What do you expect in the forum on open beta?

Not really an important or serious question but I’m bored so here it is.
I put my money on a shitload of first time post with a title close to :”OMG, character XY is so OP!!!1111
an some brilliants “Why play by yourself when you can follow me on twitch?”

Lets hear your best guess.

“This or that character is not strong enough”

Which already happend when someone noticed Orendi’s healing skill got lowered to 15%.

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I’m working on another BB anguish bingo card.


It’s the Battleborn Forum Drinking Game!

Someone complains about a hero being OP - 1 drink

Someone else claims that same hero is UP - 2 drinks

Someone cancels their pre-order - 2 drinks

Someone brings up the F2P model - 2 drinks

LFG threads - 1 drink

Someone complains about the gear system - 1 drink

Someone drops the word “MOBA” - 1 drink

Someone compares Battleborn to Overwatch - 1 drink

“Melee characters are OP” - 1 drink

Someone complains that the campaign is too short - 1 drink

Psychichazard enacts marshal law on the forums - finish your drink

And we’ll all be dead from alcohol poisoning before May 3rd.



But yeah, a lot of complaining but also theory crafting and skill guides. I fully expect people like Derch to start making guides on characters pretty soon after the beta starts on PC.

Even with water your brain would swell up and you die in that heaps.

This is Hardcore Insane Evil Mode.

Unless something is obviously overpowered/broken/bugged, I hope the devs dont change anything from the Beta to Full-Release. 10 days on PS4 is not enough time with the game to realize exactly how characters play, best builds, counters, all that jazz.

I expect total mayhem and chaos! Seriously, if you were around during the CTT you’d know that the forums were INSANE. 23904885+ topics on “NERF PHOEBE” and a few dozen on how “Opening gear too stronk. Pls Nerf”.

Then we had the few who analyzed specific characters in depth and tried to make a case to which why they should be nerfed/boosted.

Rath and Phoebe and Benedict got the most “NERF THIS” topics.
ISIC, Boldur, and (Montana?) got the most “BUFF THIS” topics.

I was the one advocating that Orendi was really good but seemed impractical in the midst of heated battle. I argued that her secondary attack was too slow and gave little incentive to use over the MUCH faster and accurate primary attack, also that she was very squishy despite her mobility, and uhh her cast times might be an issue when it came to real-time combat! (I was happy to see from recent footage and info on Orendi that some of my concerns had already been addressed OR were taken into consideration)

Oh and then there was the “Paradise too snowball-y” topic. Which was a legitimately worrying topic for many and thus led to the Devs improving the map layout of Paradise to remedy that problem.

I expect more or less the same thing in the Open Beta forums but a lot more frantic since there will be a shitton more people involved (hopefully!).

Topics I’m sure we will see:

  1. “Galilea is a monster; NERF”
  2. “X Legendary is too weak/strong. BUFF/NERF!”
  4. “I DON’T SEE A $60 GAME! WHY ISN’T IT F2P?”
  6. “Why was X Character changed? It is nothing like it was in the CTT/Early Access”.

Will there be controller support for PC ?

Then there will be lot of “Please remove controller aimbot” topics too.

“Montana is still too slow!”


We’ll all be dead of alcohol poisoning by April 9th.


“I’m still waiting on my key”
“When does it end?”
“Is this the full game?”
“It’s the 19th and I can’t log in!”

Sarcasm aside, I expect a pretty active forum for the beta

The devs already did say she was crazy and needed fixing

Pffft. Lightweight :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol that’s gonna be like 60 drinks by the end of the day

Now I kinda want to actually tally it up and see how many it would have been.

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Nerf Phoebe.


People think you’re making a funny, little do they know that you’re being totally serious.

Phoebe’s Mutator Helix Options and Legendary confirmed OP.
Rest in Pepperonis Phoebe.

This is my favorite comment