What did you do today in Battleborn

(Is this thing on?) #582

Toby vs. bots on Monuments is Da Bird, as we say. Also a good map for ISIC ime.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #583

Fair enough. I’ll take your word on it, as the last experience I had with bots was over a year and a half ago, before Bots Battle was a thing.

I also totally agree with this-

-and there have been many times where the little Nega-Toby on my left shoulder has attempted to persuade me to farm low-level or inexperienced players for a Toby penta: but I vehemently refuse him every time! To be honest, i strongly believe that titles, achievements and career statistics related to kills on other players are the single biggest contributors to toxicity in competitive games.

Ironically, it’s Toby’s worst map in PVP in my opinion, due to the frequency that sniper and mobility characters are picked to take advantage of the perches and ease of escape, both of which can keep him out of lane with ease. It’s such a shame that my favorite map is not a good matchup with my favorite character…

(XB1: Abattoirista) #584

Not gonna deny, I die a little inside when I’m in a mood to play Toby and Monuments gets picked, because I always have trouble against humans with him.

However, at times I can perform unspeakable feats of lane control with Ernest…

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A surprisingly well balanced game on Echelon wherein my team had a bot Whiskey, me as Whiskey, a worthless bot Kleese, and a bot Toby who tried so hard and got killed every time. The enemy team had two bot Shayne and Auroxes, a bot Kelvin, a bot Pendles, and a bot Ambra. Great Eagle, the chain stuns. First Aurox’s chain pull, then another Aurox chain pull, then sublimate, then ice wall. Came down to an enemy sentry push in the last 53 seconds with the mid thrall camp, Toby respawning, and Kleese stuck on a wall.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #586

He is sadly the worst bot, from what I hear. I remember when I did a private Ghalt 3v3 a while back, and it for some reason put a bot Toby on my team, even though bots were disabled. The poor little guy… I don’t even know how to describe the internal agony of seeing three separate hooks coming at him at once… It was like the Cebobites had come for him, haha.

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The worst fully functional bot.

Bouldur still has the title of the worst bot.

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Something about him not attacking, right?

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Yep all he does is feed kills and steal shards, he does build turrets and heal stations though so he at least has very minimal value.

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Oh, that reminds me.

So, I literally just learned that ISIC’s Omega Strike has an alternate firing mode.

2 years of playing this game and I never knew that…


That’s brilliant ahha!

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LIES!! I was harrowed! I was quietly eating lunch when I suddenly felt queasy! Long story short, I apparently get severe indigestion when there is too much Benedict going on… :unamused:

(Is this thing on?) #594

Finally got around to taking Alani through Montana story op. And then decided to run her through OMvBS before taking S&A into TFR. I am very rusty. Also, I hate getting the “kill 10 minions in 30 seconds” quest in the engine room, because no matter where I go the bots are always somewhere else! So yeah, finished a few of those with only 80 points. :frowning:

(XB1: Abattoirista) #595

Yeah, that one is utterly insufferable to do, especially when solo.


Jump in the middle section, activate one of the pads as quickly as you can and farm the two spawners that pop up.

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Sounds like a plan. My main problem is the time from when you enter to when the optional objective comes up - it can be dangerous to stay near the door waiting for that information when playing solo (especially if you’re me…)


I always went straight in this room anyway and did that middle shard first. Good if you get the minion challenge, have to kill the Bonecrusher or have to kill the big thralls (they will jump to you and you have two columns to kite them around or hide if you get low on health.

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #599

I fiddled with the language options and listened to Benedict’s German Cousin taunt Caldarius about his jet pack.
In German.
This was an awesome idea.

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I do the same thing in Xcom. I have all my randomly generated characters speak in their country of origin’s language so sometimes I have a squad of soldiers running around screaming at aliens in 6 different languages. The Germans are my favorites.

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If you do that again, please grab and share the video…