What did you do today in Battleborn

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #522
  • doing operations for (hopefully) max-rolled Ops leggos
  • got a max-rolled Squad Goals BDU from Battle School
  • :smiley: <- I think to myself
  • go into Demon Bear
  • feeling confident; select Boldur because “eh, why not?”
  • learn he’s surprisingly durable (mostly)
  • get to final challenge: kill the Conservator with a skill
  • land direct-hit Rune-powered Axe Toss for massive damage
  • “That wasn’t what I asked for. No points!”
  • mfw:

(Is this thing on?) #523

Welp, did my best with the time I had available, but three runs with only 1 drop (compared to 3 drops in my first run on Friday) means that’s it for me. It was fun, though! #loothunt

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #524

So at the time of this writing I’ve run Demon Bear 7 times today and only have the Refractor drop once and it was one point higher in stats than the one I was currently using.

At this point, my hands are going numb, the lack of Refractor drops is getting frustrating, and if I get OHKO’d by another Alpha when I’m on my way to 1CC’ing a 100-point run, I’m going to scream Toby-style into my own ass.

Update: Got my Refractor… and it’s stats are worse than the one that dropped earlier that was one point better than what I was using previously.

Also, time to see if I still have that flexibility from high school…

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #525

Well, I played Battleborn again. I didn’t think it would be so soon, but playing Pre-Sequel made me realized how much I missed playing with different builds and characters.

BBDay4 was a perfect excuse. I said to myself: “one small game”. So I did DLC3 with Oscar Mike. Oh… how fun it was!! And I just wanted to play more! Again!

I did DLC4 with Mellka. I remember not being able to do it alone, die many times in the past (at 85pts). But, I don’t know why, I did it with ease!

Oh what could I play next?

(Ckx00000) #526

Got every achievement, all toons level 20, all Lores, every Legendary in the game max rolled(except Comeback King- damn you CBK!!!)

Done did it up. Still cant stop playing.

P.s. Diggin Bens new skin. Hard.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #527

Finished all the lore and got all the achievements. Good way to end the weekend. Just need to finish levelling up now.

(Brute 912) #528

I did Toby’s lore in private matches for advanced story campaign and operations. The only thing left for me is the double kill count with Rail gun barrage.

(Brute 912) #529

Man I don’t get why they added flair on the gears in the first place. I wish there was a toggle option for it. Those flairs should’ve been separate assets from the gear to begin with. Like we can customize how our battleborn characters look from the command center with the flairs.

(Brute 912) #530

I’ve been getting that error a lot too. And it had to be on Battleborn day. :frowning:

(30% more flak) #531

In terms of making the flair it’s own item, it was probably (definitely) up to lack of resources, I’m afraid.

Though they still should have made the flair indicator much more noticeable on the gear description, using the exact same font as the usual text means it’s easy to miss and the next thing you know you got a duplicate of a gear piece and accidentally sell the old one just in time to realize the new one has flair on it.

(Kain Zilla) #532

Or vice-versa if you LIKE the flair.

(Ckx00000) #533

Flair can die in a fire.

Nothing worse than grinding for nearly 2 years to finally get that piece you been wanting…but wait…its got pink ears…and I can’t read the quote on it. Yay.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #534

If you want to read the quote, just check out lowlidev

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #535

Yep! Just turn away from your game, get your phone out, look up lowlines’s website, navigate to the gear page, search for the gear you unlocked, and read the description. That’s way better than just having the flavour-text in game!

I was being a sarcastic jerk but that’s actually kind of the Overwatch mentality isn’t it…

(Jennerit Supremacist) #536

I don’t understand the comparison to Overwatch.

(Ckx00000) #537

I don’t either but Flair should be optional at the least. Cant stand that sheet up on my gears.

(Ckx00000) #538

I finally got my Solar Sustainer and Scalewolf(even tho my Sustainer has Silver Ears flair yuck)

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #539

Isn’t all of their lore stuff done with out-of-game videos and blog pages and the like?

(Jennerit Supremacist) #540

There’s lore both in game and out of game for both. Frankly I don’t see the difference in reading a block of text in game or on a website.

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #541

If you’re talking about Overwatch, a sizable chunk of it is outside the game proper, yes.

Battleborn doesn’t have that problem, and the official posts over in the Lore thread are just “Gee whiz!” info about some of your favorite characters (like Oscar Mike being drafted into the Battleborn largely because of him being a galahedran (and thus blue) and some of the girls getting together for a D&D-style tabletop RPG).

The difference is that one basically has to go out of their way if they’re interested in the background that went into the game. Destiny had the same problem, and people were not happy about that.