What did you do in your most recent session

Discovered the infinite and unkillable Jabbermogwai, first time farming him on M6. Not only did he not drop a single Hellfire (I got about two inventory’s worth of Unendings), it didn’t matter where I dragged him to, away from water, whatever. Infinite clones. Puts my Zane to shame!

There were two times I actually killed all of him. The game waited a second, and then spawned about ten at once. I’m amazed I didn’t crash, though I was dropping frames like crazy.

(maybe it’s a Mayhem modifier thing. I have Healy Avenger and Drone Ranger)

You need to kill the original one with fire, he has 100% drop rate on Mayhem. Clones can’t drop Hellfire.

Which is interesting, as I’ve definitely gotten multiple Hellfires before (did it the other day in M4, specifically).

But yeah, good luck finding the original when the game duplicates him faster than I can kill him (and I’m twoshotting him with a Hellwalker :smiley: ).

Farming Hellfire I would just kill him and save&quit. There is really no need to killing clones, exp is not that great, drops are very limited etc.

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Zane is back and alternating Bounty of Blood with Heck while levelling up to 65. Almost at the new cap, just entered the Facility for the first time with Zane, and ready to go to a second run on Heck. I’ve been getting quite a lot of hard-to-decide about drops, but since none of these have been max level yet I’ve generally been passing them on as mule fodder. I did however get my first actual Light Show drop:

Quite the beast. Anyone know if the projectile spread is fixed, or if it’s tied to the accuracy stat? Also got this Terrifying Transformer upgrade:

Not sure about keeping it though - again, not max level, and with ASE on my Zane it’s not as useful as it could be. (I did since get a higher level Transformer with a different anoint, so I did get my shield upgrade.)

I also might have to respin my mayhem modifiers - corrosion-infused enemies mask whether or not they’re haunted, and I’ve been caught out a couple of times that way.


I finished all the Bloody Harvest challenge with Fl4k after finding the last loot ghost required

I’ve been thinking about doing a variant of Spacerobots fisticuffs build (I don’t even dare to call it melee anymore as it is all about this awful face puncher these days) [Build] 4SS4SS4SSIN – Melee FL4K!

by using psychostabber and unleash the dragon relic
I call it spontaneous combustion, basically running around invisible and liting people on fire without being caught :rofl:
It’s hilarious, Fl4k is definitely my fav character now :joy:

I think I can even detonate the combustion dot with fire hunter seeker using megavore
I don’t have the grenade with the right element yet so I am farming the Dragons of Games of Throne parody in Eden 6


Finally did the Maliwan Takedown. Didn’t do it True-style yet, but man it’s just a relief to be able to play through a map like that without crashing. On M6 now as well.

Got two Moonfires, a Kybs (my first Kybs!) and a Redistributor (and a couple of the shields from the Valkyries). Not a bad haul.

Next is . . . the Guardian Takedown? Maybe :sweat_smile:


Haven’t played much for some time but got back in the game for BH and finished it up with Amaranth. Had multiple problems and glitches in the Droughts which made getting Demoskaggon take many many tries. Every time she spawned in there were no ghosts, the two outhouses were empty and Demoskaggons didn’t spawn. Eventually got it done by spawning into other Pandora areas (which all had ghosts) and traveling to the Droughts by land. Pain in the butt.

Then there was the usual problem of not being able to get cryo kills, eventually got her to succeed with about 1 in 4, so got it done after killing a ton of Grogs. Not sure I’ll run any other toons through it. Besides the Ghast call, there is not much else that I wanted. Even the skins seem kind of meh.

Finished up DLC4 last night with Amaranth. Enjoyed the Krieg dialogue. Boss fights were hard for me in M10 and took a long time. Was disappointed at the end after spending 30 minutes to kill Psychoreaver he dropped nothing. Then the timed loot run, WTF :rage:

Did Psychoreaver two more times and finally on the 3rd he dropped something.

Fustercluck Off achievement glitched and even though I have 100% in the game, I didn’t get it. Noticed when checking achievement at the XB main menu that it only shows 95% complete for that achievement, so evidently something in the game did not properly record its completion. Started FL4Kulent in the DLC to see if I can find it.

Best drop on the Amaranth playthrough was this Redundant Convergence from Dr. Benedict, on the first kill. :heart_eyes:



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Atlas Zane completed the challenge set for the Bloody Harvest. The last challenge to fall is usually collecting loot ghosts, so I’ll run through the trials or a slaughter to catch the remaining few of those. Hyperion Amara is up next.

