize my respawns. @Adabiviak, thanks for helping me understand the misunderstood gears of our adopted homeworld. You have truly earned the title of Maligned Gear Maestro. :smile:


Stay tuned for Hattie’s next entry…in May :stuck_out_tongue:

(Actually, when was the last time I posted anything here :thinking:)

(You know... Ireland.) #1006

June!! If it’s May things will be dire as I submit May 31st :rofl:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1007

Maya have no skills in Raiding

Son of Crawmerax Edition

Master Gee Edition

Tried Voracidous but with no luck so far, best I could is got him to half health. If only I can get just at least a Fleet so I can get some distance of him I can kill it.

Fed up, I spec some skills and kill him, I think I do him 5-6 times consecutively (yehey I can consistently do it). and this is one of the kills.

(Sheriff) #1008

A while ago, @akdere1 made a build like that with a ravager. The best you could get was 3 shots, but it hit even harder than a Jacobs.

It was dubbed “Umpire Sal” (because you were out after 3 strikes :wink: )

I think you might be able to find it in the forum still.
I helped a bit refining the specific gear and skill choices, but I don’t remember much.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #1009

I remember seeing that build when I started my first excursion in Gunzerking goodness. @Jefe ported it here. @kawashiultimate, the Sheriff has spoken and enlightened us :grin:, link following.

[Build] Umpire Sal

I think we have found your starting point. Thank you, @DeputyChuck. :+1: :pray:

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #1010

Someone ask me to kill voracidous with fastballs at level 72. Well here how it goes

Trap him then unloaded most of my fastball until he is just above 25%. Then i let the chief transfer the shield to vora so that i can regenerate some grenades then once the chief take it back, trespass him and unload my remaining fastballs to vora until i got to ffyl. Since the minions are too far away to get a second wind i just finished vora with norfleet shots.


(Is this thing on?) #1011

Decided to take my TVHM Psycho Naut for a spin. He was sitting at level 45, waiting to do the Bunker run. I wasn’t wild about that since the mission was listed as level 46 and most of my gear is a lot lower (40-44). Tried anyway, but failed repeatedly due to a lack of a decent shield (level 41 against a level 47 Constructor - not a good match!)

Decided to just level up a bit more in the hopes that some of the gear I had in the vault might help. Ran Clan Wars, managing to get my first invincible Tector along the way, and finally dinged 46. I did have a few things at that level: a pandemic, quasar, and Shreddifier. Still no shield, so I’ll probably blow some keys on the Golden Chest next time.

No health, no shield, and yet he’s alive?!