What do you do to pass the time

Obviously sometimes you get bad que times, what do you do to pass the time.
I draw on my graphics tablet while i wait ^.^

I stare at the screen


Battleborn tap or check in with the forum. I’m a regular BB/GBX junkie :sunglasses:


I go on the forums :sweat_smile:

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I always check the forums between games, I have my phone sitting on my “gaming desk” (I literally call it that) with this website open for that very reason lol.

When there are no new posts or replies, I just stare at the screen… :confused:

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I jump into command and shuffle thru (and sort/throw out) gear, equally amazed - and content - every time to find how my starting days greys and greens still outperform most blues, purples and oranges :white_check_mark:

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…I use a Standing Desk, so stretching, Yoga, etc.
Currently have 189 hours into Battleborn, that’s a lot of stretching. :smile:

Battleborn Tap and/or conversation with people in my group.