Maurice picked up a weird skin for a minute. :grimacing:


Removed the dust from Moze to try novas terror anoint , I ran completely unoptimized stuff just to have a feel and was surprised at how insanely overpowered she is now. I barely recognize the character from the times I was playing her and struggling ( I haven t touched her in a while) everything (m10) I fire at explode in a few seconds, I even play with a friggin bearcat and feel powerful :rofl: I kind of understand all the fuss in Moze forum now


Time was split again between Torgue Moze on PC and R4kk Fl4k on Xbox.

Both are partaking in Halloween event - Moze scored a Ghost Call and is happily chucking them around any chance she gets: poor Agonizer 9000 needed only 3 grenades to get to “hit eridum core!” stage - easiest fight ever! She came across a blue shotgun with +67% to projectile speed and it’s quite noticeable and enjoyable: I forgot how slow Torgue gyrojets are.

Fl4k is slowly picking up levels through DLC4 - still did not find Peregrine COM, but has plenty of goodies from the bank so does quite well. Sticking with M4 for now, but might bump it up to M8 soon.

In parallel I’ve started/woke up a couple of Kriegs on Steam and Xbox360 - I never finished a single playthrough with him, so DLC4 prompted me to try him again. They are both around L8-11, so not a lot of thoughts so far.


Finished BH on Zane and then Moze. Thought about starting it on Amara but realized Amara already had the BH prizes (shrunken head, weapon skin, etc.), so apparently completing BH on one VH gets you the prizes on all VHs? wish I had known that about a week ago after completing with Zane. Moze visited Muldock over the past weekend, trying to get a facepuncher with the “Melee Attacks have a 25% chance to apply Terror to yourself” terror annoint. He dropped every annoint BUT the that annoint. :frowning:


Another day, another crazy experiment

Inspired by kabflash build I put up a little slam build for Moze by combining vendetta relic , bloodletter com, faulty star with cryo nova on reload while terrified and a grenade with terror on melee anoint. I use a weapon with urad anoint and interrupt the reload by slamming, this way you constantly proc terror as long as there are enemies, you refill the shield, and the cryo anoint uses the terror as it is generated. I would need a Zaitsev eruption with urad for some extra cheese :rofl:

This is madness! No this is Slam!

Also Fl4k terrorizing Maliwan guys :laughing:


Last time I played a beat the bloody harvest challenges with Moze, checked if everyone was required to do it, when I saw they didn’t I turned it off. Think that was 3 days after event went live, don’t really remember.

Finished up everything through Sapphire’s Run last night with FL4K. While in Crimson Castle, at the area just before General Blisterpuss, I found a way onto roofs and some off map places to explore. Haven’t found a use for them, but still kind of fun. The two burning people from the Hot and Unbothered mission are circled in red.

Farmed the general for a while but he wasn’t dropping. A Fastball was all he dropped in about 10 runs. I’d read that he is a good source for the DLC class mods. I guess it was just a bad RNG day.


Running Benediction of Pain and wondering if anyone has caught the disappearing gun chest or if it even can be caught. I feel that maybe it’s just a teaser.

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Took Moze to 65, put an Ogre on her. Only M2, with an M2 Ogre, but still, very funny. First time I haven’t used Iron Bear in a session in a while (because it’s so easy).


Flipped the M6 switch, with the M6 Ogre. Still funny. Finally found a Moze playstyle I enjoy.

I might make a Deathless build one of these days, but still need gear for it.


R4kk Fl4k finally found Peregrine COM and started to explore it - immediately realized there were only few grenades in the backpack, so probably need to get back to Sanctuary to see what’s in the bank (there must be few FishSlaps in there). Or does FishSlap only make sense when you already have GroundBreaker perk enabled?

One thing about this Fl4k, who is not allegiance based - too many choices of guns. Need to think more, although to be fair, I tend to use a single gun in combat. Jumped up to M8 and adjusted after few FFYL (being in the middle of enemies was not such a great strategy).

On PC Torgue Moze finished playthrough and passed the baton to Pistol Zane.


Too much to list! Been lazy with posting lately.
Or was having too much fun. :wink:

Basically been doing DLCs with the three “not main”. Moze, Amarra and FL4K. Only two remains. Krieg’s mind with Amarra and Guns love and Tentacles with FL4K. Which I just started. Still having fun with his Lead Sprinkler. Supported by a Rakk Commander COM with +36 Splash / +40 AR / +40 Pistol.

Like others before me I spent time on “new” Moze. Bounty of Blood among other things. Lots of fun! I wish she could dual wield Faisors! She remind me of my dual Pimpernels Salvador. :hushed:
The only one really running terror is Amarra with a Facepuncher. Yeah… usually not a fan of it but hard to ignore and she does use her fists (and feet) for real too.