What did you do today in Battleborn

(Deandes in crime ) #542

Tall. Cat. Ears

(Is this thing on?) #543

Finally completed the 10th version of Montana Story Op. Poor Nova - looks like she’ll never get that robot suit :cry:

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #544

Still trying to get that max-roll Refractor. No luck so far.

Did manage to 1CC Demon Bear a few times, however. But that was largely due to being given an early version of the narrative (like Montana 1 or Boldur).

(Brute 912) #545

I had a perfect lunatic brew with the cost of 1470 but it ended up having Ram horns. I was annoyed at the result that I decided to sell it. :’( Now I’m stuck with one that has more than 1200 shards.

(Is this thing on?) #546

I’m not a fan of flair either - I’ll typically sell on sight without even checking the stats - but does it matter? You don’t actually see your character very much once you’re in match. And if the appearance of flair is equally upsetting to opponents in PvP, it might actually be an advantage…

(Brute 912) #547

@VaultHunter101 I don’t mind seeing my opponents wearing flair. If they like to add some swag to their characters, that’s fine. I just like the way my characters are, but when ever I use taunt it doesn’t look good to me. I’m fine playing with legendary gear that doesn’t have its’ shard cost maxed out. But I have moments where I’m better off using uncommon gear with maxed out shard cost.

(Ckx00000) #548

I feel your pain. Flair was the worse addition to this game ever.

I would have much rather seen a new map or even new gears or nothing.

What a joke. Now not only do you hope for max roll but you gotta hope it dont have “Pink High-tech Ears” or some such absurdity.

Although, I will admit, the Chefs Hat looks super funny on Attikus.

(Brute 912) #549

Hahaha. The same goes for Rath. He be like, “Sushi anyone?” Man I wish there was a toggle button option for it… x)

(Is this thing on?) #550

In terms of lore, though, shouldn’t it be on Whiskey only? (What, no chef’s hat emoji? Shame!)

(Brute 912) #551

Oh yeah, I forgot he can cook. x)

(Kain Zilla) #552

I’d be happy with pink high-tech ears on everything.

(Darth Huggles) #553

I love the chef’s hat and am seeking a max roll item with that on it just so I can rock it on Attikus nonstop. Currently I’m using a low roll white needle with a chef hat on one of my load outs even though it means i can’t use better regen items on Attikus.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #554

Well, that or Meltdown: Finale.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #555

Boldur. I’m sure that most of us have wished him out of existence at least once during the last two years, haha. Whether he carried a team with minimal effort before the winter update in PVP, or is currently screwing your bot battle matches over in PVE, he has simply caused more damage to the game than anything else. :smirk:

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #556

And again, some of said damage would at least be mitigated if it wasn’t so easy to proc his passive.

Seriously, Rage on Boldurdash by default? In addition to getting it on kill? Who seriously thought that was a good idea? :frowning:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #557

Makes calming gestures.

Shh… Shh… It’s okay. It’s okay. He’s manageable now. We can heal now…

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #558

Bot Boldur doesn’t bother me too much because I take my ass whoopings in Public Queue like a man.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #559

The Battleborn fan base is a bunch of masochists for sure, haha.


Masochists, schmasochists.

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #561

Tried again for max rolls on the SKNK-WRK Decoherence Refractor in Steam!Battleborn. Still no luck.

Got, like, 3 skins from Magnus packs tho, including the ice cream skin for Rath, so there’s that.