What did you do in your most recent session

Moze went hunting for loot enemies - already scored 3 Bekahs in Droughts, but no Earworm so far. She also visited Maurice’s Black Market to pick up a couple of free Sledge Shotguns and a King’s Call.

Moze and Zane mostly pottered around seeing how many hoarder tinks would show up. Turns out the answer is, a lot!

Also with the current mini-event I found several Tubby Skags, including two in the same mob. Tubby + Big Head = Big Cute:

I had one of Joey’s ads glitch out in the Villa, although I’m not sure which one it is. They just kept firing straight ahead into the wall for some reason. Fortunately, it didn’t glitch out Joey:

Have you ever seen a loot tink getting crushed by an underground train?
Well I have…
Backpack spawned in mid air and stayed there, loot dropped on the ground after opening, kinda surreal

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I’ve had Zane running around The Droughts getting Torgue kills with a Craps. Between the hoarder tinks and chubby skaggs, it’s been wild. Got a couple of Bekahs too.

Too bad the reroll machine doesn’t let you add annointments to those that could have them but don’t.

Next day: No where near as much fun running around now the mini-event is over. :frowning: Mostly, Amara chased down dailies on Nekrotafayo while uncovering map locations and continuing to level up. Got from level 68 to 70, so one more session should do the job. Honestly, not very inspiring stuff though - definitely wan’t feeling it.

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Yeah, Ambermire had a legit Thieving Jabber infestation - I love it. Honestly, I thought I’d never see another Earworm again. :+1:

The tank potential with the taser from a Leech is no joke… get enough mag size so you can get two tasers on deck, and rotate them out so there’s always one going, Redistribution, Rushn’ Offensive, and Biofuel let Moze survive huge amounts of damage. I equipped a spike shield and sat in the middle of some MM11 mobs and let them impale themselves on me. I mean, it takes a long time for a taser- and spike-only kill at that level, but it’s a nice reprieve from running for my life constantly.

In this shot, a pair of Spiderants are sharing five tasers: three fire and two shock. The shock ones are from a Magnificent, which doesn’t do the healing the Leech does, but when I’m throwing tasers, I like to mix it up. I was trying to get six going, but you kind of need Cloud of Lead to proc for a freebie and omg I just realized I can equip more than one Leech and be seriously invincible. :star_struck:

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Bulk of my recent time in BL3 was given to Peregrine Fl4k - I realized I was halfway through DLC2, and didn’t even start Bounty of Blood. So, spent a lot of time experimenting with ASS Stop Gap (nice invulnerability), ASS Revolter (damage!), and ASS Snowshoe (great crowd control+healing).

Also tried various relics: several flavors of Stone Deathless, Knife Drain Static Charge, Unleash the Dragon. All of this while holding Guardian Angel or Psychostabber, and trying to roll uRad on a former one. Finally Earl coughed up correct anointment, so I finally could try all these various uRAD guns I collected, especially Gu4rdian 4ng3l .

The verdict so far is that pretty much everything dies to my Fishslap-dropping R4kks with me rarely needing to shoot anything, and the only question is how frequently I will go into FFYL myself. I really enjoyed Snowshoe novas and freezing everything around me, but with 1HP set up I tend to go down too much. Next step is to try to re-spec into more shield skills and see if it helps. Will also try giving my spiderant a Snowshoe via Take This and see what happens.

hunted for some new guns. think i separated like 5 different guns i didnt have. managed to get 4/5. Cocky Bastard just wont drop. And I fought Eista like 10 times. Maybe i’ll try again another day.

Decided to start TVHM mode game as Fl4K, starting out with pretty much nothing other than a purple shield and a purple SMG, Mahem 11.
OK so I didn’t realize Mayhem levels did carry over and until just after I’d rescued Vaughn, so it’s M11 apart from the first few minutes.
Not a Fl4k main, but decided to try a completely different build to anything I’ve used before, going with Gamma burst and Rakks. I usually go with Fade away and Rakks and don’t go down the gamma burst tree much at all.

I’m using found gear only, not pulling stuff from the vault and no farming of bosses, or re-rolling annoints either. I’ll use what the RNG gods give me. Events turned off as well.
Still using blue and purple grenade, class and relics. Did get a nice hellshock though. A couple of legendary COM’s have dropped - for Moze and Zane. Lol.

It’s interesting to see what legendaries drop and what use I make of them, also trying out some quest gear as well. I ran through the Killavolt quest with Auto-dispensary shield and killed killavolt with Babymaker. Gotta say the babymaker is a lot better than I give it credit for. Auto-dispensary shield wasn’t too shabby either. Held up well even with so many annointed in the area.

KV didn’t drop the Monarch, but onto Athenas and see what that brings…