What did you do in your most recent session

Finally found a nice, tanky Amara build for use with the Wedding Invitation. The Lob’s are used to get out of sticky situations…lol…


Jakobs loyalist Fl4k is making steady progress on Eden-6: liberated Hammerlock and met up with Billy the Anointed so far.

I think on my very first playthrough, also with Fl4k, Billy gave me TON of trouble. Either my GR is helping that much, or they did tone him down somewhat. Perhaps both things are true.

Had a weird experience with manufacturer’s rewards: this Fl4k only used Jakobs, with Atlas grenade - but somehow reward from Dahl showed up in the mail… :thinking: Wonder it it’s a glitch or whether they are really trying to encourage me to use something else…


I used this build, minus the wedding invitation and subbed a couple lobs in there, to complete the Maliwan Takedown on M4. It was a challenge, but I got it done while only going in FFYL about 4 times total. Phew… fun stuff.

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Seamus Operative 1Life PS4 NVHM
Finished up getting to lvl 20 by doing all the sides in Atlas headquarters.
Doing so the 4 power rangers showed up (good) and 3 (three) of them dropped Thunderball Fists! Well, that’s a little bit of over-reward.
Took it all back to the Anvil to finish that off and fight the Warden.
All went well. The trickiest part of the Anvil isn’t really the Warden, but the bridge fight leading up to him. Many powerful enemies spawn on that bridge, and you really have to keep your distance.
Which was great with the Thunderball Fists. Just keep up a steady stream of shots from a great distance and the enemies die to the shock orbs. And, since Seamus still had his Transformer on, any time his shield got low he just fired shots at his feet and let the shock orbs refill his shield.

I will admit I had a little anxiety going into the Warden, since missteps can get you caught in the goliath upgrade cycle.
But no worries. Killed Warden in his first phase, again, the T. Fists kept the minions dead and he had nothing to level up from, so great.
One FFYL on the bridge, but got up quick.
ALl for the evening (PS4, doing farming on Xbox right now).

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Decided to get Moze to 53, she’s struggling with M4 and I’m not sure if it’s the gear or the build… I shredded Giga on M3, on 4 it didn’t go anywhere near as easily.

I had some side missions left at the Casino so I hit that up and RNGesus being the comedian that it is dropped me a corrosive Lob right off the bat. So much for the loaders :laughing:

Still need to grind out one last level tonight.

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This could be from your pet. We found out Zane’s clone default pistol is a DAHL.

Definitely! Maybe the area that cost me the most respawn overall. I bet the “new and improved” Thunderball Fist helped!

All four VH are finding their niche and things fall into places. FL4K still try to rock his Lucian Call but the Fire Lob is so tempting… That’s what I don’t like with the new set of weapon upgrades. They kinda force you into MM4.
Been collecting a bunch of purples to try to figure out parts, prefix and the likes but I found this gem that was right under my nose. Wit links for the two.

That will be tremendous help.

The Siren. Who was the ONE PUNCH LADY was turning into just that. A one punch girl. :wink: Picked up a Frost/Rad Trevonator though and she’s rocking. With her HellShock and Storm.
Been farming Private Bean for WesterGun . Had to go back to Sanctuary and pick up Ava’s quest…
Turn out it’s a guaranteed drop or something! Fastest farming ever. Just need all 10 variety in double prefix with good anoints! :grin:
Nah… Does not worth that much effort.


Li’l Beansy has been pretty generous with me too.

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Once the quest is finished it’s a guaranteed drop.


Decided to take a break from farming for my Incendiary Kaos with Gamma Burst anointment, and instead settle for an Incendiary Hail with the same anointment.

$17 million later, and I have the Kinetic, Corrosive, Radiation, and Cryo versions. Might as well hold out and get the shock one as well xD


Farmed a lategame Hammerlock hunt for the Shriking Devil/Breath of the Dying for my Fl4k builds(radiation and corrosive respectively)


Used my Amara build to take down Wotan. She’s a tank for sure, which helps with using the Wedding Invitation throughout most of the gameplay.


