What did you do in your most recent session

found out there was different variations of Circle of Slaughter and played the beast one. Have to find the one where you fight against Maliwan guys.

struggled to play with other randoms. zero cooperation.

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Know when you’re on the last planet running to the vault and Maliwan blasts the bridge? Check on there, that’s where you can pick up the mission for the Maliwan CoS.

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Did i see that right? Two shots with the Face Puncher and he was done? That’s unnatural

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yep. with good modifiers and good anointment on gears, 1 shot is possible.

i share this to some fb and reddit groups and people asking me the build then thereafter ask me to take it down. so that gearbox won’t nerf it. lol

GB should put you on the payroll. Consultant, Tester, Reality Checker? :wink:
Could you do that with a Flakker before the hotfix? How about after?

I’ve been one shotting two many things lately and I suck at builds. I’m really starting to warm up to their balance initiative.

OT: Zane (haven’t given him a proper name yet), cleared the Floodmoor map and the Anvil map. Rescued Hammerlock, completed all side missions and crew challenges on these maps. Got the warden up to Ultimate and as he was turning again, accidentally shot him. Maybe I’ll get him to godly with the next character.

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Playing as Brawl Amara and i planned to do a melee-fl4k (much resembles zero chaining mmf while fl4k is on fadeaway). i look for a build and only found 2 persons interested in melee fl4k builds. one from [Build] 4SS4SS4SSIN – Melee FL4K!

the other from demonite

I got somewhat the same build with those two with a few points here and there.

I used a low level cryo resist brawler ward and used cryo hex to strip shield and freeze enemies. it works on M3 mobbing, haven’t tried proving grounds yet but circle will be a pain for sure. for bossing, i switch to face puncher (shooting star for big guys, brawler with knife drain white elephant/planetoid for the rest).

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Ran some 4P Slaughter Shaft (M3) and was killing several anointed with one Phasegrasp. SIREN LYYYFE!


Finally done a cistern of slaughter Mayhem 3! :smiley:
24 legendaries :stuck_out_tongue: in fact too many… I have nooooooo space! :open_mouth: :(:cry:
Anyway last challenge is to beat graveyard in a reasonable amount of time… :open_mouth:
I feel like I am not up o the task! :frowning:

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I was doing a new TVHM run and… I was afraid I killed Kevin earlier…

But lucky me I didn’t, just unlock the mission, yeah! :smiley:Now, now, I wouldn’t deprive Klaptrap of his best friend, would I?! :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus, you know, weapon experiment! :smiley:

Was one lifing with Moze until I was taking down an anointed gloiath and a hardened badass militant spawned right behind me in my defensive position.

Aurelia 1, Moze 0- so far… BTW, she has the rather unoriginal name of Moze Zambique…


I hope she’s learnt her lesson about messing with the British upper class!


Took my lvl 50 Moze to Slaughter Shaft in normal/M1 and got my a&& handed to me. I need to get better at builds.

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Well Aurelia is now history and as for the Graveward- barring any raid bosses- it’s the best boss fight I’ve encountered in any game of the series so far. The tilting platform mechanic took me by surprise at first but thanks to the new Fortified Survivor shield I just bought (which dropped Damage Reduction boosters) and my Epic Jakobs Dastardly Carbine it too is history. This was really a well done encounter- bravo Gearbox! level


My Moze build gets me through the slaughter shaft in mayhem 3… It’s a challenge but certainly doable.

Running proving grounds co op mainly,farming on the side solo.

Earlier I was playing Moze with my sweetie earler (both running Moze; it’s really fun we just tag team off riding each other’s bears).

Just now finished getting my second FL4K to Sanctuary.

Watch out for that Jericho rocket launcher :wink:
It’s doing Friendly Fire damage :thinking:.
Tested it and can confrim. You can kill every “friend” without enabling duel with it.

The red text is so accurate :smiley:

Yes, it does :grin:

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