What do you do for fun?

In TPS, what kind of stuff do you guys enjoy doing for fun and/or on your free time? Like do you go to a specific area every time to get loot or kill certain enemies? Do you fight a certain boss or play through an arena?

I like to fight the last boss for loot and go meteor hunting in Triton Flats! It’s fun to hear the meteors crash to the ground and get all sorts of stuff from them! Loot, money, moonstones… It’s really fun and it’s nice to take a drive around Triton Flats, especially after clearing out all of the enemies. It’s kinda relaxing.

So what about you? What do you like to do?

Combat - I roll a random map/character selector I made in Excel to choose for me, then I go do whatever story missions/side quests/map challenges are there. If those are all complete, I purge the entire map of enemies. Have you found anything special in the particularly large meteors? :wink:

I did, when the game first came out, make it a point to see if I could get a Stingray to the top of the highest point in any given map, which was kind of a hoot.


I like to go to either Hyperion Hub of heroism or stantons liver for general mobbing fun or testing new builds out. Currently I’m working on 100% everything with my jack, but outside of that I do like resetting uvhm to play through the main story and dlc over and over with all my different charecters, it’s more fun to have a real quest or goal than To just run around blasting random stuff

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with all the time I’ve put into TPS. This is intriguing…I either don’t remember, or I haven’t done this. Gonna have to fire up TPS to see what’s up with Meteor farming.

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In case you haven’t found it, particularly large meteors can drop a little secret. It’s the same one every time, so if you find it once, that’s it.


A little bit of everything. Farm bosses/mini-bosses, chests, kill everything in sight, look for vault symbols and other BAR stuff, Loot Hax, open all containers that could potentially have world drops, missions, etc. I pretty much know where everything is in the game, so I can make something out of nothing no matter where I go.

I spent all that time getting that top-shelf gear, so I want to put it to good use.


Those are all pretty neat! You guys are all doing cool stuff and then there’s me hunting for meteors pffff

I should try some of that stuff! I need to get cool stuff because my butt keeps getting kicked at the last bost in True Vault Hunter Mode ri p