What did you do in your most recent session

I think we may have a similar thing and I didn’t write it quite right! I should have said in the Galaxy overview it shows my status as 100%. The same for each planet I visit. However in the top-level breakdown it says I have a location (and I think a mission) missing and I have no idea where to begin looking for that


Based on Galaxy view, I had 109% completion when platinum trophy poped up. I don’t know if it’s fixed already, but it’s not a good indicator.
Maybe compare your stats with this https://mapgenie.io/borderlands-3/maps/pandora


Here’s what I got:

Going through zone by zone, all of them show all locations found in the break down. The number of missing missions is also off (I should only be missing one), but the number of missed red chests matches what the individual zone breakdowns show. :man_shrugging:


I have 16/15 FT on PS4, which is buggy. Try revisiting all the locations.

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Well, it’s not something I did, but the game did to me. Was doing my 4th playthrough, this time as Zane. Was passing through Splinterlands by car when I saw on the side a bunch of bandit technicals getting wrecked by a HUGE spider. It was the first time I noticed Princess Tarantella II, possibly daughter of Queen Tarantella from BL1.

I waited a bit and brough her to 10% HP, then I left the car to get more XP from the kill. Suddenly she sent me flying, and it was so freaking high. I’m not sure if it was a glitch or something she actually does. Maybe a reference to giants from Skyrim.


There’s a glitchy location in Splinterlands which doesn’t register unless you get very close to the edge, even when the map looks like you have been there. The poster below @JustShiftMyPants pointed it out to me and it worked for one missing location I had -

do you have this one?


I thought I did - ran through there last night - but I may not have gone far enough. Splinterlands is showing all locations found in the zone completion though.


fair enough - was worth a shot!

I don’t want to be overly critical as I think that generally GBX has done a great job with the game but there should be some kind of hint system as to what you still need to do and which general area it’s in!


I rebuilt my Dahl Operative last night, and really hit my stride. He’s built around the clone and barrier, and went through some story missions in TVHM. His main move is to drop his clone somewhere safe, slide right into the middle of a mob, just behind them, and swap places. They’ll be all over the clone, the clone will be all over them, and I’ll be laying on them from some safe spot… great for Militants (including anointed), since I’ll have an open shot at their back (plus that slow purple homing bomb they throw usually focuses on him and not me). Also, what is up with the Night Hawkin gun? It’s weirdly strong.

This last Jabber was under a lot of fire.

The clone’s explosion when ended early is very powerful. That one place in the Family Jewel were a zillion dinosaurs come after you at once? I transported him into the middle of them, popped him, and spent the rest of the time fending off all the ghosts.

This is my favorite vehicle setup (the guns are surprisingly strong, being able to strafe is great, and it literally turns on a dime). Like if I run into a wall and need to turn around, I just look behind me, tap the spacebar twice, and I’m flipped. If he activates the strafe mode while airborne, he’ll fall very slowly and get some good hang time.

This guy actually scared me a little… I saw the red dot on the map, but he jumped out from around this corner.


Finished up my last two Lieutenant Spookspook runs and advanced my tvhm run to the cold as the grave mission which will take all of 10 minutes if that even on m3. I just haven’t had the motivation to do it again yet.


Its my favorite SMG currently. It’s a beast. It changes from cyro to incendiary depending on time of day/night. It also goes to X3 at various moments.

Cryo during daytime
Incendiary during nightime
Not sure when and why the multiplier(x3) comes and goes.

edit: keep your eyes out for an anointed version that provides 50% shock dmg for 2 mags after action skill ends. It’s my primary as well as the SkekSil Pistol.

I’ve been offline farming XP to build my Guardian Rank. Seeing a ton of cool loot but no space to hold it. lol I have 3 mules and they’re stuffed full. I can’t wait for the bank upgrade. I need that badly…

I’m also continually looking for com upgrades. I love the Nimbus for my Amara. Looking for better perks with the right skill boosts.

I’ve been playing with my build as well. redistributing skill points to fit my play style. on M3 with bad modifiers at times…having a build that keeps me from taking a knee is what I aim for. I think I’m getting their. putting the full 5 points in Sustainment has been a difference maker for me. I seriously am amamzed at times when I’m being bombarded by splash damage from Rocket Launcher wielding badass Daddy’s or Badass Tinks and sometimes accompanied by Anointed enemies. I throw out some nades and let the healing keep my up. its amazing how effective it can be. it keeps me from taking any cap stone however. So, I’ve had to adapt slightly to that, not having Avatar can sting at times. :sweat_smile: So, keeping an eye out for perks on a Nimbus that give AS cooldown as well as Health regen and shield recharge rate. I love defensive perks for her coms cause she puts out enough damage imo.


Is there an indicator for the multiplier, or is it really just enemies health bars shrinking faster?


keep an eye out on the weapon card. it will change. You should see x2 or x3 sometimes. I just don’t know why or how that is triggered?

Edit: I believe the “gimmick” has to do with the the show “Stranger Things”. I think its kind of an easter egg for that show. so the strange change is part of its charm. :grin:


So a test dummy is coming to town - experiments to follow!


I run shreiking amara in some proving grounds and slaughter shaft, i notice that it had difficulty in clearing yellow health bars and i keep getting into ffyl. so i sourced out a health regen anointment on the red suit, finally found one in reddit trade section.

now this build is complete.

This is round 5 of slaughtershaft

This is Heck Hole run

Haunt, you will be missed.

and I am excited for the update, if there is still hate on it, i don’t know what anymore.

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Continue the story with my Siren. Just finished the second Vault monster and im just rushing it rn. few legendary items have dropped, but they are underpowered.

im also making my way so i can do some Mayhem with her and some slaughtershaft.

And since i can now use the artifacts with her, lets see how many legendaries drop with this luck boost. with Guardian Rank, my luck drop rate is about 12% and the artifact adds another 12%. only time will tell. soon i hope

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You have me thinking. They said it’s coming but I don’t remember hearing about in the show (today) or reading anything about it.
Was busy. Missed some parts.

Oh yeah. What I did…
2-3 runs on Haunt. You know the saying @Ross357 . It’s not him, it’s me. :wink:
Not much luck but that’s fine. I’ll live without a “infiniteterrorandammo build”.
One life Maliwan TakeDown doesn’t sound like it’s for me so back to leveling other VH. And maybe some farming


Was definitely mentioned in the show. :+1:


That’s a relief.

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I missed the show but I defintely read about the test dummy.

Haunt still being cheap or you still having a hard time with him, or both? :smile:

I trashed Gigamind looking for a decent Leg Moze Com a few times and then went back to getting Zane to 50.