What did you do in your most recent session

Jakobs Fl4k finally did find a King Krieg (who was VERY eloquent, for a change) and enjoyed that little quest.

In a slightly parallel universe, Torgue Moze (on Epic) did a bit of Promethea/Athenas adventure - despite not having any GR buffs or hand me down guns she is doing quite OK. It’s all about stickies now for her and that funny popcorn sound they make. :slight_smile: Also made a new pistol-only L13 Zane there, because why not.

Interestingly enough saw some performance drop on Athenas (frame rate mostly), I thought my PC is somewhat decent to deal with that, but may be should tweak settings somewhat. And it’s NVHM, so no modifiers to blame.


Question: Seems as though there’s no way to twink all your gains between characters (those you made). Is that true?

Not sure what you mean? The bank vault is common across all your characters on the same profile, so it’s really just a giant Claptrap Stash. The only real difficulty I face is the slow load times on XB1 just to switch characters.


Gotcha. The “Claptrap stash” thing was exactly what I meant. Now I’m not as confused. :slight_smile:

Guess before the night is up I’ll peruse the bank for what I have, and then decide my next class.


Jakobs Fl4k defeated Benedict (that’s some pretty dark story right there…). I’m still not sure what his mechanics/stages are - definitely saw some immunity phases and he seemed to regen health bar a few times (very annoying :frowning: ). In the end it was me more or less face tanking him with Rowan’s Call (ran out of shotgun ammo for my Hellwalker halfway into the fight). Jabber helped quite a bit by being in his face as well for 95% of the time (and not suffering much, it seems).

Speaking of Jabber - I think Not My Circus messes up with his priorities - pet seems to be more interested in duking it out with bandits than helping me to get out of FFYL. Got rid of it for now - also contemplating to try GiTM again to see how it compares against 3-shot FA.

Upgrades to my Jakobs arsenal were hard to come by lately, at least compared to DLC3, which was really generous with them (understandably so), with mission rewards and all. Considering going back there to find new Robin’s Call and may be to DLC2 for Unseen Threat.

I guess I still need to get into Vaulthalla and pretty sure there are still some side quests left. A bit hesitant to try crew challenges, but we’ll see.


Grenade frenzy with Fl4k:
I finally got a perigrine com from Dr Benedict and a good one too, now this is really a good com that brings grenade game back. I am revisiting all the grenades mods and I am really excited about it.

Spring Epicenter and Doc Hina’s Miracle Bomb are really great with this com :star_struck:
I will keep the quest open to farm miracle bomb, need to try 250% variant
I need a better lightspeed it is already nuts at lv58


Some co-op… with two of us and a dose of Brain Nanobots from Tannis, I’m at like level 23 steamrolling through the story campaign just after killing Graveward for the first time.

@sehenry10 got hit with something nasty that threw him across the screen. :laughing:

Bombs away on those transporting CoV below.


Finished DLC4 with my Jakobs Fl4k - I think I died once to a Psychoreaver, but then switched to Rowan’s Call again and just started to unload into his head as fast as I could. Long fight, still.

Did not get much out of Treasure room, and was mostly confused in there. Not sure if I found all the panels before hand either (counter would be useful here…).

I was actually quite fond of the ending, it worked for me for whatever reason.

After the credits rolled, I woke up Tediore Zane, cleaned up Lost Loot machine with L65 gear, bought a bunch of SDUs and went on my way to rescue Hammerlock.


There’s a tracker of sorts in there for the panels - on the wall above the blocked treasure room are four large squares that will light up faintly, one for each of the three panels per map area. By the time you get to the room, you should have three of them lit, with the one on the right side still dim (there are three in the actual treasure room).

Jakobs FL4K did some side missions on Gehenna and picked up a couple levels while trying some weapons I hadn’t taken for a real spin yet. The Bloom is cute… the burst fire seemed to hit hard AF, but I’m not sure if that’s just six bullets. The Splinter really lights up a room sometimes too. I completed all the challenges on the map, but am still missing a couple percent somewhere. :thinking:


Tediore Zane finished Anvil portion, mostly relying on a Long Musket XL, which is really mis-labeled IMHO. It’s more or less a flamethrower, and pretty good one at that, since it cooked Warden rather effectively. Edit: welp, it is not mis-named, since it’s a reference to Elon Musk and his own flamethrower thingie…

Still getting a feel for Tediore guns - somehow some of their shotguns feel like pistols to me (unless they are indeed pistols and I did not pay attention to the item card :frowning: ). They are quite entertaining, though - too bad we still did not get any Tediore-themed DLCs.


Fired up DLC 4 and started playing though. Fun so far. Oddly enough, I had a Craps (the DLC 1 pistol) drop from a loader in the Benediction of Pain, weird, but it had the 200% splash anoint, so I am certainly not complaining


The loaders didn’t get the memo and brought their gear from the casino :smile:


Same here. It must be a thing.


think it is. A Hearbreaker just dropped too.

I think you might be right. GB may not have updated the drop pool for the loaders. Probably unintended, but a really pleasant surprise nonetheless


I use FL4K for my Tediore allegiance, and some of the non-Legendary weapons I still cannot tell apart at a glance. The reload varieties for these over BL2 are insanely fun though. What build are you using for your Zane here?


Yep, someone pointed it out previously somewhere on here.

Phaseslam Amara took down Tyreen to complete the story last night. I fired up near the end of the Ruins, fought through the Pyre of Stars, and then took down Tyreen. First time I’d used any of the Cartel weapons against her and damn, the NoPewPew just absolutely shredded her.

Put the game on M1 for leveling purposes for now. Running through and cleaning up some crew challenges. Finished up Pandora last night (Phoenix is a pain when your best weapons are a Hellwalker, the aforementioned NoPewPew, and a Hellshock). Off to Promethea next!


Phoenix is pain.
But yeah. Been there too with fire weapons as main. Good thing I’m not a fan of Deathless. The other drops are garbages.
Finished Handsome Jackpot with the Siren. The Fabricator fight was my worse. Too confident I didn’t payed attention to the loaders but didn’t bring it down fast enough. Cost me a re-spawn.
Ended the fight at 64 so went farming to level and gear up. First by cycling El Dragon jr, Splinterland and Kritchy and more targeted and efficient farming after. Didn’t had much success with El Dragon jr or Road Dog. That’s fine, Graveward rewarded me with a 300% dmg on Phaseslam! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a good corrosive Lob I was after but not going to complain.

Was lucky with Kritchy and didn’t realize at the time. Good smasher(64) with a scope I like. The next drop was at 65, another masher. I thought it was a fail… Now on my main Zane and can’t find a better Mayhem 7 than the second drop mayhem 4!
So yeah. The 64 was really good.

Finally leveled up my main, Zane. For dessert. Did a bit of farming to gear up. Just some basic stuff. What I could find. Then started Bounty of Blood. Just killed Kormash in Ashfall. Such a softy! The badasses to get there were more problematics.
A couple re-spawn on the way. All good. This is mayhem 7, not 4. Took my some time to remember to move… fast. Clairvoyance and Hellwalker on the clone are formi, formi, formidable! :notes: :microphone:


Jakobs FL4K picked up random side missions and map clearing to get to level 65. One of these was Tina’s mission to get Enrique IV. When done, the landscape was flush with these badass shock Skags. Here five spawned in at once, with numerous ones elsewhere. Also, I’m still working on getting the zip wheel mechanic down. I didn’t get it for a long time, and still don’t have the cadence down, but when the timing is right, it’s pretty fun.


Been running Maliwan Takedown a ton to get the x18 50/150 Tiggs’ Boom shotguns for my Moze. They’re such fun! Just need corrosive now :smiley:

For Zane, been trying out different artifact, shield, & grenade combos. I’ve been using Face Puncher for my main weapon for some time now, & like many artifacts w/ it, but haven’t really settled on one (not that I have to ofc).

Last night spent several hours using the Hustler CMod, doing some slight respec’ing & giving more focus to cryo – gave clone a cryo Sandhawk, ran w/ cryo Recurring Hex grenade, & rotated Frozen Heart, Roided Frozen Snowshoe, & cryo Stinger shields. Damage-wise, wrt the CMod, I didn’t see/feel much difference from using Seein’ Dead, Hustler might even have been a wee bit better, but I did notice the diff in the skill & ability duration loss. As much as I enjoyed the speedier freezing, I ultimately returned to Seein’ Dead

After that, I dug out the Whispering Ice - I’m very partial to Atlas, hard to give up the homing effect - & dang, I’m sold. That grenade is so fun, glad I gave it another run.

Have a fun weekend all!