What do people think of anointed enemies? ( No crying about militants here, yes they suck)

It’s probably been long enough that most people have figured out or learned strategies to deal with the anointed and all their variations, even for the players who play exclusively on mayhem 4. My question is asked with exception to the anointed militants, we all wish the immune phases couldn’t be spammed and it seems to serve no purpose but to prolong the trial of fervor.
Do you think the anointed are generally too overpowered or just use troll tactics too much, mayhem 4 scales them too high, or are you fine with their current state and like the challenge they bring outside of militants?
I personally like them outside of the obvious :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

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i like seeing them explode in a purple dust cloud. i like taking night hawkins to their faces with Moze.

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I like the tinks and psycho ones best (unique attacks, fun to dodge and work around them, fast enough to be entertaining without being overkill (though I’d like a novel way to deal with the slow pink orb of death the psychos throw sometimes).

if the purple orb of imminent death wasn’t spammed by them they wouldn’t be as annoying, i just kill them with point blank unloading incendiary damage so I don’t have to worry about that orb while I kill everything else.

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Somehow that purple orb of death is not that much of an issue at M2, where I currently hang out. Perhaps it helps that I prefer to stay at mid-range as a Fl4k and spam pocket Rakks.

It (orb) seems to die before reaching me most of the time. Perhaps at higher Mayhem levels these orbs are deadlier.

They are definitely tough and annoying, but not rage-inducing yet.

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I strongly dislike the militant and the zealot; the purple orb sits around too long, is oddly too stealthy if you’re not looking in it’s direction, and has a bad combination of hits too hard with too big a radius. Just feels like a big ol ball of cheese.

I’m not a huge fan of the teleporting in general either, but that’s a minor quibble. That aside, I like the design of the rest of them


Yea that does kinda suck, especially if you nuke them.

I had seven tinks in one run for the trial of cunning and it was the funnest thing all night of farming.

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I generally dislike them and would prefer they only showed up in their scripted appearances.

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Attack patterns and spawn rates need to he attended to. Some enemies will favor the attack or ability our of a pool of 3 to 4. Some areas also see these enemies spawn heavily in addition to regular badass spawns. The teleportation is a bit much with how sudden it is. It can make it difficult to focus them down when you only have 1 or 2 players. Add in they have above average health pools and they are just an irritating enemy with no real counter strategy other then bust out a fire weapon and try to keep track of them while not dying to everything else. There are spicific skills like Phasegrasp, Barrier, or Red Fang Gamma Burst but that is assuming your using those skills.

If they ditched the constant erratic movement I think they would be far less annoying and more so just a deadly enemy with high damage and the ability to cause good AOE damage. That I can work against.

Having one TP in my face as I’m running to cover then blasting me moving away then to the best piece of cover annoys me and makes me feel like I’m just being trolled by badly designed RNG.

they aren’t challenging they’re tedious

they literally bug out and stop doing anything threatening if you slap them with a tracker puck/darts, making them the only class of enemy that you can dismantle off-screen with a purple rarity assault rifle on M4.

i guess having a teleport/healthgating attack combo that can occur at any time is enough to trick people into thinking they’re experiencing a “”“challenge”"" though.

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I can attest that every ability outside of sntnl and IB can be extremely useful against annointed, just because I don’t use moze.
Sntnl is helpful sometimes but it’s nothing major against anointed.

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Iron Bear can break them down, specced right.

I hate Anointed Tinks…that shrink thing and teleporting is a tad much.


I thought so, I’ve witnessed noticable damage against Wotan on m4 once.

First off, their design; for terrifying death-machines, I personally think they look ridiculous. Between the white face-paint and the purple skin, and the males not wearing any clothes, they look like weird alien clowns. The Tinks have this ridiculous running animation that is stupid and comedic.

It probably is at the lower end of priority but I think they should get a design update to make them more menacing, befitting of their mini-boss status.

Many of them have mechanics that are aggravating to play against (looking at you, militiant) with little means of counter-play, and I think many of them just have too much of everything.

What I think should be done is emphasise the weaknesses of each one. The Zealots are ranged, teleport around frequently and have relatively small heads. As you will be hitting them less, they should have less health so you can dispatch of them easier once you get a lock onto one.

The Militiants need no I-frames on their flame attack, and the attack should be able to be cancelled by critting them enough, for example. Their shields should be able to break in some way.

Finally, despite the large head I think the Tinks could still use less health, as they teleport quite frequently, can shrink their size or turn giant, which restores a portion of their health.


I like the idea of reducing the invulnerability phase, but I’d still like it to be dangerous. How about during the fire attack he gains a shield bubble similar to zane?

I don’t like any of them and yes they are generally overpowered, the probem they all have is the abuse of teleports coupled with the amount of punishment they can take, I like to keep an Atlas tracker just to deal with them. In addition their continuous cry of pain when taking dot is super annoying .
Only one that I find a bit funny is the goliath because he attacks the others enemies, classic goliath :rofl:

I can kill all of them on M4 without too much fuss…

However, they are IMO the worst designed enemies in any game I have ever played.

The anointed Tinks, Zealots, and Militants unpredictable behaviour patterns are zero fun.

The rewards you get for killing them (esp when there are two or three) are laughable.


Yes, i agree, i think they’re awful design and i wouldn’t care a bit if they were scrapped out entirely, maybe leaving only their scripted appearances, like someone pointed out.

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