What did you do in your most recent session

I wish people who are critical of this game all the time would take a look at your post and see that there is great fun in this game you just gotta switch it up and be creative. Your the poster child for what borderlands is supposed to be.


Thanks man - I came for the FPS and stayed for the RPG.

At some level, you know what this game does that others don’t that brings me back? I mean, while no other FPS engages me like this, they can still be quite fun, but there’s no end game. It’s as simple as most other single-player FPS games don’t repopulate maps once you’ve cleared them, in case you want to go back. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R games do this, for example, and it’s why I played the crap out of those before Borderlands came out.

Between this and the insane FPS combat options, Borderlands is my staple video game. I will hit TF2 for multiplayer, and I usually play MVM so I get some deeper roleplaying between the classes and the builds.

That said, as I type this, today’s challenges will be the first I’ve skipped since they came out. I’m preparing for work, and there are Overspheres, the Slaughter Shaft, and Hogs on the docket, all of which take more time than some simple rolls like Ratch or Maliwan. I do like combining the rolls of these daily challenges with the rolls from my own character/map dice - keeps it fresh!

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There are Hags in the Slaughter Shaft, although I wasn’t keeping count there yesterday as I’d already run through Konrad’s Hold. Zane + drone + double up and a rad Trevonator made pretty short work of that. I might skip the Overspheres, though - chewed through a lot of Maliwan lately.

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Bounced back between low level Dahl Moze and max level Maliwan Amara, for no particular reason.

Love my Cryo Kaos on Moze - things freeze and explode at
the same time. Dinged another VC level and got 3 more keys which gave me enough keys to try that soldier shield.

Amara claimed it and headed over to deal with Seer. She was hoping that collection of Beacons, Flippers, and Kyb’s would make it easy, but that guy is beefy! Luckily for me, he somehow died instantaneously once I got to his second health bar. Got a Roll Reversal and Guzzler COMs.

Earlier on tried Binary Operator - nah, did not do anything to M11 Manticores on Nekrotafeo. Need to try something more squishy.

Amara is now pushing through DLC1, just took care of Fabricator (and scored a decent Ion Cannon).

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This morning, Moze polished off the dailies, mainly by running the Slaughter Shaft. Much mayhem was had. This afternoon, it was Amara’s turn to resume levelling up, moving from 54 to 55. Also twinked a bunch of gear around and eliminated a number of spares (non-anointed and/or non-mayhem versions of existing items) from the bank. Did the Maliwan trial, and grabbed the podium in Floodmoor to get the next. Break time for burgers… :hamburger: :beers:


Wotan did that annoying thing where his upper-half detonates prematurely and denies us the win (and some items), but, wait… what’s this?

This glowy piece of scrap metal turned out to be the remnant of Wotan’s upper half, located nowhere near either the red skull enemy marker nor the final resting place of Wotan’s actual upper half. It could take damage, and upon its destruction we got our loot(which fell where the red skull thing was) and our quest completion checkmark.


Maliwan Amara successfully completed DLC1, then had a look at new set of challenges and decided to bail, since there are no Maliwan launchers in BL3…

Atlas Zane chipped in for a while - mostly to knock off dailies, plus he does have few launchers to use. My initial intent was to give Ruby’s Wrath or Pattern Black to Clone, but it did not work too well, and I read somewhere that clone kills don’t count. He did take care of Katagawa and Gigamind (with Katagawa mysteriously dying for no particular reason).

After that my general purpose R4kk Fl4k took over and went to try out a collection of launchers I accumulated (strangely I thought I had more, they probably sit in someone else’s backpacks…). I also realized that this Fl4k did not do DLC2 yet, so off to Xylourgos we went.

As an observation, launchers are kind of awkward - you would think it will be easy to kill with them, but somehow it’s not. May be my aim is off… I’m half way done with the challenge (presumably my Spiderant and R4kks stole quite a few kills) - now trying to tweak the build a bit - moved away from Peregrine to Bounty Hunter with +40% Heavy damage passive, and also grabbed some random relic with another +25% boost(although may be I should look at Splash/AOE passives instead).

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Finished up last night by taking Zane through Jack’s Secret and then farming ion cannons for a bit. This Babymaker/Clone/Drone set up is turning out to be much fun, especially with Seein’ Dead/Red and Super Soldier to add to the mayhem. Here’s the loadout I ended up with as pretty standard (slot 4 rotates depending on what and where):

Also, choices are hard:

Right now, I’m trying to figure out what if anything besides Launchers counts as a Heavy weapon for the weekly. Sadly, Iron Bear’s V-35 homing rockets and railgun don’t count; I also didn’t have much luck with the Heavy turret on the runner. :frowning:


Why? I ve seen this same interrogation a few times now… Yet there are a lot of enjoyable and efficient launchers ( Plaguebearer, RHYNAH, Globetrotter, Plumage, Nukem just to name my favourites)

For variety, mostly. Well that, and the fact that I have very few launchers at max level since the last increase because I took a long break.

I suspect there are plenty of others who just want to check off the weekly as quickly as possible, and the ammo cost may be something they balk at?

