What did you do in your most recent session

Been spending the last few sessions just on some more or less random things. Trying to unlock the vault card customizations, shooting some hearts for the broken hearts event and collecting piles of mysterious eridium. Stuff like that.

I finished up DLC6 and I’d say it was kind of OK in that the quests were nice and the maps are pretty fun. Kinda short though. Haven’t taken on Hemivorous yet as I’d rather try to upgrade all of my kit to lvl 72 before I do that. On the other hand I’ve yet to go COM or artifact farming for a single time since returning to the game as that just sucks the will to live out of me.

Just got the 50 mysterious eridium piles racked up and then proceeded to rather unceremoniously toss the mysterious artifact off a bridge and into the abyss in Athenas. I don’t believe I want to see that thing again.
On the same session I reached 100 hearts shot but I forgot to check if anything happens if I was to visit Maurice. He did mention some gift so I guess there’s a reward when I do.

Last thing I did was I visited the shooting range in Sanctuary and got the perfect score. Not that it’s hard, just never even tried it. Curiously that unlocked the achievement for unlocking all (base game) achievements. The reason this is weird is because I don’t have the achievement for reading all eridian slabs. I’ve read them but the game refuses to give the achievement to me. I’m a bit baffled that the game realized I’ve met the requirements for all the achievements and rewards me with an achievement for reaching them while still remaining in a state where it’s not giving me one of the required achievements.

The anoint persists even after Gamma has worn off. That’s maybe why.

Interesting… like the anointment is broken (in our favor)?

On topic: Moze day - took my Vladof and Torgue rep out for a spin. One went full meta with the Spark Plug/Frozen Snowshoe dayum that hits hard. Haven’t seen this guy before (the frozen fella healing his buddy). Probably just didn’t notice. :confused:

The other ran a couple Trials and Slaughters with the Hotfoot Teddy… love that gun.

Also, RNGesus gave me a high five today:


Yes, it is beneficially broken :slight_smile:

Been making a few trips to Villa Ultraviolet lately. I’ve never been playing when the event has been active so this is a first time for me and to BL3’s credit: it’s honestly pretty damn great. The overworld effect of having mobs and sometimes even unique badasses is way more interesting than what’s going on in the other 2 and Joey’s Mansion is just a very good area overall and on top of that changing mobs, changing miniboss locations and changing music. Only downside I can really put on this one is that I’ve had the final boss softlock twice now thanks to Mr. Smallums glitching out which is quite a bummer when that happens.

Other than that I decided to skip grinding for on level versions of my artifacts and classmods because seriously, ■■■■ that ■■■■, and went ahead and tackled the Hemivorous quest on both normal and TVHM playthroughs. I’d say it’s not particularly hard but it was interesting. If there were a couple more mechanics in it instead of the bosses just shotgunning bombs and puddles your way I’d even say it’s great. The 500 eridium cost is too much IMO but oh well. Got 2 Company man artifacts for my troubles but both of them were Atlas, which I never use.

Not gonna farm for one of those though. Artifact farming is the second most painful thing I can imagine in this game and that’s just with random rolled secondary effects. Random rolled main effects and secondary effects? Pass.

After coming into possession of certain “tools” I am using former mules that I decided to keep playing from level 13 (Alpha Amara, Omega Moze, Phi Fl4K, and Zeta Zane) we bypassed continuing on from Eden-6 at level 21 to TVHM at level cap, sans Mayhem get that traditional TVHM experience sans Mayhem and Guardian Rank.

Initially my thought was to play through NVHM at max level with on level gear, no Guardian Rank, and no action skills to see how that worked out, and ran into a level 73 Indominus Rex and it lived up to his name. For fear of more rare spawns having their way with my fragile crew, tools were updated and my aforementioned playthrough began in TVHM.

Which led me to realize that a UVHM for BL3 would be taking the Arms Race approach to create a true UVHM: no GR, No Skills and no Anointed Gear while playing TVHM.

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Spent a good chunk of last session farming for One Pump Chump. Finally got one after ~15 tries. Had Halloween event on (looking for Ghost Call…), so it came with one of terror anointments, but that’s OK for now. Visited Captain Haunt, who was remarkably tanky, even against my Peregrine Fl4k with FishSlaps and what not.

Now off to hunt for another ‘white whale’ - Electric Banjo. Never saw one in 2+ years.


Atlas Zane taking the Peacemonger for a spin. These Technicals can’t outrun the shots.

DJ DeadSkag’s crew taken out.

With Playing Dirty and Infernal Wish, I can get three shots per pull sometimes, for twelve homing missiles.

Princess Tarantella II: Peacemonger can crit easily enough from the front here if I can maintain the distance (which is largely impossible unless she’s engaged with another enemy, at which point, she’s not facing me anyway).

All twelve amped missiles picked up on this Rakk and wasted it.

The WTF shield is a great pair with MNTIS Zane and No Way Out. Let an enemy hit you to drop some grenades (with a Barrier up, standing on some elemental pool works). Then drag that enemy into the minefield with a MNTIS shot. This Ratch just got dragged into a minefield here.


Inspired by a weekly challenge of “kill stuff with grenades”, started a brand new Moze that is very grenade-focused. She is holding her Level 1 Guardian Angel (which somehow came un-anointed, weird…) and throws whatever the latest grenade mod she purchased from Marcus (that Door Buster event makes things quite easy :slight_smile: ). Cub runs around blasting whoever is left with railguns, or while I am looking for ammo (having only 3 grenades until you get to Sanctuary is annoying).

I suspect it will be even more hilarious once I open up a COM slot and will find a Mind Sweeper. I already made it to Sanctuary, and loaded up on SDUs after cleaning up my Lost Loot machine and mailbox, so grenades are much more plentiful now.

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Jakobs FL4K was practicing with the Peashooter from the safety of this perch.

Traunt is on the menu: Vladof Moze bounced between General/Captain and Haunt. Iron Cub was doing much of the work with railguns, but it did make the rocket salvo kill more enjoyable.

At the end of the Vanishing of Hizzen Mays mission, there’s a map of the Family Jewel with a waypoint in a seemingly random spot…

…but there’s nothing here.

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