What do want to see returning? (or not)

I saw a returning weapons thread but this is more aimed at general stuff, mechanics, characters, anything from previous games you can think of that you want to see back, or see the back of. I don’t think there’s a topic like this already but if there is hopefully the mods can move or merge this post.

Personally I want to see hover vehicles and cryo damage return, though I think both are already confirmed, also I want to see Steve again, best character.


Mr. Blake, Captain Scarlett and Grandma Flexington.

EDIT 2: Of course I forgot the most important: Eridians !

EDIT: Return of course.


Scooter. What if he didn’t actually die?
I mean we didn’t see him hit the ground we only saw the explosion. He could have got his arm free just in time and got injured/knocked out instead.
Waking with amnesia he finds himself in a hospital bed inside the C.O.V compound and after a short convalescence he decides to join the people that helped him recover - becoming a fully fledged member of the C.O.V.

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That’s not how science works.
he would’ve died even before the impact with pandora.

He quite literally burned to a crisp as the rocket entered Pandora’s atmosphere.

The game is wild, but no THAT wild. hahahahaha

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I definetly don’t want to see the slag in the game.
it makes the game too mutch revolved arround it and kinda boring imho.
Maybe only as a barrel? something to make enviromental kills with, but absolutely not as a weapon element.

Uhm…maybe the return of a new version (maybe less op) of the conference call?
or that smg in bl1 that deals all the elements status? maybe it would be too op in bl3 tho…if they change it to deal only radiation would be cool.

For characters…uhm…tbh i allready have my favorite character returning in this borderlands: Maya.
she looks BOMB.

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I die everytime I play Borderlands but magically respawn as a clone of myself - that ain’t how science works either!
We are dealing with science fiction. He might have been wearing his lucky fire proof pants idk!

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I don’t know if you’ve played the new DLC but there’s a giant crater where he impacted Pandora. He ain’t walking that off.

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This is specifically for returning things people do or don’t want, I think its differentiated enough from that thread.

A bit off topic but… granny beards! I still have the nightmares.

@GrzesPL It’s also more like a wishlist what people were hoping to get with Borderlands 3, years before it was even announced.

Honestly there’s nothing I would NOT want to come back. It’s all fair game. Though when it comes to weapons, while old stuff is fun I want to see more new stuff than old stuff. I’ve already seen a lot of returning legendaries and I just hope there are 2 times more that are new to offset it.

Oh wait no there is something… RABID STALKERS/SKAGS. I hate those bastards.

I’d like to see return . . .
1 Eridians, they were rather prevalent in the first & presequel, but non-existent in the second.
2 Captain Scarlett and Grandma Flexington were amusing 1-off characters I’d like to see return too.
3 Being able to regenerate/restock rocket ammo (granted as a specific item or class feature of course), seems like a needless handicap when shotguns and snipers could regularly do more damage without such a limitation.
4 Having both a persistent gun skill like the first game (more you use a specific type of gun the more bonuses you get), and also the badass levels of the second (the general slight buffs to could get for anything).

As for things I’d hope get left behind . . .
1 Tedious raid boss summon requirements, Pyro Pete & the Ancient Dragons were totally fine, but I’d rather play UVHM blindfolded with my toes before trying to slay Vermivorous & Dexiduous again.
2 Tiny Tina, a child making obscene sex and genocide jokes while sounding like a rusty shopping cart? No thanks, unless this game is supposed to be a decade after the second or something.
3 Unskippable cut-scenes, anyone who’s tried to beat a borderlands game with every character knows what I’m talking about.
4 Micro-transactions for alternative color palettes, which should be self explanatory.
5 Locked equipment slots until completing a specific event, seems like a pretty arbitrary limitation given the technology that’s supposed to be freely available, the airmask in presequel made sense because you never needed one before getting ejected into space, but being denied holding another gun until doing a fetch quest?

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Thing now I would like to see return?

  1. Bonerfarts

  2. In what we seen so far it appears technicals are still in game as a vehicle that can seat up to 4 people. However I wouldn’t mind classic vehicles either like the original Runners or the Monster from the Knoxx DLC in BL1.

  3. NPC’s that ask you to kill them in a specific way.

  4. Quests from Mr Torgue. (Let us actually blow up the Ocean this time or a small planet)

  5. More destruction of oatmeal raisin cookies… >.>

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