What did you do in your most recent session

So it’s been a while since I posted. Guess I got sucked into the game a tad too much.

But right now, my Moze (Splasher Master) is at Level 65 M7, fresh off of a successful Takedown of the Maliwan Blacksite – this is after several attempts of trying to get past that damn Kraken guarding the first gate and failing in embarassing fashion. It’s really there that you begin to find out that most of the gear you think has some chance of withstanding the Takedown… really don’t, and that’s a shame because that was my single biggest gripe with BL2’s UVHM. So there was a need to equip the Splasher Master with a Cryo/Shock Flipper and a Corrosive Plaguebearer, both of which put in work against the Kraken.

Sadly I feel as though I’m still not good enough to master Moze on her own as virtually the rest of the Takedown – including Wotan – required heavy leaning on Iron Bear and its Vanquisher pods. But it proved to be worth it with Wotan having plopped two Tiggs’ Boom shotties (both corrosive), two Moonfires (both sold), a Good Juju (Incendiary), and some other oranges I don’t remember.

Afterwards it was one trip to Jack’s Secret in DLC1 to put it through its paces (holy smokin’ splash damage on top of splash damage, Batman), and then fought the Fabricator twice for an ION CANNON. Got two, both kinetic, and somehow the non-Anointed one was stronger. LOL

What little time I had left before bed was spent cleaning up DLC2, since I rushed through the story and barely did any of the side quests or crew challenges.

Gaming time was a bit scarce lately (still plenty of boxes to unpack and rooms to put together after the move), but I’m making slow steady progress in DLC4 with my Jakobs Fl4k, currently at 2nd ‘chapter’ or whatever.

Evil BL1 characters were somewhat spongy (on M8), and I did go in FFYL quite a bit, but Jabber did his job reviving me quite well (and in second phase of Lilith fight there are plenty of purple things to second wind off). But yeah, boss fights were mostly straightforward so far.

Did not do much of side questing, and left crew challenges aside for now too - this mini game is a bit annoying on console, plus my reflexes are not what they used to be.

Debating whether M8 is the right place to be for me - I am killing things and mostly not dying, but it feels like running on sand - you are moving forward, but it is kind of annoying. Might drop to M4 or something.

Addendum (that I’ve forgotten to put in my original post): While the game has been enjoyable for me thus far and I’ve not run into most of the problems that have been described here, I will have to speak of one major gripe this update:

I am irked by the level cap increase. It renders my Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge moot since I got it at 60 and it can only be had via quest reward. Something like that really should be placed in an enemy pool somewhere.

Used the XP boost from the Arcade machine to finish up the GLT storyline with FL4K so I could hear all their unique voice lines and get them up to 65. Next session I’mma do similar with Amara and Moze then probably gonna put the game down until bug fixes start rolling in.

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Did some M10 farming with Moze for Flippers and Complex Root.
Levelled up Gamma FL4K in the Scraptrap nest.
Suffered alot of game freezing, so packed it up and went to bed.

Probably won’t play this game anymore until some actual fixes start coming in. The recent freezes and fps drops are worse after the last patch…

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Started clearing up the DLC4 map challenges and stuff. Did the Crimson Castle tonight: got three memory fragments (helps when you know you’re supposed to shoot them rather than try and pick them up) and finally met PAT - wow, TMI about Dahl weapons. Mob density remains pretty insane on revisiting the maps, which is nice. Didn’t have time to sort through everything, but it looks like I got at least a couple of upgrade items.


Been running DLC2 here and there in hopes of getting a 65 Old God upgrade. The probability of finding the right element + anoint combination isn’t overly high but so far out of all 10 or so I’ve got i haven’t even managed to get a single damn cryo shield. Game pls.
Really wish this thing would be added to Kratch’s or Captain Dyers loot pool as they don’t have anything and it’s a pain to hunt for a world drop only item when it only drops in one DLC.

There was a weird moment where I had Empowered Grawn drop a grenade and I just said out loud “Epicenter”. And when I went closer and looked at it, it was indeed Epicenter. I have no idea how i did that.


