What did you do in your most recent session

Not yet - my game time is somewhat fragmented across platforms, and this specific Zane is on Xbox, while Torgue Moze/Pistol Zane are on PC/Epic. I also frequently don’t pay attention to these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) interactions.

Also - not sure why, but relics is something I pay the least amount of attention to.

Edit: Pistol Zane went to the first map of DLC1 and promptly ran out of ammo :frowning: . Had to alternate between MNTIS and Clone deployment, but then also realized that Hanging Chad still had couple of rounds left in it, and, well, since it does not consume ammo… Was able to chisel away few enemies to get out of this tight spot.

Need to look for on-level Chad in Earl’s machine now, just to have one as a last resort back up.

So literally the next day, I find one. :laughing: Seriously, it pains me to sell off good loot… in the same loot pile, I found a URAD corrosive Lyuda.

Man, I think I’ve seen that weapon in his machine once (I see Traitor’s Death and Redistributors all day long, but some I see hardly ever). A couple of my characters have that mission still available - you on PC? I can send it to you. (If you’re on Xbox, I think I can still get it in your mailbox). Am level 65 in case you’re looking for a lower-level one.

Atlas Zane toured the galaxy trying to find all the Eridian Writings for that achievement… after much ado, turns out he had seen them all, but the one in Sanctuary needed to be viewed a few times before it stuck. :roll_eyes:

Jakobs FL4K hit Meridian Metroplex with a Robo-Melter, Robin’s Call, Ice Queen, and Mutant (and a Jabber Sidekick because I love watching barrels get thrown). They’re hitting for anywhere from 5M to 8M. If they don’t actually kill, I’ll throw damage while the radiation DoT is still going and stop at the last second so the Jabber still gets kill credit, resetting his Action Skill with Eager to Impress.

Mutant light source


:face_with_monocle: much distinguished mustache and shooting like a Sir
your picture cracks me up :rofl:

:slight_smile: Guess what I got on the very next visit to Earl? On level Chadd :slight_smile: And a Sellout to boot.

Bad news is that Chadd does not do much on M11 so far - that’s where my L39 Zane is in Spendopticon (I try not to use it against bots for obvious reasons). Need to check my build, I guess - I went deep into Purple tree and now building up my Clone.

Still getting a hang on MNTIS - it is easy to miss with, I think, or my aiming sucks. It’s also the reason I’m still carrying green Maliwan Melter, since it has the only “+100% MNTIS damage” anointment I saw so far on a pistol.

The MNTIS Cannon shot trace seems to follow the barrel like a laser sight or something, so it always looks like I miss because I’m constantly moving when I fire it… it’s a little disconcerting.

Zane… Chadd… :thinking:

It can’t be anointed, but maybe you can find a shield and grenade combo that give it different ASS/ASE buff (maybe a URAD buff if you’re packing a Front Loader).

I consider these almost as important as the COM (though I’m a serial slammer). Because the magazine is basically bottomless, maybe a Pearl relic? A super high fire rate is super satisfying with deep-magazine weapons.

Jakobs FL4K went on to discover all the locations on Eden-6 for the “Swamped” achievement. I found them all (was missing a couple deep in the Ambermire), but no dice? Is this a known thing?

He does not have one yet (and Moze who does have one is too high level). He’ll manage, it will just take longer to kill mobs for now.

This is the way.

Did that mission for Omen and got a weapon instead of what appears to be a vehicle skin.

Phaseflare backed by a melee Amara hits pretty hard. :grimacing:

Another Loot Midget! I mean, they just seem like regular tinks that happen to be hiding in crates, but still.

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Melee Amara (focus on Melee skills + only bladed weapons) cranked up MH to 11 and went to help Moxxi to get her casino back.

She’s having much better go at MH11 compared to recent experience of Pistol Zane - having a Facepuncher + White Elephant sure helped. Even with only MH1 Facepuncher with wrong anointment and ‘wrong’ element on the Elephant (incendiary), she still deals with mobs quite well.

I’m still trying to understand Amara’s anointments - e.g. “+300% damage after Phaseslam”, does it apply to Fracture or Downfall AS? It’s in the same tree, but they are labeled as different action skills, and I never saw ‘Fracture/Downfall’-specific anointments. For now I’m assuming they are the same, but may be it’s a mistake.

