What do you guys do after complete nvhm?

Pretty new to bl3. About a week and a half in zane lvl 43. I was wondering what do you guys do after you complete nvhm? On bl2 i went straight to tvhm then uvhm i never did sidequests. Bl3 i completed nvhm at around 37 turned m1 on and I find myself doing all the side quests finding zeros targets and ima do hammerlocks next probably bkuz bl3 sidequest is more rewarding with mission red text rewards.

I turned mayhem on, farmed some bosses, did the trials, the circle of slaughters, and takedown.

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When I’m not caught up in events and/or new DLC, I poke at TVHM with various characters.

Yea, use normal mayhem to level and gear up to run through true fast as poss.

I was lucky to get the halloween event not long after finished nvhm, so i run trough that event doing mission in m3 until level 50, then activatr TVHM to collecting rare lvl 50 guns.

Well there is a certain weapon tied to the hammerlock hunts you may want to hold off till your level 50 to complete to get a max level version. And on topic I left most side missions undone as well on my Zane and my Fl4k who is currently at lvl 33 iirc. I mobbed athenas and killed Graveward up to 50 on my Zane just because I love to farm. Cistern of slaughter is also a fun way to level up and see plenty of loot. I will one day go back and run all the side missions on Mayhem 4 with at least one character. Still yet to run the second play through as I’m hoping we can one day run it on higher mayhems from the opening cutscene. Not holding my breath on that one though. :joy: