What did you do in your most recent session

Click Click is a skill I avoid with this because her ammo regen keeps her weapons almost full all the time (like I have a hard time putting down the Blast Master COM because she almost never reloads, so free splash). That Shredifier should be something you can fire almost indefinitely, no?

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True for almost never reloading that thing. :wink: As far as Blast Master - Vladof does not have a lot of splash weapons though (or at least this Moze did not find too many for now), no? Unless I misunderstand what this COM does.

Edit: spent a bit of time moving along few allegiance characters through NVHM - Maliwan Amara (somehow Amara does not click with me…), Hyperion Zane, Atlas Zane. Atlas one is really ripping everything to shreds with SNTL Cryo Q-system he bought from Earl. I felt it was stronger than M10 Ruby’s Wrath he picked from the bank, which is kind of crazy…

Played around with Zane. Between the shoulder cannon and the SNTL, idk. Still getting used to it.

Then i brought over Amara. Getting used to that orb. Kinda feels weak to me. At least it moves around and hits the enemy.

Might just rush through the last 2 DLC with FL4K again. No side missions, just main stuff. Via TVHM

Was farming for a 300/90 face-puncher, for the 2nd day. After no luck getting 1 to drop, i started farming aurelia. She is so stingy with the frozen heart, let alone one with ass.

Dahl Zane rolled the Destroyer’s Rift and went after Tyreen. He’s packing a Nemesis, Boomer, Sandhawk, and Barrage, with Barrier/MNTIS, Stop Gap, Conductor, and a Toxic Revenger (forgot about the armored Varkid, and corrosive pools were my main offense for them). Took literally an hour to kill her, but it was a fun fight. The Sand Hawk hits hard AF, but there ain’t enough ammo on the planet for Zane to sustain that fire for long, so I kept it in reserve for FFYL.

MNTIS critting for 5M still only shaves pixels off her health bar. Still… MNTIS kept my Stop Gap immunity up (shield effect on action skill anointment) between Barrier deployments.

Her ground pulse attacks actually ride up the barrier… figured they’d just stop when they hit it. I usually run with the frontal Barrier for Deterrence Field, but that doesn’t help much here.

I can reflect these things almost every time now, but they do like zero damage if she’s clammed up when they hit her (which is usually the case - she’ll throw this attack if you crit her a bunch). The Dome makes for good practice because the bomb will stick in it, so if you drop the Barrier, you can jump up and work on the connection distance. She tends to throw it at your head, so you want to have room to back up so it doesn’t whiff over your head or get stuck in the top of the dome where you can’t reach it. Further, because the Barrier will kind of hold them safely in position for you if you land it in the front, you can wait a moment for her to come out for a little damage. If I figure out how to tweak those damage values, I think successfully reflecting this back at her should hit super hard.


Finished the Krieg dlc in TVHM. Then went off to do Maliwan takedown again. But lost connection and game crashed while I was fighting Wotan. So i gave up.

Was able to kinda fix my connection issue. So hopefully next time i play, i don’t crash.

Was also using a shock sniper (forgot the name) but it spawned shock orbs. For some reason they didn’t spawn this time, along with the hearts. Kinda sucks. But not bad of a gun.

Atlas Zane and Jakobs Fl4k spent some time in the Slaughter Shaft - Zane to see how well it would do at M11 (not too well for now) and find some Atlas goodies (did get a decent Carrier), and Fl4k to get few Wedding Invitations, now that they drop like candy.

Yeah, drop rates are kind of ridiculous there now… 2 waves with Fl4k and floor is littered with legendary markers.

To help L40 Zane with his M11 ambitions, respecced him into Clone to get to Double Barrel - hopefully it can do something with Atlas guns.

Edit: Atlas Zane now can hold its own against wildlife on Xylourgos - decided to start there instead of DLC1, since don’t have good corrosive guns so far.