What do you expect in the forum on open beta?

where do i find information on the mutations and the phoebe specific legendary gear?

I’m pretty sure he was joking. I don’t think her mutators or Legendary gear has been revealed yet, but when it is, Mentalmars’s site is always the go to. Here’s a link to his page for Phoebe’s helix, they’ll probably be up there once we know about them. http://mentalmars.com/battleborn/phoebe/#helix

Yeah, what Mattiwarden said. Lol Phoebe has been one of few characters which have had their things tucked away. I guess nobody is really using Phoebe in the Early Access.

i have seen some gameplay of phoebe in early access, but there is no mention of her gear. you can see the guy quickly activate it, but as you know, it is incredibly quickly done so you cannot see what they are. not even a guarantee that this guy was using phoebe exclusive gear anyway. and there was definitely no mention of mutations. i did get to see the new silence, or should i say lack thereof

I’ve seen one of the Early Access streamers state that Phoebe’s Unique legendary gear is unavailable/bugged at the moment and not being issued when the challenges necessary are completed. That means that nobody is able to acquire it until it is fixed, I think.

I’ve also seen Phoebe gameplay but the players I’ve watched haven’t leveled Phoebe up enough to unlock not even the first mutation (at level 3). Shame, I’m interested in seeing what they are. I liked Phoebe during the CTT (Def. was in my top 3).

i exclusively played phoebe during the ctt. im the type that finds one i like and sticks to it indefinitely. i got to command rank 92 in the ctt, so i played her quite a bit. basically her mutations are what are going to decide whether or not i will buy the game, tbh. that and the characters that were not available to us during the ctt. i could not relate any other character in the test but her.

Has “X character is underrated” come up yet?

######That’ll probably be me with Cal.

There’s legendary gear, character specific? I am now intrigued. Missed one of the best bits of news, as per usual

I fully intend on using the random character select because if you really watch videos of any character they all have a purpose and I don’t intend to pay for 29 awesome characters I’m not using.

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I’m working on unlocking her mutations now… literally 2 xp from her first mutation right now.

edit: Ahahahaha. Her first mutation is so powerful! Can’t wait for more “NERF PHOBE!!!” threads.

Right now its actually looking like he’s going to be one of the more popular characters, if the surveys and “which is your favorite Battleborn” thread mean anything.

One of Phoebe’s mutations enables true strike to trigger a follow up AOE on hit.

Another of Phoebe’s mutations gives true strike +150% (yes, +150%) damage for one hit after completing a full melee chain. ie attack, attack, attack, attack, super-beefed-up-true-strike, attack, attack, attack, attack, super-beefed-up-true-strike…

I predict:

Galilea please nerf!


Shield penetration ruins Incursion games.

I’m guessing they patch both of these before the open beta