I’ll probably stay with Phaseslam and Brawl tree for now (she’s only L38), but will see what Purple tree has to offer too.

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In theory , all variants of phaseslam including fracture and downfall should trigger the 300% damage weapon anoint. In practice fracture and downfall were not triggering this anoint for a very long time, it was supposedly patched since then, but I haven’t checked it recently.

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It was patched around GLT dlc iirc.
Close, it was with the Cartel patch Borderlands 3 Patch and Hotifx Notes [04/23] - Revenge of the Cartels and Mayhem 2.0


Hyperion Amara wanted to smush enemies at range, so she took a Crossbow to MM4 (plus I need the practice reliably hitting enemies at various ranges with it). I like Allure because it will draw barrels up near enough to enemies for some extra blammo.

The fake 1HP that these guys get when they “die” prevents The Eternal Fist from knowing they’re dead, so it just kind of holds the husk in place instead of seeking out someone else.

You know it’s a long distance shot when you’re watching their plasma shots evaporate in front of you because you’re too far away. Very satisfying kills with the Crossbow though.


Pistol Zane is struggling mightily on M11 in DLC1, trying to meet Ember - these pesky Armored VIP Gangsters or whatever kept wiping him off. My aim with MNTIS is not that good, since my damage with it fluctuates quite a bit.

Went back to Sanctuary, respecced more into Clone for now, and went to Arms Race for a change of scenery. Did manage to get to a couple of chests near the center (nothing of value), then someone dropped Big Boom Blaster, so life was good with grenade stock after that. Did enjoy the ‘edge of the seat’ feeling and just scraping by in FFYL etc.

Found a couple of decent guns (Tediores included) and did defeat the boss. Got a Beskar for my effort, so will see what it can do next.

Edit: yup, life is much easier now - clone is killing stuff left and right. I mostly give him Cryo Tizzy for freezing fun - it did not work that well in my hands somehow, plus it eats ammo like crazy with that insane rate of fire. Beskar helps quite a bit too, reflecting bullets is much more enjoyable than I thought.

Dahl Zane went through Jack’s Secret at MM11 with a Revengenader, cryo Recurring Hex, MNTIS/Barrier, corrosive slam relic, a fire Nemesis, cryo Blood-Starved Beast, corrosive Auto Aime, and an Earworm, and an Infiltrator COM (he’s not build for speed, but wanted to manually fire grenades). It took three hours, and I straight up ran completely out of ammo once (and ran out of ammo for individual weapons constantly).

The Nemesis was fairly useless on Loaders because element; Earworm was useless because damage, but they did let me rock Brain Freeze for a safe corrosive slam. The Auto Aime and MNTIS made quick work of the Surveyors, but was fairly weak otherwise. The Blood-Starved Beast was crushing it, but it’s thirsty (and there were a number of ICE Loaders about). I did maximize it when I could by using its projectile penetration though. I made it to the Fabricator with maybe 25% ammo pool reserves… didn’t even try.

This little turd took up the remainder of my sniper ammo and half of my remaining SMG ammo (mostly because I was low)… I do miss these guys.

Maliwan Amara went through Nekrotafeyo. I finally figured out how to get on this ledge. There’s nothing up here. :confused:

Blind Sage ricochet

Blind Sage flash

Sniper is aiming for my center of mass… can we take critical hits?

Trading places… wish there was some return for doing this (like nut or back shots did extra damage.


How did you end up with a fire Nemesis on this mission? IIRC you use Excel to tell you where to go with what character, but do you also let it pick guns, shield, COM etc.? Now, that is Mayhem :slight_smile:

Speaking of DLC1, both Melee Amara and Pistol Zane are making steady progress there on M11. Amara is mostly ‘cheating’ with Facepuncher/White Elephant, and Zane is really happy with his Beskar - as long as there are no melee/splash enemies around, he can simply face tank everyone all day long.

The one place where his under-leveled by now Beskar did not work well was in Scraptrap area, since no one really shoots at you - had to switch to something a bit more conventional. I also made a mistake to have Acid Burn grenade equipped there, and I think that claptraps are not really bots for its special effect. At least I think that’s what happened. Hex was really fun to use there instead - gained two levels in a process. Was really hoping to get a Lucky 7 for this Zane, but no luck, so I guess it’s not a guaranteed drop. Zane already picked up a couple of Seeing Dead COMs, but is on lookout for any COM with Pistol damage passive.

