What did you do in your most recent session

They do indeed. Ghost Call is special, for some reason, together with other gear, e.g. some quest rewards. :man_shrugging:

Is that 50,000 kill thing real? IDGAF, the Creature Slaughter is incredibly fun, not the least of why is that soundtrack.

Question for the Zaniacs here: for those of you who use Barrier and Distributed Denial, do you shield swap? Like deploy the Barrier with one shield, then swap to another to maximize their respective benefits? If so, what are your preferred “inside” and “outside” shields? I love booster shields for the Barrier, as it will spawn a zillion of them, and bullet-reflection ones. For within the Barrier, I’m partial to a Mister Caffeine shield for the reload speed and fire rate buffs (Dahl allegiance here). What say ye?

On topic: Did I mention that I love the Carrier? Unloading a ton of shot on a tagged target from a distance so I can watch them nail the target in “slow motion” is super satisfying.

…bout to roast a big fella over there with some lobbage.

Secondary tracking bursts from Plumage kills.

Tracker pucks are so-so for re-tagging Rakk… they’re generally too far apart for the puck to acquire one on kill, and it’s tricky to hit them with the slow-moving puck (which is why I usually equip a Rebel Yell with darts for this). Either way, watching squirmy enemies try (and fail) to dodge this fire is pretty satisfying.

Raining down some fire. Atlas needs some expansion in the alien-barrel, elemental, and red-text departments for their lineup.


For outside sheild, I’ve tried the impaler, transformer, bullet-reflectors, ravegenador (may have spelled wrong), big boom blaster and other booster-droppers. Found that only booster droppers seem to be the most helpful. Have not noticed any bullet reflection, bullet absorption from these sheilds. Impaler’s damage is not worth it. Ravengenador does not seem to issue any grenades (requires shield break, iirc). Booster droppers seemed to have been the best bet, especially BBBlaster on a Zane I was working on that used purely heavy weapons to overcome the small amount of heavy ammo we are allowed to carry. I have been tempted to try a bullet reflecting shield that requires crouching but have not tried yet.

Oh yeah - this Operative’s other skill is MNTIS, and he’s packing a Revengenador with an “on action skill start, activate shield stuff” anointment, so that’s one I wear on the inside often for constant grenade throws. Maybe a Void Rift on the outside to help with cryo action? Maybe inside with a similar anointment to pull enemies into the Barrier with Deterrence Field?

On topic: I got enough keys to re-roll a Mana Well shield, and it came with an Amp modifier. Moze is rocking it, and with Rushin’ Offensive, she can finally, comfortably, run and gun. Pair the Mana Well with a Bloodletter, light an enemy up with something elemental, slam, and start running. It can keep the Mana Well topped off pretty well (with all her other life/shield skills), and in a good sprint, she can repeatedly fire fresh amp shots. Scrappy helps, and I was slinging around some weaker weapons because now time is way more on my side. RPG shot from the Cold Shoulder.

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