What do u guys hope to see in the dlc's

So what do u guys hope to see covered in the dlc’s

First and foremost i want to get more info on the watcher and the great war thats “coming” .
And hope that over the dlcs we start hunting down the other vault hunters leading up to bl4( thats if bl4 is even the great war just hoping that story plot was not lost)

Id love to see another tiny tina bunker and badass dlc.

More interaction/ with some of our favorite characters that got next to no screen time /side quest or was not even there at all.And better character development that was hugely lacking .

More witty and dark humor jokes .
and the last thing i can think of right now id really love to see claptrap back to acting more like how he did in bl2 and The Pre-Sequel .I replayed the stroy in bl2 just to get to hear his lines agin.
He not being a dick and not really dissing u at all in bl3 i was so let down on that.

And hope claptrap and tiny tina play some kind of a bigger role in the dlcs or bl4.

Bring Maya back.
Nothing more, nothing less.

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UVHM is what i would like.

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A test dummy.

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Jet pack skill tree for Zane… Otherwise I’ll keep running drone and clone for lyyyyyyfe!

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I believe Rhys’s partner in The Tales from the Borderlands will have a role in one of the DLC’s but I don’t know which of the initial 4 it will be. Theoretically it will be quite focused on her and potentially her companions in crime, probably giving us some backstory as to what she has been up to since the Tales from the Borderlands. Since FL4K is confirmed to not be the same bot from that series the bot could also make an appearance. The DLC story could involve her trying to scam someone with another fake vault key or you know just do her usual con artist thing in one way or another.

That is much speculation on my part but the girl in question is pretty much 100% confirmed to have a role in at least one of the DLC according to that guy that works for Gearbox in the Borderlands show when questioned about her.

I agree

Nisha in a tight body suit with dual pistols.
Nisha speaking to us.

Slowmos of Nisha.


But you killed Nisha in BL2 … I know I did at least. Multiple times too.

Right cuz she respawns like u do with the new u system…