What did you do today in Battleborn

Finding a match that lasts to level ten is the tough part then…

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'Fraid so. But once you do, completing the achievement goes by so fast you’ll think you hit a glitch. Just spam the ultimate, zip back and forth through crowds without triggering the explosion at the end, and it’s as easy as that.


Get the 2 drones on level 8, put all four on yourself, ult and spin around in a circle until you get the progression pop up. It’s nice and easy in solo PvE with the 50% CDR, and quick if you ace the OM DLC (…and it doesn’t glitch out and not give you all the chest you deserve in the double room).

EDIT: With the heal aura at level ten.


Do the heliophage, deande and mellka count as battleborn for this.


I am two weeks battleborn sober

You can do this in story mode thanks to a small glitch. Archive map. Just keep popping your ult. Specific details are up thread somewhere…

Edit: Stellar Cast Lore - now for free

Incidentally, the only character lore I need is the Kelvin sublimation one, which I’ve pretty much given up on unless anyone has any bright ideas?

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Reluctant to move on or just haunting the forums?

You know you ain’t done. :slight_smile:

His only purpose here is to talk ■■■■ to me now


What, you mean he’s sniping at you?! :stuck_out_tongue:

can confirm you just need level ten left to get the lore and fly around. happened to be KU on stream a few nights ago in a long og match and got half of it done. ive had it done on pc forever thanks to heliophage and a couple friends and kinda gave up on getting it on ps4 without cheesing, so it was a nice surprise.


Oh yes. To quote Deande, “may our ■■■■ talking never end”.


Bah! “Appear Offline” must be a godsend to BB players like you. :wink:

Yeah. I’ll cheese if I have to, but I kind of want to try to get it legit. I still feel shame that my Toby double kill came in Bots Battle.

*creepy stalker status

Offline is too nondescript

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Well. The time has come. 200h in since day one (I know it’s not much compared to others, but it’s huge compared to games I usually play).

Time to play another co-op game. See you all on another board here.

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I solo’d two OPs missions recently. Bears OP as a hobo hunting Robot (multiple deaths but otherwise I did well). And the final OPs mission as a Zelda/Link inspired warrior (tanked the entire time, no deaths).

Can ANYBODY confirm that the SNK-WRK item drops of Demon Bear? Im at 102 runs now(well over 80 runs at 100 Ops points) and have never seen higher than a green item drop, if anything…

Ive ran it with nearly every character in the roster(gonna try Alani, Ambra and Kid Ult tonight) and nothing…

Does this item exist outside of Lowlidevs site?

I have a couple of the items, but I haven’t run Demon Bear in a VERY long time - certainly not since the last major update. So all I can confirm is that they did drop in the past (between release of Demon Bear and the first actual patch update after that).

Seems like an un-intended consequence of the design. Tying perfection of the playthru of a level to loot may have been a mistake.

Another example of this is back in Borderlands. When people would change their session to offline right after beating a boss, so they would get all the drops for themselves. That idea alone should be enough to change something for the next borderlands (probably instanced loot so that people can’t ninja pickup your loot drops).

Another gotcha, but for Battleborn: the ability to instant lose missions single handedly ruined the co-op for me. It meant that I never wanted to get randomly matched for a mission, because I could end up in missions I didn’t like playing. I don’t like any of the battleborn missions that have instant lose conditions (defendable points mostly, I am ok with the time limit for the last mission).

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Think I should reset the Op points to 0?

Im at 107 runs now…no drop higher than a green.