What do we want to see in Borderlands 3?

What would you like to see? I post this here to hopefully get the attention of the devs. That they may see our suggestions and take them into mind.

I’ll give a few of my thoughts to get the discussion going.

  • I’d like to see a crafting system to some degree in BL3. I was thinking a way to swap out optics you like or add/remove a melee modifier. Giving a gun a larger mag size or turning it into an E-tech weapon. The crafting doesn’t have to be huge just a way to make your favorite guns a lil more personal

  • Class mod skills. I REALLY like this idea. Give each sort of base class mod a skill that could be used along side the character’s action skill . To give an example: Krieg’s Toast mod could on demand set you on fire and send out 3 fire balls. In my opinion the character’s skill can get a little boring once you’ve played a character for awhile. Adding a class mod skill would give you more to do in your character abilities’ downtime and add uniqueness to a play style.

  • More skills for thrills! Lets up the level of kick ass legend you could become. What about a second action skill that you could swap between at respec stations? Say Krieg could activate a fire aura that also turns all of his equipped weapons into fire guns.

Just a couple of ideas I had floating around in my head.