What did you do in your most recent session

Random plays today:


If you look at all the Vaults those style statues are a constant. Me thinks Eridians are indeed buggish.

As for the Vault Monster, it’s called the Vault of the Serpent for a reason, and I completely overlooked it myself as well. hint: look up and around. It’s hidden in plain sight. And it’s enormous.


Then why are the statues all around the vault on Athenas so un-buggish? They look quite humanoid in comparison to the one on Tazendeer. GBX have some ‘splainin’ to do!


That attempt for Urad roll went as you would expect - drained my eridium (~6K) , but no Urad :frowning: . Ended up with a RakkSlag one, which is still something (edit - in theory, I’m told it currently does not work :frowning: ).

After some experimentation settled on Porcelain Pipe bomb as my grenade of choice for now. Still did not find a new FishSlap. It was good enough to clear Ava’s quests, although Seer fight was way too long. Fastball somehow was not as powerful as I would’ve expected.

Also dabbled a bit with uRad setup for Peregrine, just using what I found. uRad Facepuncher dropped, so I played with it for a bit - it did not feel as powerful as what I’m used to with Amara, but my Fl4k does not really have many melee boosters. Need to grab few relics from Amara to see what works best.

Edit: is Super Soldier shield broken, as in “ammo regen only works sometimes”? I will wear a full shield, fire few shots while standing somewhere safe, and then nothing happens. Taking it off and on seems to fix it, I think. :man_shrugging:


Some are of Sirens, since Athenas has a siren Queen after all. The ones on the Eridian homeworld and their major vault, are more like them?


Makes sense. I guess GBX is off the hook this time!


That was my first time crossplay from PC/Steam to Xbox1/XboxLive. Being the host, I didn’t notice any lag other than the slight frame rate drop from too much visual pollution. I enjoyed the coop sesh. We’ll have to do that again @VaultHunter101 :+1:

Me being Mayhem11 and you at Mayhem2, I didn’t notice anything adverse on my end. It was a little tougher when you joined as to be expected. But if you had been playing at Mayhem11 and joined, would it have been a bit tougher on my end? We should test that. :wink:

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Recently I’ve been doing an alien barrel only playthrough as Zane.

I didn’t find a single usable weapon until around level 13, so I had to run around using my action skills and punching everything until then.

I made it through the story with only one death, and that was due to missing a jump in The Anvil while trying to get to the radio sabotage challenge. I’ve missed that jump every single time I’ve done a playthrough.

After completing the story, I jumped up to M11 and started scavenging for weapons. There was a lot of running around to vendors and chests. Checking every blue and purple drop from enemies also occasionally revealed something useful.

After acquiring an on-level Smart-Gun, I headed into DLC1. Things were occasionally dicey, but then I found a couple of Slow Hands: excellent damage in my hands, but my clone tended to kill himself with it. The only notably difficult fight in the DLC was against Fabricator. I just didn’t have the optimal setup for damage and survivability at that point. By the time I got to Jackbot I was pretty well decked out.

There are definitely huge differences in usefulness of non-legendary alien barrel guns. One of my favorites is the Maliwan Devourer. It’s basically a Kaoson in pistol form. Some others like the Maliwan Heliophage and basically any sniper rifle have awful damage for their ammo consumption.

Basically I’m having a blast with this character. Alien barrel guns have some interesting effects. The biggest issues are their relatively low rarity and high ammo consumption, but it’s still a fun and unique way to play. I aim to acquire and use every alien barrel gun in the game.


+1, love that pistol. Another favorite of mine is Host shotgun.

Edit: I do have a Moze that specializes in Alien guns too :slight_smile:

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Host and Devourer are fun to use and can work well.

Last couple of runs in Arms Race the Host has been in the gun seller. Quickly snatched it up as it puts in serious work in that arena.

Peregrine Fl4k further explored the Deathless/uRad path - things explode quite nicely, occasionally killing me, though (thank you, Spiderant, for numerous revives!).

Daily challenge took me to Maxtrillion, so decided to farm GeneViV for Reflux. That did not go well, gave up after 12+ kills. Lots of money - nothing to spend it on, though - may be should gamble or tip Moxxi. I’d love an option to buy Eridium with $$$… Got plenty of world drops to be used by other VHs later, but no Reflux. :frowning:

Will bring up Cryo Zane to 72 next.

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Went insane farming good seein deads. No dice.

So i took jakobs Fl4k over to wotan. Got good tiggs booms and redistributers.
now im busy with jr. Need good sandhawks.

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More adventures with Ghostbuster Zane. First off, I’d mentioned before about clone ADS - here he is in action making a real mess with a Sawbar:

Next off, the Hauntings: completed another couple of runs, and ended up with two more Fearmongers. However, while out collecting goo a loot ghost dropped this:

A second Ghast call! Then, while running Athenas, the beastie over by the graveyard dropped its Nagata. I’ve never really paid this grenade too much attention before, but I’ve been finding the Ghast Call a little annoying for ghost goo collecting because unless you check your minimap it’s not always clear which skulls are friendly and which are not. I had found a cryo Cloning Hex in a vending machine and tried that for a while, but ironically it didn’t work out as a Clone Cloning Hex. The Nagata, on the other hand, is a lot of fun: basically, deploy clone and run in/out to get enemies bunched up, then swap with clone and:

Not the best shot as I only managed to catch the tail-end of the explosions (should have grabbed the video), but very satisfying to watch and hear!

Finally, @Isthiswill , dailies took me to a couple of locations. Tazendeer Vault - yup, definitely a Serpent; Athenas Anchorhold - definitely a siren (although I’m not so sure about the figures lower down?)

Notice how she’s on a pedestal? Or is that a box? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an alien-barrel only build (FL4K), and the Fabricator can be brutal. What level did you hit it at? What’s your Zane build? My FL4K build is mostly “leftover” skills/pet that aren’t as much of a focus in my three other FL4K allegiances.

I want to love it, but the mag size is so small… I’ll have to give that another spin in rotation.

Yeah… they seem weak compared to their non-alien-barrel purple-rarity counterparts even (am surprised this was still a thing after this phenomenon existed in BL2). A Vladof Burzum is probably my favorite because the beam kind of locks onto the enemy part that gets hit (plus it’ll chain to another couple nearby enemies). If I’m playing Zane like this, I’d be on the lookout for a nice cryo Burzum (and as I type that, I think I’ve only seen like two?). With Brain Freeze on deck because you’re locked onto their crit spot, firing Calm Cool Collected is easy, and that’s a nice one if you’re down to hit that far down the green tree. My Dahl allegiance Zane uses a cryo Mngwa (longer beam than others, I think, and very stable - freezes enemies quick with a headshot), and I love it for this. I also love a Vladof Pushdug because Moze uses it with a heavy bottomless mags build, and watching a couple dozen of those darts pop rapidly in an enemy is entertaining to me. I usually roll with one or two strong red-texted specimens to kill nasty enemies, while I fart around with the weaker-but-fun ones on the softer mob members. A Dark Army and a Queen/King’s Call do wreck a lot of face while I fail miserably to get the hang of the Creeping Death mechanic, for example.

Let me know what you’re in the market for - I come across these things all the time, and might be sitting on a spare (I keep nice ones that I don’t bring into combat on the wall mounts for all my characters).

This shotgun, like the E-Tech Hyperion shotgun from BL2, appears to have a bouncing projectile. In BL2, it was a little nutty (like that orb had some serious bounce and would fly around the map if it got away from me; was hard to get in the sweet spot). This one has less bounce, but I just noticed this like a couple days ago, and haven’t spent much time finding the new sweet spot. How’s that working for you?

There is something deeply satisfying for me with its arcing shot - when you aim it from a distance into a crowd, and it lands in a center - woah…

Plus it seems to hit much harder than card suggests - I had a Cryo one and was using it for quite some time at lower levels.

Probably should wake up my Alien Moze next… :slight_smile:

@thermotto @Adabiviak @CharmlessBee - reading your posts, I feel like we need a separate “Fun Gear Thread” to complement the Top Gear one!

Did you notice its body runs through the entire cave, from the base of the drop down area where you encounter the first toppled statue, and extends from there up into the ceiling, out of the cave, and back in again on the right side. Most small reptiles people keep caged get fed bugs, so a Serpent living off Nekrobugs and other buglike creatures (our potential eridians) lines up.

Oh those small figures I took as Plebes, those worshipping the Sirens. In the grand scheme of things Nyriad is Pandora, and the planet Pandora is her box, so yeah, visual puns galore in these games.

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These threads do pop up regularly, but in the end ‘fun’ is quite subjective, so keeping one going is a challenge, as consensus is almost impossible. Or something like that.

I ran into a bit of a ‘problem’ yesterday - after picking up Cryo Zane to bring him to L72, I realized that I have 30+ L65 guns in the backpack , and all them work fine for general map clearing on M11, despite not having ‘correct’ anointments etc. Do I grab a Lightshow, Flipper, Hellshock, Clairvoyance, Soulrenderer, Heartbreaker, Brainstormer, Kaos, Plasma Coil, Hornet, Butcher, Sawbar, Linoge, King’s Call, Breeder or… They all had either Cryo, or some Zane-relevant anointments, or were just fun to shoot. Real paradox of choice - I forgot how to deal with it, since majority of my characters follow some allegiance or restriction, which makes loot decisions much easier.

Ended up banking guns that were of use for allegiance runs I have not finished yet (Dahl, Atlas, Tediore, Hyperion…) and working with remainders.

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I’ve got two sitting at lvl 65 myself (along with a fairly good choice of gear). No hurry - they aren’t going anywhere! And when the do finally reach 72, they’ll have some fun stuff to use. Although I might hit the re-roll machine for some of them.

Picked up a bunch of full auto sandhawks in every kinda elemental flavor from katagawa jr the past 2 days then finished up with kaosen farming. Got decent ×2 addaptave elemental full auto ones but the last one that dropped really struck a nerve. Damn thing was a corrosive ×2 addaptive with consec hits but burst fire! So im gonna probably chuck it off a cliff in athenas when i go back to farm some more tommorow. Did you guys guys know they busted the super soldier? I i tried it out on my chain zane to cap my night. It just loses its bonus after awhile of using it. Good stuff. Goodnight guys.