I just killed myself with a Clairvoyance ricochet, which shouldn’t be possible. I don’t understand what happened at all.

Farming Tom and Xam, one is dead, pet has taunted, I’m full health and far away. Stickies kill the remaining enemy, one ricochet heads straight for me and I end up in FFYL. There are no barrels there, there is no death mayhem modifier, this weapon is not capable of self harm.

Does anyone have any idea what just happened?

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Been a bit since I posted, but I’ve been playing.

For level cap, I did the same thing for Zane & Moze, took them to Slaughter Shaft. Took about 70min on Zane (including scooping up & selling legendaries) to get to 65; took less than 1/2 that for Moze XD Then it was off to DLC4 w/ Zane!

After having played it twice, DLC4 is my favorite in several ways though I’ve my gripes too. Thought story was best so far. Jason Douglas was excellent as Krieg. Music is pretty great, unsurprisingly; I particularly loved the ambient music in Crimson Castle zone. Challenge-wise, I thought it was good. Art & zone layout I liked a lot. Main quest was excellent. My favorite zone was probably Benediction of Pain just bc of how freaking dark the story got. I was seriously eager to lay some pain down on Dr. Benedict.

Wasn’t a fan of the tiny side quests - well, I was, just not as replacements for ‘regular’ side quests. More regular ones in addition to the tiny ones I’d have preferred. As to the overall length of the DLC, I’d have preferred a few more hours, couple more zones, as well as a few more side bosses. Also, the bosses were super stingy w/ loot, & w/ none of the new loot dropping except from bosses, any potential upgrades felt few & far between; killing Psychoreaver the first time got me a legendary cosmetic. Whee. Such reward XD

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Jakobs Fl4k reached Locomobius (sp?) on M8 and almost quit in frustration. I think I managed to chisel away at most 25% of its health, while going into FFYL way too much - even with Jabber and Maya reviving me I just could not do much.

Most likely need better gear: corrosive ASE anointment probably would’ve helped, but I did not have any. To preserve sanity I turned Mayhem off and quickly killed him with one Maggie magazine after he stopped nearby. As a punishment for this ‘cheating’, game dropped me at the beginning of that rather large map after I re-enabled MH8. :frowning: On a plus side, modifiers are now sticky, it seems, and I got back what I had, but then re-rolling just 2 of them is pretty easy anyway.


The numerical values are a bit lower but that’s it. If you are not too too much into min-maxing this should not bother you all too much.

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Feel nice to be back home in the Borderlands.
Last thing i did was leveling my main (Zane) to 60 when Bounty of Blood came out. Before that it was the Cartels. Been a while.
Needed a break and couldn’t cope with the “flavor of the week” from all the DLCs, Events, and rounds of buff/debuff.

Coopd Fustercluck with my wife. Lots of fun, Borderlands really put the fun in coop. Went with a 58 FLAK. Lead Sprinkler in hands. Not my usual gun on that nondescript build bun they just buffed it at the time so I wanted to try it. Found

Whoa! It was also Mayhem 7(57) and my wife plays story in normal mode. :smiley: So yeah. No problem there. Lots of fun. Loved it.
But yeah… The “go to GO, claim $200K” side quest left a Sorry folks. Ran out of time/money aftertaste. Then add the new skill tree right after the pass run out. :expressionless: Definitely a bad hop crop. But i digress… :wink:

Started Bounty of Blood on my own at 62. Farmed for an adequate Lead Sprinkler. Bill the Annointed was generous and gave me two. Including an on level (MM3) 100% Rakk dmg with better base dmg. :slight_smile: Found a (frost) Cloning Hex with 50% Shock on ASE and a Generator Tran-fusion Tracker with 50% Cryo. Paired with a Faulty Star also with 50% Shock on ASE!
First time I ever felt the power of annoitments like that!

Absolutely love the DLC. Maybe my all time favorite so far. Could be the returning home effect thou. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The facture of this movie, I mean game. The aesthetic of the samurail and the grit of Clint Eastwood. The music deserve a soundtrack album. I’m sure Derch appreciate it.

