What Do We Know So Far About The New PVP Mode?

Ok so I haven’t been keeping up as much as I wanted to with this?

What exactly do we know so far about the new PVP mode?

I know it will be 5 on 5 and has something to do with Varelsi (Barelsi lolol) and Masks.

What else do we know?

Thanks in advance!

Lots and lots of Varelsi will die. Those that aren’t dead yet will be pissed, but they too shall die.


Commit serial murder to the enemy team, commit genocide to the Varelsi, and desecrate their bodies for their skulls.

Don’t get murdered.

That’s the game mode, right?


Here a nice article with much information about the new mode.

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Great article and thank you!

The only thing im a bit disappointed about, to be perfectly honest, is that I really was looking forward to 3 brand new maps.

Definitely did not expect that Face Off would be taking place on Capture maps, although at least now they’ll have more of a purpose.

Still a bit of a let down, though…

The return of the Barelsi! And yes, I was… taken aback, although I’m in the end fine with it. As long as the 3v3 mode has new maps, I can’t handle 5 modes and 9 maps. It seems like it’ll favor mobile characters for the first time in a while (arguably capture but assassins or Ambra are typically best.) And Whiskey Foxtrot, with passive regen, great crits, and knockback seems like he’ll be a great choice

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If Quick Match hadn’t recently returned Capture to life, would we have even remembered the maps and realised they were being reused? :wink:

“Oh, I like this one! It’s like some kind of temple!”

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That being said, the name of the “Outback” map always makes me think of your native Aussieville…

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