What did you do in your most recent session

My first Fl4k was using Rakks - there was something about this whole ‘Pocket Rakks!’ thing that was quite appealing to me (and yes - it reminded me of Mordecai from BL1 too, and I played him a lot there). It kind of got a bit stale later, though, at least until I found Peregrine COM.

Fadeaway + Hellwalker is quite a spectacle. It gives me more of that power fantasy thing. Plus I like ‘monkey with a gun’ concept - I tend to use pet from the same tree as AS.

Vladof Moze made it to L65, with the last ~20 levels mostly relying on Kickcharger + Infernal Wish/ReRouter.

She figured out that it would not hurt to get a better one and see how broken on-level one is - so headed to Arms Race hoping to score one.

As luck would have it - some random mob there dropped another Pestilent Kickcharger within a couple of minutes, extraction station was really close, so she now more or less won the game, I think.

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Started a new Moze from scratch, because it’s time. Nothing too much of note, but Dump Truck did drop a Tidal Wave; if you aim it at the right distance, that thing is now pretty lethal in regular gameplay. Made it all the way into space on Sanctuary III with only a couple of side quests bothered with. Next up is checking in with the crew, then onwards to Promethea! Oh, also scored a couple of decent epics and one legendary from the ammo and health vendors.

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In this game it’s nearly always better to be lucky than good! :slight_smile:

Please let us know what you think of the KC+IF combo on a fresh 65. Was thinking it would be a nice combo for consistent dips while gearing up.

Have not tried it with Infernal Wish yet (it is lower level, but perhaps it does not matter much…) - tried it out with Super Soldier and it kills just fine. May be I am imagining things, but sometimes it feels like shots pierce the enemy (as advertised), but they just shrug it off. Was probably a badass, though, or may be shielded one. Likely missed a crit spot too - I was practicing running and shooting for a bit. I also mostly moved away from DLC1, and so corrosive one is less effective on Xylourgos.

Now I wonder what happens if you give it to Clone…

Right after it came out I gave it to clone on a solid build. Remember thinking… meh! Worked OK but something was a bit off like it was not getting fully charged or missing crits regularly.

Didn’t realize i had a diamond key, so o got few new items. Are they good? Maybe.

Also turned in something for Crazy Earl expecting some cool loot, but it was just some basic gun. Which sucked.

Brobot was being dumb today. And dying a lot. Something ain’t right about him sometimes

The Loot-o-gram? Biggest troll in the game, that. (Handily beats out the Echo-2 grenade mod and that goofy thing in DLC3.)


I think it was somewhat intentional too, a reference to Destiny’s engrams, IIRC. They were not particularly rewarding either…

My Vault Hunters spent some time opening red chests for the weekly (Droughts seemed like a decent starting point). Looks like car trunk chests do not count, but Typhoon’s stashes are.

Gave a shot at True Trial of Instinct - Vladof Moze gave up after realizing that without mobs on that map, she can’t get out of FFYL, and she’s not as tanky as I thought (might have to tweak few things…). Took Jakobs Fl4k in there instead and managed to drop the boss, but it took 50+ minutes at least, and I was starting to worry about ammo. Jabber saved my behind a few times too.

Hellwalker + Maggie + freshly buffed Rowan’s Call did most of the work (switched to GiTM), but I have no desire to do it again. Did get a Backburner and Tizzy as advertised, but chest was locked, because, well, I failed mission on time limit.

Edit: So, these trials are kind of in a weird spot right now: normal versions are too easy (if you don’t care about time to complete) - I mean, if I can wipe out that Arbalest boss with fire Hellwalker, something is a bit off. Meanwhile bosses in True version are turning into way too long slogs - that guy should be weak to fire, but I’d run out of ammo with the same Hellwalker. Should be a middle ground somewhere…


it is actually not that bad, it gives legendary time to time but it is meant for players in their very first playthrough, for veterans it is not worth the trouble as you can get stuff left and right

This looks promising.

OT: Been running Mozalisa through Krieg’s mind. Stopped to farm Mordecai for a while, no good drops. Noticed at the end of that chapter where Good Mordecai, Brick and Lilith are all standing around you that only Evil Mordecai and Evil Brick are there with them, no evil Lilith. Hadn’t noticed her missing before.

yeah, i guess starting out it could drop better things but when it drops a white gun and youre already at end game it just sucks.

if it wasnt for that loot-o-gram thing too, i would have forgotten about Earl.

Yeah. According to Good Lilith, she’s that much of an a-hole.

Mozeying Bye continued her fresh story run. I’m now on Promethea, just about to go in search of Gigamind, and Zer0 has a new cool sword. Anyone need a low level Long Musket for… anything?!? Anybody?

LOL have always thought it looked (and operated) like a Ginormous bbq lighter. Not much cooking in BL3 but…

Tried farming for Red Fang. But it hasn’t dropped for me. I’m gonna have to also check my other characters cause I’m pretty sure one of them has the shield that makes one immune to radiation. Which i think might be a reason my robot spontaneously dies.

Might have to end up trying to either farm it or get lucky with a diamond key

Which platform are you on? I might have a couple of spares I’m not really using.

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im on ps4/5. and actually had one drop a few minutes ago. a feral prideful.

now im looking to see about a red suit. but im pretty sure i have it at a low level. wonder if i can respin the stats

Ah, sorry, I’m on Xbox/PC. Since Red Suit is a quest reward, check Earl’s machine, I saw it there

thanks anyway. i took mine from Zane. might have sold it on accident on my FL4K play