What did you do in your most recent session

Both Pistol Zane and Melee Amara (who probably should be renamed Facepuncher Amara by now) pushed through DLC2, with Amara taking a small lead, getting to Empowered Scholar first.

I genuinely dislike this fight - do not platform on principle and as a result have to deal with extra shields and armor on the boss. Dropped to M0 to speed it up and even that one was not a cakewalk (M10 Facepuncher is quite underleveled), mostly because of that meat shield he has. It’s over with, so on to Negul Neshai for her.

Edit: few random observations

  • “Use only bladed weapons” rule translates into “No Atlas, Tediore, or Torgue stuff”. Plenty of CoV and Jakobs though.
    ** Ah, let’s take Tediore off the list - just found a Lurkshot with +60% Melee. May be it has to be an alien barrel…
  • Very few rocket launchers - I found my first heavy (chucka?) at level 56
  • Came across a Blue COM for Amara (Master?) that had no passives - I thought it should have two, no?

What I did tonight. I finally got Moze to a sort of M10 all-kill end state, involving among other things a Rocketeer and a bunch of Railgun dmg +100% guns which mean Auto-Bear is active all the time while Moze just runs around blowing stuff up. I ealized I had forgotten entirely about the Cistern of Slaughter and my big ol’ bear chewed through it in one go. I got all the trophies possible for me. And then I realized that Arms Cut Designer Race Whatever isn’t going to be for me, so right now I’m re-downloading Borderlands 2 for the PS4. I had only played it on PS3. BL3 has made me a better player than I was when I played BL2. Maybe I’ll do a better job with the skill trees and make it past OP6? I’m looking forward to a fresh start through what was, objectively, the better-written, tighter game and DLC. Thank you GB for BL3.

Both Pistol Zane and Melee Amara advanced in DLC2 - Zane had much less trouble with Wendigo than I expected, not dying or FFYL even once. They are both just a step away from L65, which does tell you how much M11 helps in getting to max level - with M8 I was getting here by mid-DLC3.

Amara is doing a bit of soul searching right now, not a lot of gun usage outside of FacePuncher. She did invest into some purple tree skills which boost splash etc., so it probably will help other guns too, but for now it is what it is. She did unlock Groundbreaker just now, so it might help too (and perhaps my Peregrine Fl4k as well, since they must have a FishSlap somewhere).

Pistol Zane is quite happy to give Clone a Hellshock and stand back. Does seem to work well for now, but need to find an upgrade soon.

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Two posts in a row! Yay.

Melee Amara dinged 65, went to Sanctuary and collected a bunch of cool toys from the bank, courtesy of other VHs: several White Elephants/Stones/Planetoids, Muse COM, Facepuncher, Minor Kong etc. Her quality of life immediately improved :slight_smile: and she had pretty easy time with a final boss. After that she put on a Desperado head and navigated to Gehenna.

She is contemplating a less restricting allegiance rule, perhaps being able to use non-bladed weapons that have Slam-related anointments. Facepunching stuff is getting a bit boring.

Edit: just before the final boss of DLC2 she found a Cloning Maddening Tracker in a vendor :slight_smile: . Her colleague Moze now has something to look forward to , as she will try to get to 65 next. Oh, and Amara found a nice Skullmasher too, with blade attachment, so usable for her. :bangbang:


Hyperion Amara went after Anointed enemies in the Anvil, and hunting season was lit: I counted 39 of them on a sheet of paper (would make a mark whenever I smashed their husks), though that includes the four named ones. There are nine in this shot alone, and two live ones behind me. Intense at MM11, but I was using her best melee gear (took a knee often, but never died - just the way I like it).


Pistol Zane dinged L65 on Epic as well (just before Empowered Grawn) - struggled with him too.

Took a trip to Sanctuary to collect goodies (mostly pistols) from the bank Moze collected for him - new Hellshock, decent Unforgiven to explore crit exploit :slight_smile: , couple of Thunderbolt Fists etc.

So far my experience on L65/M11 is that Jakobs Fl4k is fine, so is Cryo Zane, but Torgue Moze, Pistol Zane and Melee Amara are struggling while AS is on cooldown or Facepuncher is unavailable. :frowning: Plan to explore/experiment with Pistol Zane to see if tweaking the build might help - still don’t feel like farming stuff for a Meta setup there.

Meanwhile also woke up Alien Moze ( alien barrel guns ), turned Mayhem to 11, and quickly geared her up with vendors - much easier to do on M11, since now you have plenty of Blue and above gear in machines and elsewhere, and that’s where all alien stuff resides. She’s still too IB-dependent, though.

Thanks to the much much maligned Guardian Event, I bothered to play past the first set of crystals in Maliwan Takedown and experience the whole thing. I ended up clearing it on Normal at level 65 with all four of my first Vault Hunters, Fl4k, Amara, Zane, and Moze, starting with my main, and then in order of difficulty. The lowest points were jumping off the ledge of a platform to avoid a blast only to find out you don’t restart just before that fight midway through. I did that twice after initially just tanking blasts with Fl4k because I hadn’t learned the boss’s pattern and Fl4k’s Saint Bernard Skill always comes in handy for that. With Amara having Guardian Angel should have gave me the confidence to do likewise, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I had learned the pattern fairly well. Phasegrasp element matching and solid gear was key.

After that Zane was pretty smooth sailing except when DOT caused me to die after clearing the enemies in Alternate Reality to open the portal back. That was a super frustrating moment. I ran SNTNL & Digi-Clone and things went well after I got more aggressive.

I had a feeling Iron Cub and a combo of using the homing rockets and shock Rail Gun would make the Takedown a cakewalk, and for the most part it did. Moze was super squishy, but getting up from FFYL wasn’t too bad, and had the least optimal gear of all my characters, but by this point I ran through the DLC with only one Platform fall, the safe one, and trounced both bosses in the fastest time of the runs.

If I ever do it again, it’ll be with Fl4k and I’ll be cheesing it with Loaderbot sniping Guardians, and Warloader roasting beasts. But I doubt I bother before the event ends on Thursday. One thing is for sure. Once the event ends, I doubt I run the DLC again. The Crystal charging is just too much of a chore. Next up, Maliwan takedown with the other three, since I already did it with a Fadeaway Fl4k and a Complex Root.

Alternated between Quest Fl4k on Epic and CoV Fl4k on XBOX. Both not having too many issues in NVHM, but I set aside Quest Fl4k after a bit, since using quest rewards only started to subtract from the looting aspect of the game.

CoV Fl4k is mostly content with pressing trigger on NoPewPew and seeing things die, no matter the shields, armor etc. My skag, Fluffy, is doing its job too, I’m currently working the Purple tree to get him a shield (not that he needs one, he’s pretty tanky as is).

Melee Amara spent some time rummaging through bank to find a few Static Charge relics to experiment with on Gehenna, which is her next destination.

You’re gonna love it;-)

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I gave it a quick try (I think it was Hot Drop Static Charge) - it does add shock as advertised, and occasionally chains to nearby mobs (including myself, I thought :slight_smile: ). It was not as powerful as my Fire/Radiation Stone White Elephants on Gehenna, it seemed, so will have to experiment more.

Found new x14 Facepuncher in a chest there, but somehow prefer the x7 one (faster and less frequent reloads?).

For another exercise I tried to farm El Dragon Jr. for his relic, but gave up after 5-6 attempts. Don’t find it enjoyable staring at the load screen on Xbox.

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