Not so much while on pause in the Presentation room in the middle of Bloodsun Canyon thou. Strange eerie sounds. Made it to 65. First drop right after it is a (frost) Boom Sickle. Not annointed but I’ll take it. I’m simple like that. :wink: Playing on Mayhem 3, everything is holding on. Not too hard when I line my crits and get in trouble if I shoot all around my targets. Put way too many knee downs but my Jabber been always there to save the day. Got a few good drops. I stop by Sanctuary as often as I can to keep the blue milk up. There’s a good side to have +900K points in this machine.

I could go on but it’s time to play!


FL4K and Zane… y’all got me thinking of trying a new VH.

Someone sell me on one of the other three. =|

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They’re all a good time, I always play everyone to the end of the main story at least.

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Cleared the crew challenges from Sapphire’s Run, including a most unusual game of chess. Certainly beat the Harry Potter version for EXPLOSIONS!!! Then again, I was playing Moze…

Some of these Crew Challenge things are getting ridiculous though. If the ones on the next map are even worse, I might need to keep something handy to throw/punch.

I did get one laugh though: on one of the many occasions I over-ran a platform and fell to my doom, Moze quipped ‘AI Fail!’



The grand rollercoaster of farming. Came off a bad run trying to get a fire monarch from Killavolt- 800 kills just for the fire element I wasn’t even caring about the projectile count, prefix, other parts or anointment. Went to try for a new Reflux and Plaguebearer and to my amazement got them both on 2nd runs. Go for a night hawkin on a lower level character and gave up after 60 runs to go try for unseen threat, got it and 3 and went nope I’m done for the night.

Funny thing, I just got on with Splasher Master. Took on Amach.

He actually dropped an Unseen Threat, along with a FL4K Legendary Class Mod (Tr4iner), and a Torch.

Had a lot of fun.
… Until I didn’t follow Posse that is. Stupid progress blocker if there’s one.
Stashed the loot in the bank and copied a save file from several hours earlier. Wasn’t paying attention and also overwritten the profile/bank… :confounded: Not that huge of a deal but I did loose a totally op for MM3 Tediore shotgun. Oh well. I still have the radiation Light Show if i get in any trouble. Another one op for MM3.

Liking the new and improve :wink: mayhem scaling so far. Even thou I didn’t push it much yet. I thik I’ll be able to play my secondary character at reasonable levels. With builds and gears I like.
Apart from the vinegar after taste. I really enjoyed Krieg’s Fustercluck. His dialogue and all the colors! Nice to see al those rainbows amidst the hell of his mind.

So yeah… Ran Bloodsun Canyon second part without too much issues. Didn’t follow Posse… (Big, big mistake.) and did a few side quest in The Blastplains as well as opening the map. Still too many FFYL but the Jabber is always, always(!) there. I do get the second wind myself most of the time thou. I do play a bit recklessly. Much more than I ever did with FL4K. Spamming grenades and Rakks. With +50% Jakobs crit dmg on the COM (Bounty Hunter) my favorite manufacturer shine. Gotta love the Stonethrower. Can’t wait to try it at higher mayhem.
I rarely use my best gear and also still sporting a lvl 60 Faulty Star for the annointment. Aside from the Light show for second winds when the timer go down or if I feel like overpowering stuff.

I really enjoy not knowing anything and just playing new content. No farming, no new flavor of the week… :slight_smile: Original plan was to level up the other two “alts” from 57 to 63 at MM3 and then see but not too sure anymore. I might crank it up a little.
This time I’m saving the main (Zane) for last. Already at 60 he’ll probably have a Scraptastic voyage to 65 then the last two DLC in order.


I tried one of these, and quickly realized that my reflexes/aiming are not that good. Playing after a couple of beers probably does not help either. So, ignoring them for now, what’s the reward for completing these?

In other news, finally made it through Sapphire Run to advance the quest. Picked up a nice Hellwalker in the process (wrong anoint, though…), so enjoying it right this moment. It probably shreds with a better anoint.


The achievement/trophy? I think there might be a cosmetic item for the in-game reward.