What did you do today in Battleborn

(Is this thing on?) #562

Haven’t opened mine yet… I should probably do that today!

(Ckx00000) #563

Good luck brother, that one took forever to drop max-roll.

Like 120+ runs if I recall.

You can find me bitching about it on several threads. Haha.

(Brute 912) #564

I got one of Miko’s taunts that’s based off of Mario’s mushroom reference.

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #565

Tried once again for max-rolled Refractor. Got a green item instead.

Also, I got the challenge where you had to kill the Conservator with a skill, right? I was using Oscar Mike and went and deployed craploads of ordinance. You know, as you do.

For some reason that “wasn’t what [Nova] asked for”. I was like “Whaaaaa???”

(Is this thing on?) #566

Nova must have been in a bad mood and decided to make commentary on Oscar’s n00b-friendly ultimate “skill” :stuck_out_tongue:

Being somewhat less sarcastic, I’ve had the same thing happen where the target picked up a DoT or something and it was that which dealt the killing blow, not the skill. (Eg a rocket blast triggering a shard crate explosion.)

Still sucks.

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #567

Yeah, but it was all direct. I even threw out a fury potato for good measure. Calling down all that thunder (that’s a metaphor) isn’t cheap, you know!

Or maybe just Nova needs a memory wipe. Do memory wipes help solve issues with Magnuses (Magni? Magnum? whatever)?

It was like… being besieged by triumph. Such a bittersweet feeling. :frowning:

(Kain Zilla) #568

Did your Fury Potato come with extra fury (napalm)?

'Cause if the napalm did it in then that might have been the kicker.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #569

I’m pretty sure napalm damage is counted as skill damage in these cases.

(Obliterated in the Man-Barbecue of Combat) #570

Went back to Xbox!Battleborn for a bit. Played some Story and got 2 others, one CR20 and the CR43 or so.

And then one of them put in a hard vote for Heliophage. On Advanced.

Things were fine at first. And then we got to the end boss gauntlet, which proceeded to turn into a mighty avalanche of cluster and ■■■■ as we went on. The others were somehow dying the moment I revived them and were somehow missing very small and simple jumps.

We failed at the 2nd fight with Rendain. Ran out of lives.

So, you know, that sucked. :frowning:

(Is this thing on?) #571

I don’t jump on BB much these days, but I wouldn’t mind running story from time to time. Also still got a bunch of skins to collect from story ops. Give me a shout (PM me here or on XBL - Alkymist96 - if you see me on-line) should the fancy take you!

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #572

Well, a friend of mine still thinks he can get his Platinum trophy. He still got ways to go (Montana, El Dragon, Kleese, and many more). I didn’t mind tagging along to play some more.

Though at this point, it’s not clear what are my next goals. It’s not No Man Sky but there are still so many things to do. I don’t want to get everyone to Lvl 15 or get all the titles. There are so many skins and diamond rating I haven’t gotten yet. So many titles of “Win 10 games with…” to obtain. One game at a time.

(Brute 912) #573

I decided to try out story campaign on june 06 2018 and I ended up grouping between 1 to 3 players for several maps. I had fun. I ended up using US Dollars for the loot booster for the players that support this game. I wanted show gratitude because they stuck around and completed the levels with me, both on normal and advanced difficulty. On June 07 2018, after closing my home store and heading to the train I check youtube and some youtube channel post a video about a week ago bashing on my favorite game. I wasn’t discouraged even if like more than 33.3k or whatever viewers liked the horrible critique video. I know they did this just bring players like us down but they’re nobodies at the end. Those that gave 60 thumbs down to that crappy video I just want to say thanks. Thank you because I know you guys are awesome for supporting this game to the end despite the haters. This just shows how miserable most of them are because they rather find ways to ruin everyone’s fun than play cool videogames like Battleborn. I bet you most of them never even gave it chance because of the peer pressure from their friends that are complete narsacissts. I don’t pressure players on what to play because that’s just selfish and those that do aren’t real friends. God gave you free will. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Godspeed everyone and enjoy every moment you play Battleborn whether from Story campaign and operations or competitive multiplayer. Do it for Solus :slight_smile:

(Brute 912) #574

I did it with 3 players including me on advanced without any support characters we completed it with 3-4 lives left, I think. It was so tough when we got to face Rendain within the last round. He called in so many warp anchors and Thrall Brutes. It was awesome. I had no idea he would call in so many reinforcements when playing in a group than compared to me going solo. I learned that the difficulty is increased even more with a group. I tend to go solo with advanced difficulty with only 1 life set to on but it’s more fun seeing other Battleborn characters fighting at my side. I wish there was an option to enable Battleborn bots to follow me around and follow my commands like forming up, holding position, and spreading out to attack enemies or guard objectives. This is option I would love to see in private matches for story campaigns and operations.

(LootHunter_twitch) #575

That’s the one thing left for me, I have about 6 left i think. So i just pop on now and then to get a few levels. No way doing all to 20, but getting the titles will suffice. I’m really hoping the Penta Kill will come too, been so close on a number of games, but when your with random groups nobody will back off and let you try.

Getting to level 150 and killing 10,000 Battleborn was my main goal, so no issues with having to grind anymore.

But i always get a hankering to go back and play with Thorn, Phoebe and Orendi - easily my favs.

(Darth Huggles) #576

Pentas are easiest with Toby. I recommend the next game you play monuments you take Toby and collect the penta. I got it by accident on bots and was quite dismayed that my first penta was in bots and with a character I don’t play but I eventually got my other pentas so Im over it.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #577

I’d say that ISIC, Orendi, Oscar Mike and Thorn are way easier to get multikills with when they get their ults, and possibly even Attikus and El Dragon when you get high enough in levels. Then again, you are talking about Bots Battle, which I’ve admittedly never played. Shrugs.

Either way, I’m jelly, as I still haven’t gotten a penta with Toby… :cry:

(BM tutor) #578

You guys say all these things but tbh I go phoebe for multi kills.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #579

I go to my imagination, where I am the best Toby player, and carry every match… :smirk:

(LootHunter_twitch) #580

I’d say this is my best option from the amount of quads i’ve had with her. Once i have max attack speed with her she’s a loony raid boss destroying terminator.

But it’s ok people saying what to do and who to try, but if other people are sitting behind you lead farming on everything you attack there’s always a good chance ‘they get the kill’… and not you.

No biggy, maybe i’ll have time during the summer before the big games appear later in the year.

(Darth Huggles) #581

Toby’s got sustained dps it’s mad easy to pick with him. And the only times you’re getting a penta is against bot, players who make decisions like bots or stacking cc in a full premade.

If you’re playing bots, which I believe DF prefers, then Toby on monuments trumps all those picks in my experience. Big ults don’t matter when the bots are split up.