Did a run through TD M4N dropped about 30 or so legendaries NONE of which was a drop attributed to the raid.

So went off in a huff and kicked several kinds of good for the roses out of Graveward for an hour and now I feel better. :+1:


I did a lot of progress with my Jakobs Amara. I had plenty of time to play and she’s now, already, level 53.
After beating the last boss, I put the game on M2 and she went on a heist for the Handsome Jackpot. It was a very fun ride and she got some nice Jakobs guns to play with: a Lucky 7, a wagon Wheel and a Hellwalker: awesome! That level 44 Hellwalker carried her until level 53.

After that, Moze was on farming duty on M4. I really like Moze but I don’t have a lot of very good gear for her. I went for farming a Headsplosion but got a Krakatoa instead (without any anointment). I decided to try it on Graveward anyway. It was a long but relatively safe battle. On the loot pile: another Krakatoa with 125% bonus incendiary damage after existing IB…
Since he gave me a stick to beat him with, Graveward died many times in a row and Moze was charitable enough to put all the Jakobs loot (and a nice stormfront with ASE and a cool Phazezerker mod) in the bank for Amara.


Seamus Operative 1Life PS4 NVHM
Still mired on Eden-6 (my least favorite planet).
Thunderball Fists made the passage through Jakobs Manor pretty simple, just stand a long distance away and fire close, the shock balls ate everything up.
A little worried about Billy the Anointed, so back to the reliable Q-System for him. And almost perfect, but he did down me with a clap attack when he had a sliver of health back. Did not try to second wind from him, since he has a habit of teleporting away, there was a slugger available for that revive. And done.
Then the first yawn Clay mission. Fine.
Fight through the Family Jewel was straightforward, and again the ThundFist took out the dumb Maxitrillion, an enemy I really don’t like. However he’s really easy with the ThundFist/Transfomer combination since any shots he reflects back at you recharge your shield. He dropped his Horizon, but since I don’t use shotguns, sold it.
GeneVIVI next, and she too downed Seamus, but CloudKill to the rescue there, and she gave us a Ten Gallon.
And now I’ve got to go play with Clay again and the Rogue Sight mission, think I’ll pass on that until tomorrow.


Just found this amusingly torturous video for all you old timers who remember wanting PowerGlove and being disappointed in its implementation. Also, the narration is crass, so if you don’t like profanity and lewd analogies it’s probably best you skip it. But I laughed because this guy got the PG customed to work with his PC.

Also, beat the main game with my final of the four, FL4K, at 42 last night. Gonna hit cap before the Jackpot because I want that corrosive masher at max level, dammit.


Seamus Operative 1Life PS4 NVHM
A little pre-work BL3.

Spent most of lvl 26 in the Droughts farming the Crawlys and the dragonskags.

DragonS’s did me right, picked up a lvl 26 Night Hawkin (which will kick butt for 5 levels ) and a lvl 26 Q-System. Also gave me a legendary head, thanks.
Wanted a Linage from the Crawlys. Nope. Went into FFYL a few times, got up, but the drops were not what I wanted. Picked up 3 (three) Predatory Lenders, which is a gun I do not favor.
Not going to ping lvl 27 here, want to do that in-story, so left 'em alone for now. When I ping 27 I’ll come back to see if I can still pick it up even if it is lvl 26.


Got Moze to 53, build seems fair in M4. Definitely more Bear heavy but I know I can’t have it both ways…

Got a laugh, it must’ve been Ruby’s Wrath night at Giga’s, got 2 in one run and another the next :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


yeah, there is a known issue that the very first guardian you encounter can be unscaled to the level it should be, i know at least 1 hotfix reported getting that fixed, but that was months ago from what i recall.

were you offline or did you see the hotfix sign before you encountered him?


I always wait for the “Hotfix applied” sign to appear before starting, so the latest hot fixes were applied both times this happened.


huh…maybe the problem has returned despite hotfix notes of christmas past. but yeah, that error was allegedly fixed. i wonder if a newer hotfix/or patch broke the older hotfix