What did you guys think about this VIP season?

Me: I think the “prices” are very high, and I think it would be cool if you had a way to earn points for in-game challenges (not badass challenges) or a weekly community event.

lemme know what you guys think.


No. Do NOT give this game FtP mechanics. From what I understand from other discussion topics about the VIP Seasons, there are only slated to be 3 and you can still “purchase” the heads/skins/etc from previous seasons after they end. Not great, but certainly not the worst thing ever.

Personally, I detest this type of system. It may be simply because I remember my childhood where you got everything with a purchase of the base game and didn’t need to subscribe to 2 different platforms, go to 4 different social media sites weekly, and earn/save a currency that was outside the game for several months just to afford a hat of a jacket color… I guess I’m just spoiled… (SARCASM)


OOOOOOOH BOY, good times


This is my first VIP season, eagerly awaiting the next one so that I can clear the weapons needed for the BL3 bonus item. My one complaint is that we could really use more activities for points, as the prices for the weapons are super-high, and I think it’s gonna be a close squeak to the final item to get the bonus–with no points left over for goodies like skins, wallpapers, etc.

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…You know the gun will be available in-game, right? That’s what I’ve heard anyhow. No point in wasting all your points getting guns for BL2/TPS all to earn a gun you might accidentally redeem at an early level then not have for endgame only to have it drop from the final boss once you hit level 50. Also, I’m glad I don’t need to watch more 10 minute videos to get 200 points towards a 4000 point “eXcLuSiVe” head/skin.

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Eh, I’m a bit of a completionist that way; I really would like to have the extras at launch.


You can always play it in the background :slight_smile:


See, I’m a Maliwan fan girl, and like…if I can give my Amara a legendary Mali at level 0 for no reason other than the fact that I could? I’m in. Lol. And then I’ll pass it to my others.


Both good reasons. I’m not a huge fan of the Maliwan mechanic in this one so I’m probably not going to use them until I get Amara’s From Rest to decrease the charge time. IDK, I’m kinda alright with using lower level guns from the start in my first run. I’m sure I’ll be grabbing decent gear to pass on to my new characters once I’v played/when I have some GKeys to spare.

For some reason (probably my AdBlock if I’m honest) if I don’t have the video in my active tab the entire run-time it doesn’t count. Tried it with the Moze gameplay twice and it didn’t register until I sat there and watched the whole thing. shrug Life goes on.

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Lol. For all I care, the gun could be absolute trash. I just wanna own something ridiculous. And honestly, my biggest franchise before this was mega man, so. I think a little charge mechanic isn’t gonna stop me :stuck_out_tongue: if it means they don’t hamper their damage to make up for the splash, a charge seems like a fair mechanic to deal bonus damage to me. I’m stoked, honestly.


Drop down that tab and it will work as focused. I think every browser has this option. It’s like running the browser two times.

The prices are rather high, all considered, but the option to buy up legendaries like the Hellfire and Norfleet is appreciated, since RNGesus happens to dislike me when it comes to those two in particular.

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Try to doing the activates but if won’t record completes even though I watch all the trailers at least twice

I don’t do social media.

Like, at all.

The occasional forum post is the closest I come to such.

So I am missing out on a lot of cool in-game stuff, because I am not a social media monkey, much less a bufoon who is willing to subject himself to such faux real world nonsense that has zero bearing on the actual game in question.

Even if I buy the freaking $100 edition, I miss out on parts of the game if I do not allow the game to change how I live the rest of my life.

That is… incredibly stupid.

Corporations don’t just want your money, anymore - they want every aspect of your life… they would have your very soul.

It is perverse.

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What do I think of this VIP season so far? It’s been great! Spun a Torrent and a Striker bought a Norfleet, Ol’PAinful, & Absolute Zero, and now have 11500 points to go into next season with. Start up has been very good with lots of codes available. I had 23500 points before purchases without invite. I would suspect season 3 would be the same.

I think it would be awesome if this weapon would somewhat level up with you. It would be nice knowing you have a decent gun you don’t have to replace every few levels

The points you’d end up spending to unlock this weapon definitely isn’t cheap so I’m sure they will make it worth it somehow


Still waiting on season 2. Thought it was supposed to be this month…?

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Dude, if you don’t like it or approve, definitely DON’T do it!!! Perverse is bad​:roll_eyes::crazy_face:

Rewards could have definitely been better. Skins looked nice, and heads were funny, but not really worth any points. Guns are awesome though, got the freeze ray gun ‘Absolute Zero’ for the pre-sequel. Still, the rewards could have been a little more unique. Not that funny face emojis aren’t a unique custom head option, but I don’t see myself applying these heads to my Amara and Moze playthroughs. For season 2, I’d definitely would love to see the characters face in the unique head option. Same with skins.

Definitely entitled. No one is forcing you to do any of this. I think you’re reading waaah too much into this and being a little too sensitive.

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