Anyway, yesterday Moze completed a couple of the dailies while chewing through rocket kills (those are 30% done).

After that Amara completed another of the trials (the Maliwan one), then unlocked the next one in The Splinterlands as well as completing side missions (Homestead trilogy and the cake one). That got her to level 56 and added enough VC keys for Moze to grab the launcher, which should be a bit more ammo efficient than the Ion Cannon she was using! That should also make vehicle kill dailies a little easier, although my previous strategy with the Cyclone worked out even better yesterday.


Today, Moze re-ran the Promethea Mysteriouslier map to get a Re-Volter. I am loving the sound track there - reminds me of some Vince Guaraldi and John Hicks tracks I have. That done, I decided to bump her into TVHM to re-play GL&T; got to the stage of needing to go look for a detective. Then Zane finished off by completing the weekly while grinding out the three dailies, and that was that.

Spent quite some time across various characters fighting game systems and RNG.

First decided to take Vladof Moze to Marcus machine in Carnivora to look for Sickles. Attempted to get some kills with Launchers, but nope, looked like most of them did not count. And that was for mobs I was blasting point blank - Iron Cub quickly dispatched anyone at distance. Of course a corrosive Sickle dropped a minute before I got to Maurice machine, where I figured I’ll buy another one with semi-appropriate anointment.

Switched to CoV Fl4k that was parked in Lectra city and went to look for One Punch. Skag was ripping everyone to shreds, including 2-3 anointed at once, while I tried to send few rockets in to help him out - don’t think got even a single launcher kill for the weekly challenge.

After 4 attempts at One Punch I got 3 Sleeping Giants to drop, but not a single One Pump Chump. And it is listed as a world drop too on the wiki - but I only got it once in 1000+ hours, on my very first playthrough when I explored everything and stumbled into One Punch by accident. Saw plenty of Sleeping Giants elsewhere too, I think… I am beginning to suspect dedicated drop RNG hates me :slight_smile:

Got a new VC level for my troubles - with a single VC key as a reward.

Moze went and found Burton Briggs, who was beset by bugs. Ran through the entire archive main story and defeated the Annoying Scholar despite not being able to get all the crystals each time. Then it was Zane’s turn to complete the remaining dailies. Two were easy enough, but 15 Goliaths took a bit longer because I didn’t want to go back and do Slaughter Shaft again - turns out that they’re not terribly common when you’re actually looking for them. Who knew?! Anyway, between Jakob’s Manor and the Trial of Fervour I managed to get enough, so that’s it for today.

Oh, and Crazy Earl had a Kenulox for sale so I bought it to stick on the wall, because the name amuses me. Then he stiffed me by cashing a loot-o-gram for a white rarity pistol…


Yup i feel you. Try farming a corrosive monarch. Been at it for like 4 days now on console. Yup. Good times.

A really sweet-looking (at least to my untrained eye) lvl 65 St4kbot com dropped (passives to pistol damage, jakobs crit damage, and weapon damage) so I started a new fl4k and made the long slog from lvl 13 to 65 in about a week. Now its just a matter of finding the right gear for that build. Thinking Lucky 7, pearl, and torn between rakk attack and fade away. And I see some really interesting Peregrin com builds on the forum, so may need to make another new fl4k for that.


Happens to me all the time.
The absurdity of some exclusive drops is my major beef right now against loot system.
Everything excepted raid items should be in the world drop pool, and if it is not at least make it that unique mob only have one drop.


Finally took care of weekly challenge, thanks to Atlas Zane’s Clone being much better with launchers than I ever will be. Even without using tracking gimmick, he somehow was able to kill wildlife that was just shrugging off a series of tracking rounds from my Plumage (which is somewhat underleveled now, to be fair).

Also love the fact that I can give Clone a gun without any ammo and he just shoots it. Magic! :slight_smile:

Will continue leveling Dahl Moze next.

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A pistol-packing St4kbot sounds fun. I’m still levelling up my FL4K and opted for Rakk attack over Fade away just because I seem to be able to make more effective use of the former in combat than the latter. It also doesn’t hurt that I have some gear with the +1 rakk attack charge anointment!

Here’s something fun from yesterday: Billy initially surprised me in Jakob’s Manor because I didn’t know he could spawn before you entered the theatre proper, and he knocked me down and out before I realised what was happening. I did get my revenge, but initially I thought I wasn’t going to be able to bust him:

Fortunately, it turns out he was on the staircase and easier to get at from the other side of the wall:

Now, if he’d spawned in the library, I might have left him as a Billy Book Case!


After my 4th day of about 4 hr farming sessions i got a ×4 corrosive monarch for my GITM FL4k. I changed it to consective hits ASAP. So all i need is a nice bounty hunter with some monarch relavent rolls and i will be smashing raid boss face. Currently farming it from Lt. Preston but alas only poopy ones dropped. Only 2hrs though. Back at it tommorow.

Previously: Torgue Moze took the Lump for a proper spin with some projectile speed enhancements.

It is a fine looking weapon.