What do Loot midgets exactly drop

I am working on my second character in borderlands 2 and I was just wondering I know loot midgets drop legendaries but can they drop seraph weapons and or pearlescents if so what are the chances of them actually dropping

They can’t drop seraphs a norfleet and they don’t drop legendary sheilds. They do drop pearls but only some of them. The second set of pearls you can only get from chubby/tubby enemies

They cannot drop:

Seraph gear of any kind
Chain Lightning
Fire Storm
Legendary shields of any kind (at least as far as I’ve seen)

Everything else, outside of uniques, is in their loot pool.

They can drop behkas they droped a op8 deadshot bekah for me :smile:

Thats is supposed to be impossible, the Bekah is part of the second set of pearls and can only be obtained with Tubbies… Are you certain no Tubby enemy were present?

I really doubt that, man. You either got it from a nearby tubby and didn’t notice it or you’re confusing it with some other weapon. Maybe you experienced an incredibly rare, extremely lucky glitch, but my money is on either of the two previously mentioned scenarios. The second set of pearls aren’t in the midgets loot pool and you can’t get them as world drops, so it’s impossible to get them from any enemy that isn’t a tubby.

Oh i got from a tubby midget then

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Question on the doctors orders mission:

Does it matter when you activate it while playing UVHM? I’m a level 58 and I am hesitant to activate it until I’m a level 72.

Doesn’t matter when you activate it, as long as you don’t complete any of the objectives.