What dlc 4 COULD have done

I hear you…I’m just looking at the good things that GBX had done, rather than the stuff they should be doing…

The console experience sucks I’m sure, but I’d like to think if GBX hasn’t fixed it, its probably because they don’t know how…who knows, maybe they’ll have your issues fixed in the future…

Until then, the BL community will miss you (Im sure)…enjoy some other games, and give the forums a break…That PS5 looks amazing…time for pre orders :ok_hand:

Don’t speak for them, I am still in it. I am just not forking over cash until they fix their trail of mess they left behind.

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You said this :point_up_2: like you were quitting or somethin…

Out of buying, you are just assuming.

Vaulthalla is maybe Krieg’s on creation, but the mentality of the Psychoreaver, that unyielding raging impulse is the shared thought all Psychos have from their gas induced madness.

Maybe Vaulthalla is how Krieg’s subconscious keeps it in check, but other Psychos don’t have Vaulthalla, and their inner Psychoreaver runs rampant in their mind?

we can still go back to older games that actually work and dont have a billion issues, or other things that make up for the issues present, like a better story

also because i wont buy ■■■■ from them, doesnt mean i can give back bl3. so im stuck with it.
i will still look when big patches hit if it made a difference.
alot of times it rly didnt, or more in a bad direction then good.

that or i simply wait till new ■■■■ is out, and i wait after release till ppl can say, yes it works or no it fking doesnt.

you pretend like you care but you try to talk like you know it all.

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as we however know from alot of things and as i said in my post

even psychos who did not get the gas went psycho.

in bl3s story they also say, ppl become psychos like a pleague ( thats AFTER kriegs experiments)
ppl went batshit as we find out in tannis echoes in bl1)
we know from several sources inside the franchise ( games trailers and so on) that this isnt a one time thing

so we can say its not a thing unique to the gas.

if you try saying maybe it got released on pandora, then i point out how many arent psychos.

i am pretty sure tannis said in bl1 or 2 that ppl on pandora go crazy for multiple reasons, it seems however pandora is just special bad compaired to other things

i am also pretty sure she thought it COULD have something to do with the vaults

that or gearbox redconned a shitload of lore, even inside of bl3
( the only other reason this could be the case)

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I think that is the general consensus. :rofl:


My angle is with me already having shared this theory: Did Gearbox Quietly Introduce A New Lore Thread & Timeline?


This DLC feels to me like something is missing and not finished or cut out to sell some content before Christmas. But considering the pandemic, maybe it’s important for GBX as company to make some money in the near future. Or maybe they are just greedy.

Well, they have the new consoles to look forward to. So whenever those devices launch, I expect more content, hopefully no exclusives.


It may just be a side effect of hoe games are structured, but are there
any planets with psychos that the Calypsos aren’t actively invading?

Maliwan drop ships and Phasewalked in Psychos seem to be the main way enemies spawn in, and when we come upon camps, like on Eden-6, those locations were functional and populated by workers and residents, not psychos according to NPC dialogue. On no planet other than Pandora is their evidence of Psychos having run rampant before thr Calypsos brought them there.


You’re saying that they should ignore covid and go to work anyway and risk their lifes, literally, so you can play a game in the safety of your own home?

Give me a fcking break.

Working from home means a much slower workflow and less direct communication etc etc. The fact that they were even able to pull of 2 DLCs and a takedown during a global pandemic outbreak is pretty damn impressive.

I hate the whole situation as much as the next guy but i don’t want people to risk the health of themselves and their families because of a bloody game.



extremely tired of this “there’s no excuse” mentality. im all for being critical with gearbox but at least be realistic. im just as disappointed with DLC4 as anyone but jeez, what did you expect? I’m sure they wanted it to be better just as much as we did. i’m sure they wanted more time to make new assets, a more chunky story, better side quests.


Yeah, the fact they already have paid DLC almost ready shows this DLC was just rushed to sell the next big thing, they could have delayed it, remember the Randy tweet thing about delaying things more to test and flesh things out, but nope, rushed a extremely short DLC (this one is shorter than Ned Zombie Island, c’mon) just to sell the new toy.

I mean, yeah, the whole Covid thing sucks a lot, but they could have delayed it, saying it would take some time because of Covid and gives us something better, everyone would understand it, (or almost everyone, always have some people that just want everything super fast and right now).

I play some other games where the devs are working from home as well, and stuff is being delayed, but at least we are getting content on the same lvl as the previous ones.
Not that this stuff with this DLC is the devs fault, this screams “corporate commanders” going all “nah, rush this shiet, we need to sell moar DLC”.

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I’m not sure if they could delay it, they sold the season pass with the promise of having all 4 DLCs out by september. They probably would be obligated to compensate for a delay to everyone who bought the season pass. But i don’t know how that stuff works, just a guess.

wow you want to die on that hill so bad you ignore any other options do you

they could easy say
we give you krieg dlc now, and add something to it at a later date DUE TO COVID

bam i fixed it


just saying when nintendo does this and openly says we delay it ( prominently prime 4) nobody was mad.
its called standards, and those are rare these days, even with the customers
most would rather buy the same fifa or madden game over and over instead of actually speaking up

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What dev wakes up and says “hmm I think I’ll make a terrible game today.”

Opinion: this is a publisher problem not developer problem. But do I think the devs are lacking some talent and core series knowledge? Oh lordy, yes.

I don’t excuse garbage products for any reason because there is value placed on it. The season pass cost X amount, so I expect X content out of it. A burger, a car, a newpaper doesn’t get 50% chopped off and everyone agrees it’s okay; because it’s not okay. Pay a dog sitter for 2hrs and they leave 1hr into it…yeah you’d be mad.

jo remember when they woke up and made alien colonel marines?

i mean… even ■■■■ from ea and others are just
here is fifa and madden or wzhatever, its the same thing but nothing is new, it has maybe even a few new bugs this time, maybe even 1 less

there are plenty of devs who could do something if they revisit that ■■■■ all day long,
but i mean they also often do changes nobody was asking for,…

and i just need to look at the % bonus scaling for enemey HP armor shields, and the genius mods nbody legit uses here come flat - crit and flat - DoT dmg

Satisfying? LOL. We literally learned nothing about him.