What did you do in your most recent session

3R1D14N FL4K is getting used to MM11, and has a decent enough arsenal of alien-barrel gear to get by. New build for me… feels weird. Helped a friend get out of a stuck mission, which involved transfering my saves to Epic, where I haven’t purchased the new DLC. In case you’re wondering what happens:

  • DLC-specific gear is unequipped and put in your backpack.
  • The fourth skill tree vanishes and frees up your points. I had the ION Loader who was still my pet, but he didn’t really do much.
  • So we go into Gehenna at MM11, and I’m missing that entire tree and my best shield… got a little hairy at times.

    This is apparently part of a side mission… figured out how to get up there on foot.

    Torgue Moze ran around with the Critical Mass, Thug, Hotfoot Teddy, and an Ice Age. These weapons are fun… getting crit stickies on ricochet with a weapon that’s tricky to crit with is super satisfying. Also, I love me a Blister, but the Hotfoot Teddy’s effect is wonderful.

My latest session was very bad. I tried BL3 on PS5 for the first time, and game crash every time when I try to download the save. After five attempts I just turned that off.

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