What did you expect what you will get with the HWR relaise?

Hi all HW user,

my download is now at 75% at steam and it will take some time to finish. I have to laugh loud all the time, i reading all the postings about, what HWR is not. I´m really amused about the number of posts in this short time. … this and this dont work.

You guys belived really you will get a HW1 with a HW2 engine?

Hords of modders tryed to implement HW and HWC gamemechanics in HW2 since HW2 was relaised. I read lots of posts at relicnews forum for over 10years and most thing cant work with a HW2 basic. Greate mods were done, but nothing have to do with HW1 HWC gamestyle.

But back to HWR.
It was so clear since the updated HW2 engine to use was disclosed. And at every single videostyle from gearbox say it loud, that there wont be a HW1-gamemechanic. I watched every stuff they published. But they published not really mutch, and hide the HW-gameplay long (all) time massive.

Really simple every good HW1 player will miss the liberty of shipcommand, the direct and fast command execution, the simple and powerful menues (ec. with the old HW-bildmanager you can set the bildorders crossclass 10times faster and simpler with SCHIFT using than in HWR - g there you can watch the battle, but you have no time for your fleet), the supersimple powerful fleet-text-selection-menue right corner and at the end, the result of the combinations of this points. That is what makes HW.
I wont give a lecture, what is so greate in HW and Cata and not in HW2 or HWR. There were other discussions for years in all fanforums in the past.

In my optinion HW2 is a büroratic monster and why should HWR mutch different from it.

One thing is funny, i read to mutch things Cata it not a real HW because this and this. But HW1 and HW2 mixing from gearbox is a marketing desaster. Complete nebs can belive it for weeks month now, but experienced HW´ler sniff the truth what HWR will be. No HW1, but a greate grafik HW2 remake.

So everyone know what he bought with HWR. So there will be a conclusion:

Please people, stopp be nasty about HWR. You guys know it before if you are a real fan of the HW-Serie.

Hope that gearbox will fix so mutch it is possible and make a good Multiplayer game.
In the past HW havent a chance to earn a large Multiplayerfanbase with a serious multiplayer ladder for years, it was to buggy, won and a small fanbase. I think HWR will never geht the glory of HW muliplayer - that mean HWR-Multiplayer will have only a very small alcove in the gameworld. Enjoy it. And if you dont like HWR use the orginal with Gameranger or the orginal in the remasterd version is useful. Remind HW Multiplayer dies complete with the end of won, the communiy were splitted - can this fixed by remasterd classic – who know.

So Download is at 89% and i go sleep.
Tomorrow it will check out HWR little bit, but HW and HWC Multiplayer was and will be the true love, because they are greate games with a real soul of fighting.

Best regards

PS: Of course, we hope the support will be greate - reaction time with bugfixing, multiplayerlobby or other stuff. Without this HWR lose his shine.

PPS: 100% / Sure, no HW classic multiplayer- or lanfunktion … that would be a greate detail - HW1 Multiplayer without gameranger, tungle or hamchi - hope dies at last.


Some days are gone since the release,

and most people noticed that HWR basic is hw2 witch is trying to be a HW1. What a flood if postings in every direction.

Personally i decide to wait some weeks before i start playing HWR. To mutch things have to be fixed, mainthing in multiplayer. And i hope i will enjoy HWR mutch more after 1-2 patches. Sure i tested little bit HWR games against the AI, but this is a other world for me and i dont enjoy it very mutch to play.

Sure i never will like HWR (or HW2), because Gearbox cant remaster a real HW1 under this starting restiction of programming.

In my mind, they could do a mutch more better HWR with HW1 skin, they leave the HW1 gameplay completely and do not step backwards to HW1-handling - or try it. Ec. there could be different scadronformations between intersreptors or bombers. Or find the bugs and tune the HW2 engine for a HW1 single player.
So you can play the HW1 story more like a HW2 direcly, but with a clear gameinterface and tactical fight. HWR gameplay is completely different, why not try a little bit more tuned HW2 basics, ships and tactics with implement HW1-ships. HW2 was a greate basic for most HW-Fans, and if you edit all bad things of it and do some nice changings in detail, Geabox were able to spent his time in mutch more important things than make formations, F2-F4 tactics and other stuff who cant work really in HWR. (hangars in QuarJet cruisers, why not, or modulesslots … it wont make such different gameplay to HW1 it is actually.
HWR cant be HW1 definitely, but you can setup the HW1 story to play it in hw2 style, without lose the saga of the travel at homeworld.
And in multiplayer, it would mutch more easier to compensate the different races. But hey now it it happens what happens, i hope it will end in a good way for most fans.

One more,
in HW Classic - the common game was patch 1.05, why GB try to beginn with 1.06 or what ever. They could update later, if the community like a updated tacticdevelopment.
And the missing multiplayerlobby for classic is a real bad thing. A new HW-classic onlinecomminity was a important thing for lots of playes after shutdown WON and for a sucessful HWR.

I go plaing HW orginal, because grafik is not so important vor me (3D3 grafik option with edited regestry grafik resolutions look likes nice for me in hw and hwc) - sure HW code have lots of bugs, but the multiplayergamefun is so greate, and if you dont play with ultra high skill level all time, it isnt boring and makes fun since 1999.

It will be exciting to see the future of HWR, and what the pepople will write.

best regards

For good luck, we can fix the things you mentioned in HW1 classic ourselves, as we have the source code from relic! :slight_smile:
With the game and assets now available again for purchase, we can create patches for GBX’s HW1 classic release which fixes the short comings & remaining old and new bugs.

Even a support of the beautiful assets of the HW1 remastered version for the original classic HW1 engine is possible, which would bring the best of the two worlds together and could create the “real” HW1 remastered! :smiley: