What do you all think of the twins?

I’ll be honest, seeing those two for the first time, I thought they were going with the whole dark and brutal type theme. To me, they looked like emos who had grown into power on Pandora…not that I much minded what they looked like. I actually found them both quite attractive, as well as imposing, and a little pompous with how they carried themselves. But that could have just been me at the time. Still, you could not imagine my surprise when I heard how upbeat and charismatic they were. I was sure from then on these two would be people I’d love to hate, now though,…I’m sure things will happen in the game to make me dislike them more and more. Still, at this point in time, I can’t imagine staying mad at them for very long. When the time comes to end their reign, I won’t lie, I feel as though I might hesitate before finally pulling that trigger. Again though, I might be speaking too soon. Still, I have to ask, as the main antagonists of 3, what do you all think of the twins? So far, I like them, they’re not Jack, but that’s understandable. Jack was his own thing, as are the twins, so I’m not really going to compare them. The twins will have their own unique brand of annoyingly evil, that I am sure of.

Well, they’re the Borderlands equivalent of evil YouTubers. While they’re superior to Handsome Jack(ass) already, I’m sure I’ll not have issues (beyond maybe map restrictions) running them over with an armored Technical.

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Yeah, they are evil youtubers, and I’m sure they’ll do many things to earn the ire of the vault hunters. Still, what do you think of them? Aside from what we know of them, what do you think of them as the main baddies of 3? I think it’ll be entertaining for sure, one of the things I love in the series is the story banter. It was one of the things that motivated me in ending Handsome Jack. With the twins, I’m just interested in what they have to say to our new vault hunters. I think it’ll be fun gauging their reactions each time we foil them at one of their schemes. Like each time we progress throughout the story that upbeat and charismatic persona they put up cracks little by little as we set them back.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll do plenty to irritate us all, and it’l be something special watching their attitude crack and crumble like 200-year-old concrete in front of a sandblaster.

That said, as for what I think of them? I think they’ll be interesting to listen to, even as I go full-on Doom Slayer on their minions.

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