Also started a brand new Amara on Epic - she will explore Phaseflare tree, no other restrictions for her.

Yeah, sometimes I choose poorly and it turns into a bit of an adventure. :laughing:
I thought Spendopticon when I loaded up and was light on corrosive stuff. It does keep things entertaining when I miscalculate like this.

WAR Loader nailed this guy in mid-jump. Random, but satisfying.

Trying to throw 360s over this gap… my best was a 270 that rolled straight on landing. Technique is about on par with a rookie snowboarder. :laughing:

Highest peak I could reach by the Sanctuary III launch site (spent a lot of time trying to get to that platform on my left).


Melee Amara finished DLC1 - she had a bit of trouble with both Fabricator and Jackbot and had to tweak loadout and strategy a bit (I thought corrosive slightly underleveled Cutsman would do better, but man, that charge time…). In the end what really helped was a badass loader in Fabricator arena dropping a better Facepuncher :wink:

Brand new Orb Amara on Epic did get to Sanctuary - no major issues so far, but that orb of hers is very flaky. I like the idea of doing that yo-yo thing with it, but it keeps getting stuck on obstacles, even the ones it manages to avoid when I pull it back. May be will have to save it for more open spaces?

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When you pull off yo-yoing that thing through a mob like you’re playing fruit ninja, it’s incredibly fun (plus it picks up a lot of damage fast with a couple punches). I’m still trying to get the hang of “aiming” the BUL Loader myself.

Atlas Zane ran through the Blastplains. And jumped. Full Carrier magazine in tow about to haze this guy.

Guess who inherited my triple amp shield? Paired with Playing Dirty, I can get four amped shots out of a trigger pull with the Peacemonger.

Ruby’s Wrath is no stranger to the amp shield either.

Think you can figure out how to get up here? When you first walk into the area that contains Carl Bronson, this is the first tall building on the right.

Vladof Moze ran Jack’s Secret with an Impaler and a Monarch, baked by Rushin’ Offensive. Running the whole way, supporting Iron Cub with corrosive Salamanders was super fun. I’m using Mongol shots here to de-shield the Fabricator, but then it’s back to sprinting with the Monarch.

Iron Cub: “Hey slot machine, what year did, ‘You Can’t Do That on Television’ first air?”
Slot Machine: “I don’t know”


Gunslinger Zane finally got around to finishing DLC1, did run into a bit of trouble with Fabricator - prevailed after letting go of his beloved low level Beskar and replacing it with a beefier Transformer. Jackbot dropped a new Seeing Dead COM with a nice +30% Pistol damage, so he should be OK for a while.

Wanting a break from the ‘stand your ground’ playstyle my Dahl Operative employs, I took Torgue Moze on a stampede through the Dustbound Archives, the Anvil, and the Slaughter Shaft. She was packing a cryo Unkempt Harold (didn’t actually use it), corrosive Redline (for de-armoring all the armored things that plague MM11), a Hotfoot Teddy (the main weapon here) and a Satisfaction (also not used). She waffled between a Bloodletter/Deathless setup and a Rocketeer/Lunacy (Madcap shield, and shock Hex grenade). Ohhh she wrecked face.

The book club conversation is wonderful, and I learned that the Hotfoot Teddy can spray in two directions.

So if you step into the pools of… blood? that those Skitteri throw at you (if they land on the ground), you pick up a little DoT effect, but it’s not an element I know of. I was packing an Elemental Projector Deathless relic, and tried to see if it amplified that eldritch element, but couldn’t really tell. Anyone else play with this? I wonder if it’s a debuff, and not an element exactly (you can see the effect on the bottom of the screen).

Man I love this gun… It’s got some pretty good auto-tracking. A good enemy roll can throw it, but not the wolven dodge. I wonder if the damage buff from Experimental Munitions triggering on the primary target are then extended to subsequent targets (and if that were to crit, would I get the bonus twice)? Not that this happens almost ever (the auto-tracking aims at center mass, which happens to put the wolven head into the line of fire), but still.

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I always assumed it was just a lifesteal attack like the one used by the boss (empowered grawn?) and the screen effect was to let you know you were standing in it since it’s hard to notice you’re standing in it otherwise.