What did you do today in Battleborn

So I’m playing Battleborn. Trying to get damaged to Montana. This thing will never end… still 900K to go… I’m playing Advance Hardcore, might as well try it, complete it and get Legendary packs. Montana is a beast! So far, it’s easier than anticipated. Not looking foward Heliophage.


You can go to the Sentinel on any mode and kill yourself on the traps that crush you, and get 10k damage taken a pop iirc. It’s easier with someone to revive you, but even solo is probably faster that what you’ve been doing.

In the last few months I only do 2 things in Battleborn, Bots Battle and the Oscar OPS. Every now and then I do the Phoebe OPS too.


Last time I played, I was hunting down the main quest, kill enemy players via your super. I was playing a variety of PvP modes but having no luck. Either I couldn’t get my rank to 5 before the match ended, or I did, but I couldn’t time my kills with the use of my super.

Run as much health regen gear as you can, and make sure to take the Overheat and “more health regen as the minigun gets hotter” helices. Then just hold down your primary fire and go make a sandwich or something.

Alternatively, run health regen gear choices, but take the “more health regen the cooler the minigun” helix instead. Then go to the Algorithm. Kill Geoff, and then go into one of the side areas and sit there. You’ll regenerate faster than you can be damaged, so again, go take a nap or something in the interim.


Did a mammoth BB session on Friday/Saturday, running an XP booster and working on a bunch of characters I’d not really played yet. Got Benedict past level 15 (on a large chunk of story to get the gliding challenge) with only one lore left to complete, but it’s the “kill BB while in the air”, which takes some juggling. Ended up at 3/10 on that. Also did quite a lot of Beatrix and Rath, depending on which map we ended up playing on.

At some point, I will go back and do a bit more. - Rath and Bea are interesting characters to play, and now I’m wondering why I left it so long to start them!

Oh, I also need to do the “kill enemies with Toby’s nuclear option”, which seems like it would be easier in story mode - thoughts on that?


Couldn’t get any queue action this morning so…

Sabo advanced with Miko, solo of course.

Yeah, it was a wild ride but worthy.

For tobys self destruct, let little mobs swarm and kill you- since the swarmers self destruct themselves, its more reliable to do against primal thrall in like, the renegade. have a buddy to give you more chances if you need them, but generally you can get 2-4 primals killed in one death.

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The first part of Archive, you’ll be done in less than a minute.


Played in a ten man again (or better, I’ve played two rounds and spectated one).

Whenever I can’t find a PvP game, I’m working on filling out a few missing gaps here:


I did it in The Void’s Edge myself. Got to the final boss & grouped up varelsi in the void by just running around in circles and then let them kill me. Did a similar thing when the boss spawned varelsi around itself, and I finished it on my 2nd death.

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Just did Helio advanced with Miko…OMG, you want a challenge? Try it solo with Miko.


Nothing a Battle Miko can’t do.

i think KU in his current iteration would be a disaster for advance helio.

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Agree, KU’s reload and short supply annoys me in solo Story.

I drooled over Toby’s sexiness:



Thanks all for the advice: got the kills necessary on the second stage of Archive, while the minions tried to extract all the knowledge. I miscalculated a little bit in that I picked a health regen loadout without thinking. Fortunately, kitting a whole bunch of thrall and varelsi into a mob that surrounded me did the trick.

Also levelled up Rath a bit more by attempting ATR solo. Did alright until Aria, but fell with just <5% or Aria’s health remaining when she double-teamed with Cabaletta. I went with a Jennerit melee build, but I’m guessing that really needs the Skunk Works story ops damage reduction gear for melee characters?

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In which ISIC cheats using his bloated metal body, unreal phsyics, and my own characters costume, yet ultimately I prevail with a well-timed and VERY satisfying RATH SMASH:

Still learning how to Rath but my goodness, he’s fun in solo story mode!

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Well, I completed Montana’s lores + mastered! We did a 3-man Saboteur Advance Hardcore. Failed a few times before we got our sh*t together. It wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it sometimes all go south in one instant.

We got all 3 legendaries from all sub-bosses and the boss. Plus the diamond rating. A good run.

Not looking foward Heliophage Adv HC.

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I’ve played every level about 1000 times but never played hardcore. Doesn’t interest me.

Tonight I’m going to try the Montana & Demon Bear ops for the first time.


Good luck, and Happy Birthday! I forget which platform you’re on - if it’s XB1 I can help if you need it.

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PS4 actually. Without PS+ so it’s me and my split-screen partner. :fist_right: :fist_left:

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